Remote video monitoring of your business

Remote video monitoring of your business

Benefits of Remote Video Monitoring

Besides the obvious benefit of saving time and fuel costs by not having to drive from site to site to keep tabs on your various locations, there are several others.

One note before we list the benefits: With IP security cameras and the ability to put footage on the network, you are not only spared from driving within a certain region, remote video monitoring allows control to occur across the entire country—beyond a typical driving distance.

Keep customer service at the level you want it to be when you’re not present

With such a premium placed on customer service in today’s market, any chance to improve your standards should be taken advantage of and will pay off in the end. In fact, just having the cameras set up can have a positive impact on customer service.
But of course you’ll be using the cameras actively, and when you do, you won’t need to be present in several locations to spot issues such as the need to reduce time for customers to wait in lines, check-in and check-out at reception areas, etc.

Adhere to safety standards

Just think of the impact remote video monitoring could have if it caught just one potential accident before it occurred in the workplace due to lax safety operations—the insurance costs, the damage, the lost time, possible injury or death, lawsuits—all avoided.
A manager in an offsite location could notice several potential safety hazards in places like manufacturing plants, for instance.

Train efficiently

Identify issues and trends that are occurring in the various locations, then point them out to the managers at those sites for them to take corrective action and train the employee before bad habits start.
Quite simply, efficiency saves (and creates) money. Think of the opportunities you’ll miss by not either being present or being able to remotely monitor your staff.

Be prepared, ahead of time

Another benefit is being prepared to respond to a situation at one of your (un-manned) locations with the proper resources, such as personnel and back-up equipment to replace that which may have failed, for instance.

Be present from anywhere, anytime

And lastly, not only do you not have to be where your location of interest is, but you don’t have to be at your own office—you can use your smart phone (or computer). So this makes remote video monitoring even more dynamic and allows you that much more freedom.