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School administrators are under pressure to provide enhanced security in response to increasing safety concerns. Educators are challenged with creating a relaxed yet vigilant environment designed for learning. While the statistics alone for school shootings can be overwhelming, administrators are fighting to keep a balance between safety and education.

Over 230 shootings have happened on school property since the year 2000, with almost half of the shootings resulting in death.  Not all were students and not all happened inside the school building.  Since the beginning of 2018 there have been nearly 35 school shootings alone on school grounds, the worst in February when the alleged shooter pulled the fire alarm, rendering the students, teachers and staff vulnerable. 

No school administrator wants to have to face the challenges of violence; yet all must come to grips with that possibility. School Administrators must plan and prepare for a broad array of threats and train for each response option associated with that particular threat.

They must be prepared to proactively communicate about school safety, and evaluate their protocols, strategies, practices and technology on a yearly basis. 


Assessing School Safety – Both informal and formal safety and security audits should be conducted.  Conduct a security assessment every year.

Best practices

  • A comprehensive physical inspection and evaluation of all systems and controls by a security professional will determine where the gaps in security are and be able to recommend cost-effective solutions that will provide the greatest impact on school security.
  • Scheduling a preventative maintenance inspection yearly keeps systems in working condition, before issues arise. Regular security system maintenance is vital to safeguard your school.


Making Upgrades – Updating technology is critically important. Innovation moves quickly, so it’s important to mitigate hidden risks from old systems.  Upgrading is vital.

Best Practice

  • Security enhancements and updates should be done at a minimum of every two years to keep the campus secure against intruders.
  • Video surveillance with remote online access capabilities allows first responders real-time access to recorded and live, up-to-the-second information about an unauthorized intruder’s movements. Remote access allows immediate and appropriate responses to situations.
  • Use video surveillance with video analytics technology, which is  a sophisticated deep learning artificial intelligence search engine for video. See how Fulton County School District is using this technology to keep their students, teachers and staff safe. 


Security Measures – The more time you spend in preparing for a threat, the more prepared you will be to respond and defend against it.

Best practices

  • Protect the school perimeter with fencing and video surveillance. Install well placed signage with clear instructions for all visitors.
  • Use an electronic Visitor Management System or VMS with printed temporary badges that include the date/time, who they are going to see and a photo of the visitor.  
  • Primary entrances should be equipped with electronic access control and a video intercom system to manage access and communicate with visitors. 
  • All secondary doors should always be locked from the outside and modified for emergency exit only. Traffic should be directed to designated entrances and exits to monitor and control access to the building.  
  • Interior doors should be held open with magnetic door holders with the actual hardware locked at all times. During a lockdown event the doors can be programmed to automatically release, close and lock, with the swipe of a specific lockdown card at any reader.
  • During emergency lockdowns it is critical that students and faculty are prepared to react quickly. 
  1. Install classroom security locks on the classroom doors so teachers can readily secure students and themselves behind locked doors without becoming a target in the hallway. 
  2. All classrooms and common areas should have the same key, which gives teachers and staff the ability to secure any area or classroom during a lockdown event, quickly and easily. Keys should be with teachers and staff at all times.
  • Implement an effective communication system with an alternative power source, to notify every student, teacher and staff member within and outside the school. 
  • Panic buttons should be installed with the ability to alert security or police and set emergency protocols in motion.
  • Installing security laminates on windows and doors will render them smash-resistant.


Process and Procedures – When an emergency occurs within the school, staff and students must know how to effectively respond within mere moments. Practiced procedures produce effective results. 

Best Practice

  • Every school should have a comprehensive, multi-hazard emergency management plan with well-defined and well-executed processes for natural or manmade disaster events that is written and available to staff members.
  • Implement active shooter procedures and conduct practice drills regularly.
  • Keep a vigilant eye out for any breach of security and take action immediately. Proactive observation by teachers and staff can help to prevent a situation from occurring. Staff should be trained to know what to do if they engage an unauthorized visitor on campus.
  • Require all students, teachers and staff to wear color coded photo ID badges at all times. 
  • Have a dedicated full-time school resource officer for each school or district depending on the size of the school system. 

