Remote video monitoring of your home

Remote video monitoring of your home

Feel At Ease When You Can’t Be There.

With One Source Security’s help, you will be able to view your home, vacation property, pets while you’re at work, nannies, elderly relatives—all remotely and all in the palm of your hand using your smart phone or using your computer. From anywhere, anytime. 24/7.

Alerts Delivered Directly To You.

You will be able to receive video clips in the form of email alerts upon such events as when your children return home from school. Feel at ease that they’re safe and see who they’re with.

Set Custom Recording Preferences.

You will also be able to set parameters such as what times you’d like your camera(s) to record, if/when you want them to record when motion occurs and particularly when motion occurs in a certain section of the camera’s field of view.

ISee Video is the product that Napco Security, a partner of One Source, has created. It requires no software or DVR. All that is required is an internet connection (and a router), a camera and either a smart phone or a computer.

It offers Hi-resolution, full-frame viewing and indoor and outdoor viewing options. Napco Security boasts that it’s the highest resolution remote video on the market (25 frames per second @ VGA res. – 640x480.)

Rely On One Source’s Advice

You can choose to use the plug and play, more entry-level application of ISee Video, or you may decide to have One Source set up a more robust system with no monthly fees per camera that has more complex requirements.

These requirements may include a continuous motion detection recording instead of 10-second clips, and/or you may require as many as 32 cameras. These cameras might also consist of many different styles and you may not want to use adaptive equipment to make the cameras operative.

Either way, One Source can accommodate you. We will be able help you decide which is the best option for you.