Financial Services Entities

Security for Financial Services Entities


We provide various security measures for financial services companies.  Receive advice and answers to your questions.  We’ll also visit for a no-commitment walkthrough.


  • Call centers need access control to monitor employee movement, restrict sensitive areas and create audit trails of who went where and when.
  • Integrate your employees’ access cards with time and attendance software.
  • Upgrade to higher-security biometrics which eliminate the issue of lost cards and create personalized tracking.  Even use a mix of biometrics and traditional access control.
  • Use video to alert principals of entry into certain areas, files, etc. and monitor locations remotely.
  • Ensure fire exit safety and benefit from other locksmith services such as create electronic locks.
  • Detect leakage of water and other liquids that can destroy sensitive files and expensive equipment.
  • Maintain proper temperature of vital server rooms.