Industrial and Manufacturing



One Source Security specializes in electronic security and locksmith services for industrial and manufacturing companies in NH, MA and beyond. We look forward to being considered as a manufacturing and industrial security resource for you in the future by providing advice and answering questions, etc.


Do you have any of the following issues?

  • Employees that prop doors open
  • Unauthorized visitors who wander around your building(s)
  • Overhead doors left open which let out A/C or heat
  • Employees who come in on the weekend without management’s knowledge
  • Employees who claim overtime that they have not worked
  • Doors left open all weekend or all night
  • Employees or visitors who claim bogus accidents inside or outside of your building
  • Vandalism—internal and external
  • Shrinkage
  • The need to change locks whenever someone leaves your employment
  • Unauthorized 2nd and 3rd shift employees who snoop in offices
  • Alarms which are tripped by employees who enter unauthorized doors
  • Employee Violence
  • Detecting leaks of fluids from oil, chemicals and water

Here are examples of what we provide industrial and manufacturing customers:

  • Video Surveillance (including upgrades to IP & Megapixel technology, remote video monitoring, integration with access control)
  • Access Control (control access to sensitive areas, track who went where and when, integrate with time/attendance software)
  • Locksmith Services (doors, frames and hardware, energy/safety audit on doors, fire exit safety, ADA improvements)
  • Environmental Monitoring (Carbon Monoxide detection, Chemical and oil spills, Flood Detection, Hi/Low Temperature Monitoring)
  • Panic Notification
  • Emergency Lock-down
  • Intercom / Video Intercom



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