As a school security expert we can provide your school with the knowledge they need to increase safety and security in and around their buildings. We offer access control, video surveillance, intrusion systems, panic notification, security laminates and more.  If you would like a FREE security assessment, call One Source Security today at 1-800-570-6478.

‘In reference to One Source Security, We have been using One Source as a preferred vendor here at the Milford School District for 15 years now.  From the front office staff to the technicians that show up on site, they are all professional and friendly, willing to help and go the extra step to ensure we are satisfied with all of the work. We have them work on all of our camera systems, card access and alarm systems and I will not hesitate to recommend One Source for all of your security needs’.

William S.Cooper

Director - Buildings and Grounds

Milford School District - SAU 40

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Imagine the convenience of having total remote control of your home through your security system.  Simplify and secure your life by staying in touch and in control from anywhere using the iBridge app on your smart phone/tablet or iBridge touchscreen. 


What can iBridge do for you?

  • Control your security system, video cameras, thermostat, lighting, appliances and locks, all in one place, using the iBridge app or iBridge touchscreen as your universal remote control.  
  • Forgot to turn the heat back before you got into bed? No problem, just grab your smart phone/tablet, and make your changes without even getting out of bed. 
  • On your way to work and forgot to close the garage door? With the iBridge app you can close it remotely.
  • The kids arrived home from school and realized they forgot their house key. Unlock the door for them quickly and easily from anywhere.
  • By remotely turning on the heat or air conditions, arrive home to the perfect temperature.
  • Whether at home or away you will have the ability to arm/disarm your alarm, look in on your home, see who is at the door, set heating & cooling temperatures and much more, all with the touch of a button. 

iBridge Connected Home Services is an easy and affordable way to take control of your home and add to the power of your security system. 


Security - Using your smart phone/tablet or the iBridge touchscreen, remotely control your security system. Arm/disarm your alarm or send a silent alarm/panic alert to get help from authorities. 

Video – You can check on the kids, pets and loved ones, when you are away from home. Great to look in on kids returning home, deliveries & alarm events as they happen.

Climate - You have total remote control of your thermostat; touch a button to change the temperature to the desired level or set and schedule heating & cooling temperatures. Homeowners can save on energy costs with manual or scheduled temperature settings. 

Lights - Set the mood you want with the touch of your fingertips. Touch a button to turn a light on or off, or dim it to the desired level. Create lighting schedules for morning, afternoon, evening and nighttime.

Locks - Once programmed you can remotely lock and unlock the doors from any location using the iBridge app/tablet or the iBridge touchscreen through z-wave devices. 

Notifications - Get Live Video Alert “Message/Notifications” on the events you choose and see pre- and post-video clips of the events/alarms as they unfold. See what’s happening at your front door. Receive emails, texts and video notifications if your security system is unexpectedly turned off or set off. 

Feel safe and secure whether you are home or away by making iBridge Connected Home Services part of your security system. iBridge Connected Home Services is an easy and affordable way to take control of your home and add to the power of your security system. Call One Source Security today at 800-570-6478, to set up your connected home.


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Recently we have written about two different cloud based systems, access control and video surveillance.  Administrators are looking for their systems to be secure, convenient and user friendly. 

What if they were offered as a single package? When access control and video surveillance are tightly integrated, customers can have a true cloud integration of both systems. 

Linked together the benefits are even better. This lets administrators access the combined functionality of both systems with a convenient single sign-on configuration.

  • Fully cloud-based (no onsite computers required)
  • No maintenance required
  • Pay as you go
  • One-click view of enter/exit video
  • One-click view of door tamper event video
  • View live video
  • See events overlayed on video

Integrating the systems in the cloud:

  • Administrators can add references to their camera system via the access control interface, so video can be correlated with events and activities from their access control system. 
  • Administrators can associate cameras with doors or other sensors linked to their access control interface. This cross-referencing allows time-stamped events to access specific video clips from within video surveillance system.
  • Manage video surveillance through the access control interface. Administrators can:
  • View or Download Video 
  • View Multiple Live Video Feeds
  • Create In-Context Video Search (Search for specific events, cameras, or time segments from any of the recorded streams.)
  • Mobile Access 

Our cloud-based platform takes care of the heavy lifting for your access control and video system—and you can access and administer it from anywhere, using any computer with a web browser. Now that our intuitive interface integrates video surveillance your work as a system administrator is even simpler. 

Call One Source Security today for your free assessment of your facility at 800-570-6478.


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Avigilon Blue integrates an on-premise Avigilon Blue Connect device that supports local storage as well as Avigilon and ONVIF compliant cameras, and sends critical events to the cloud for customers to view and verify from their web-connected device. Additionally, this helps keep incoming and outgoing network traffic to a minimum, saving valuable bandwidth.

Avigilon Blue is an appliance that allows you to record your cameras in the cloud. It provides easy and secure system access, smart notifications, system upgrades, and new features that will be pushed directly from the cloud.

Powered by Microsoft Azure, Avigilon Blue leverages cloud services that are built, deployed, and managed through a global network of trusted datacenters, providing customers with enterprise-grade security and global scale.

The Avigilon Blue Connect device enriches non-analytic IP cameras and analog encoders with Avigilon’s industry leading self-learning video analytics. When used with Avigilon Blue cloud, the system detects people and vehicles in defined areas and sends push notifications with a 10-second video clip. This enables you to identify the root cause of a security event and take the appropriate action. Avigilon Blue sends you the alarms that matter.

The Avigilon Blue Connect device, part of the Avigilon Blue cloud service platform, combines on-premise recording with cloud management to deploy, manage and service more sites with fewer resources, helping you scale your business faster. 

Easily setup, configure and link Avigilon Blue Connect devices to the cloud in minutes with universal plug-and-play network protocols and an intuitive web based user interface to receive cloud notifications and video verification clips based on analytic events. This device helps bring enterprise-grade security to small and medium-sized deployments.



  • Brings attention to the events that matter most with built-in analytics technology that integrates with Avigilon and ONVIF® Profile S compliant cameras. 
  • Automatically sends analytic event-based video verification clips to the cloud for instant viewing and sharing. 
  • Automatic camera detection, configuration and plug-and-play installation. Enables ONVIF Profile S compliant cameras to be connected based on unit port capability. 
  • 30 days of high-definition video, recording both primary and secondary camera streams. 
  • Provides high-speed throughput for simultaneous recording, playback and live streaming. 
  • Records up to 30 images per second per channel. View analytic object overlays when reviewing video clips. 
  • Accepts remote firmware updates from the Avigilon Blue cloud service platform. No software to install and maintain. 
  • •The 8-port model provides built-in PoE+ for easy powering of cameras within the system. The 16-channel model readily integrates with the Avigilon and third party PoE switches. 
  • •Includes a 3-year limited warranty from Avigilon, with extended warranty available.

This is a great product for companies with multiple sites and school districts. For example, a school district with five schools can manage all five sites from one central account. 

Call One Source Security today to talk about secure Video Surveillance in the Cloud, at 800-570-6478.


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A distribution center or warehouse can hold tens of thousands of products requiring security to be a top priority.   Installing video surveillance and access control can help prevent loss, improve operations and create a safer working environment for employees, which translates to a better bottom line.  

Employees or truck drivers, who feel underpaid and underappreciated by the company, may think they are entitled to take merchandise. Their thought may be, ‘they won’t miss one of these thousands of items’. We know as a security company the presence of video cameras can decrease this type of internal theft. 

Video surveillance technology today can provide broad coverage of an area with the ability to zoom in, clearly identifying a person, object or vehicle.  Once an image is highlighted, the advanced search technology has the ability to search large amounts of footage, giving administrators the ability to follow a person, vehicle or object, providing the path followed throughout the facility.  

Cameras should not only be installed inside but outside with special attention to shipping and receiving areas. Make sure cameras can see parked trailers with merchandise still inside. 

You may already have an access control system for entrances and overhead doors, but what about cages and rooms where expensive merchandise is located?  In the event something is missing, an audit trail can quickly and easily be retrieved, ideally coinciding with video surveillance.  Anyone could use another’s credentials to enter a secure area but when checked against video, a positive identification can be made. 

The access control system administrator can disable credentials quickly and easily when an employee leaves or is let go. If a company is still using keys, access to certain areas cannot be stopped as quickly.

A few tips to keep in mind when securing a warehouse or distribution center:

  • Receiving should be located away from the shipping area; it creates an easy access point for theft when they are located in close proximity. 
  • Employee parking should be located away from the shipping or receiving areas, again it creates an easy access point for theft.
  • Create specific entrances and exits for employees that are not in the shipping or delivery areas.
  • Do not allow unauthorized people to wander around the building, such as truck drivers looking for a bathroom.
  • Do not leave unloaded merchandise unattended on the loading docks.

With multiple warehouses or distribution centers located at different places, security can be difficult to manage.  With the use of a cloud based system access from anywhere can be done with ease.

Choosing the right security provider is a critical way to help eliminate risk, when there is a large volume of inbound and outbound traffic.  Whether you have one or multiple warehouse locations we can create a security, access control, and video surveillance system just right for you. Call One Source Security today at 800-570-6478, for a free assessment.


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In a fire, seconds count, smoke detectors are vital to alerting everyone of a fire in order to evacuate quickly. We all know people who leave bedroom doors open at night, knowing that the recommendation is to sleep with the door closed in case of a fire. Recently, I came across the Ceasefire Door Hinge, developed by a couple of firefighters from NYC to help with this problem. 

The Ceasefire Door Hinge is a heat activated hinge. When the heat from a fire reaches a predetermined temperature, the passive spring mechanism engages in the hinge and releases to close the door, containing the fire. These hinges do not require batteries or electricity to operate. 

Using these hinges in homes, apartment complexes, condominium complexes and small businesses, can help contain a fire allowing time to evacuate and lower the amount of property damage.  

For medium to large commercial properties there are 3 options stated in the NFPA Codes and Standards. Code compliance is an essential safety measure created to protect people and property. 

1.Self-closing fire doors are doors that, when opened and released, return to the closed position. Each time the door is opened the closer arm will return the door to the closed position immediately and latch. This type of door and closer is always in the closed position unless someone walks through the door.

2.An automatic-closing door is a door that is normally held in the open position or swings freely, but closes when the automatic-closing device is activated. 

3.Power-operated fire door is a door that normally is opened and closed electrically. These doors are equipped with a releasing device that shall automatically disconnect when the fire alarm engages; the door will close and latch, regardless of power failure or manual operation. 

According to NFPA 80 commercial doors should be inspected at the very least once a year. Are you sure your doors will close completely in a fire? Call us today for a free locksmith audit of all the doors in your facility at 800-570-6478. Our locksmith will check all of your doors and create a report of anything they find…for free. 


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VSaaS, Video Surveillance as a Service, is a cloud-based video surveillance system where video is located in the cloud. The service typically includes video recording, storage, remote viewing, management alerts, cyber security and more. Cloud technology advances and greater bandwidth availability are making VSaaS increasingly attractive.

 Many businesses today are already using cloud technology for email, phone systems, backups, and applications.  Cloud based video surveillance along with cloud based access control (see our July 2, 2018 blog) provide another level of security. 

Video cloud service was created to make video security easier, and provide substantial economies of scale for businesses. Using a shared infrastructure equates to lower cost of ownership due to lower upfront capital expenditures, fully utilized hardware, reduced IT staffing cost and more. 

Security Camera Video Management System (VMS) is a fully managed cloud VSaaS solution. Delivering an end-to-end VMS that’s simple to deploy and easy to use. It supports all modern browsers and works on Windows, Mac and Linux with no plug-ins to install.

Fully mobile applications provide complete access to live and recorded video. With the mobile app users can install, configure and manage the system. With our security camera VMS, you can deploy cameras without installing software or buying larger servers, it’s all done in the cloud on our servers.

All video is fully encrypted during transmission and at rest. There are no open ports to the Internet, eliminating security vulnerabilities commonly found in other systems and requiring no router and firewall adjustments.

 We are bringing the latest modern web and cloud technologies together to make cameras easier to use, more accessible and more robust. By putting everything in the cloud we can take care of it, so you don’t have to. 

 Police departments, hotels, schools, restaurants and health clubs are using cloud based video management system for various reason


•Encryption and secure connection

•Monitor stock, staff and customers

•Monitor multiple sites/schools/restaurants from mobile devices

•The ability to control crowds and apprehend individuals

•For coaching, training and teaching

•Ensure brand consistency and high levels of customer service

 Camera systems have traditionally been complex, costly and challenging for most people to manage. Today, administrators are looking for video surveillance systems to be secure, yet user friendly, with high quality video stream. Cloud based video management provides all of that and more.  Call One Source Security today for a free assessment of your facility at 800-570-6478. We can help you put your video surveillance system in the cloud safely and securely. 

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Athletic events and concerts held in stadiums, around the world in recent years, have been targets of horrible violence. Stadiums are prime targets due to the high volume of people in a condensed area. 

Creating a layered security approach helps detect and deter suspicious behaviors and events both within and outside the stadium walls. Developing a strong security posture, with vigilant stadium security can help identify threats and vulnerabilities. This layered approach should include building a strong security and emergency response team, developing protocols in the event of an emergency, creating access controls and installing a state-of-the-art intelligent video surveillance system.

Here are some points to consider:

If your security command center is located onsite, move it to an offsite location. The command and communications center will be the first area taken out by an attacker. 

Control external access by creating no-vehicle zones and limited parking close to the stadium. Stadium access points and entrances with visible security such as bag checks and uniformed personnel can make a difference in deterring violent acts, just by their presence.   

Create levels of access throughout the stadium for employees; install biometrics for players, staff and owners allowing them to enter a restricted area without having to carry a physical credential.

Effectively monitoring large crowds across an entire stadium can be done with a state-of-the-art video surveillance system. High definition cameras with sophisticated artificial intelligence driven video management software are designed to help operators efficiently identity and respond quickly to potential security events. 

Stadiums and large venues have benefited from using cameras with higher resolution that provide both broad coverage and excellent image detail, allowing security personnel to monitor a large crowd using fewer cameras.

The Avigilon Control Center software is an easy to use high definition system allowing operators to quickly search, identify, mark and capture details of a person, object or vehicle of interest. Security personnel can monitor and analyze footage in real time, providing front-line security employees with information they need to enhance screening and crowd management. Zoom in on an activity within large crowds and provide detailed video information. Watch the Avigilon Sample Footage – Stadium here. 

Large amounts of video are never analyzed, not for lack of interest but rather the decline in human attention spans.  Advanced video analytics technology is designed to help improve response time. When security personnel highlight a person, object or vehicle using this technology, hours of footage can easily be sorted through across all cameras on a site saving time and effort during critical investigations. A person or vehicle’s route can be traced from beginning to last known location.

Unusual motion detection technology brings a new level of automation to surveillance by learning and remembering what a typical activity/scene looks like. This is designed to bring attention to atypical events needing further investigation.  This technology is designed to detect things like a vehicle traveling in the wrong direction or a crowd being suddenly disrupted, when this occurs an alert is sent to the security staff. 

We can show you how to incorporate biometrics and video surveillance with artificial intelligence into your security plan. Call One Source Security today at 800-570-6478.

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Lock and key, the oldest form of access control where locks are used to prevent unauthorized access to a facility manually are still very popular today, but come with a few drawbacks. Keys can easily be duplicated, lost or stolen. When an employee leaves or keys are lost, there is a cost to re-key all the doors to ensure safety and security for people and property within the building. 

On site access control was developed to provide more features, functionality and automation using ID cards, fobs and smartcards to access buildings. Data is stored locally on specially assigned servers requiring constant manual data backups and firmware updates. This can take up a considerable amount of time, money and resources.

Today we have the option of using a cloud-based access control system where software is hosted/located in the cloud and allows administrators to control access to their buildings and gather data from anywhere at any time through a web browser or mobile device. Access to the facility is granted with ID cards, fobs, smart cards or mobile devices.

When comparing access control options it is obvious that traditional lock and key security is limited when compared to modern security solutions. For instance, keys cannot open doors remotely; track who has entered or exited a building, or who is authorized to enter a building, floor or room. It is assumed that they have authorization because they are in possession of a physical key.  

On site access control provide more features, functionality and automation. These solutions require that an IT person maintains and updates the servers where the software lives. The administrator also needs to be versed in cyber security to ensure that the servers don’t get infected by cyber attacks. All system changes have to be made locally on a dedicated PC that is connected to the servers. To maintain IT security, on site software requires constant manual data backups and firmware updates. This can take up a considerable amount of time, money and resources.

Cloud based access control provides more protection, is more convenient and easier to use.  Providing complete control from anywhere in the world. Employees are able to open doors with their phone, eliminating the risk of lost or stolen keys and keycards. There are no servers to maintain and the software is updated automatically to protect against cyber threats. Real time data is collected about traffic in and out of the building. When key cards are lost or stolen, or an employee leaves, access is revoked immediately. Cloud based access control allows unlimited scalability adding in doors, offices and users at any time. Remotely open and secure doors. Integrate video surveillance with cloud access control. API integrations are available for software applications, such as HR, visitor and membership tools.

Cloud based access control provides an unsurpassed level of security. It reduces the inconveniences of updating and managing the system manually and in house. 

Call One Source Security today at 800-570-6478 to set up an appointment to learn more about cloud based access control for your company.

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Some local police departments are offering a great service for the senior citizen population in their communities. (Some towns even include citizens with disabilities.)

The purpose of the Good Morning and Are you okay? Programs are to provide people who live alone a sense of security in knowing that someone is in contact with them on a daily basis and to provide them with help if needed.

There are different requirements for each town, but the overview is the same. The resident that takes part in the program calls-in to the police department daily, if the police department does not hear from them by the appointed time, then a call will be placed to the resident, if there is no answer then an officer is sent to the residence for a well being check.

We live in a time when family members don’t always live in the same town as an elderly parent or grandparent. Knowing that there are people in the community helping to check in on relatives can bring peace of mind.

Here are just a few local towns that offer a Good Morning or Are you okay? Program.

Good Morning Program:

Merrimack -

Milford -

Amherst -

Are you okay? Program:

Hooksett -

Manchester -

Bedford -

If your town has one of these programs we did not list please feel free to share below. Or if you would like more information search your towns Police Department website. If you choose to call remember to call the non emergency number.

These programs are great to have in place, but adding another layer of security can bring even more peace of mind for the program participant as well as family members.

Medical (Personal) Emergency Response System – Trained operators with the individuals medical and emergency contact information will answer the call from the two-way voice emergency pendant.  

Not all elderly people are housebound.  Bu using a Mobile Emergency Response System allows for the elderly to be monitored far outside the range of a unit in the house, in the event of a medical emergency.

Call us today, at 800-570-6478 we would be happy help you or an elderly relative setup a Medical Emergency Response System or Mobile Emergency Response System.  For more information follow this link

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Taking some precautionary steps today can make your church a safer and more secure place for staff and members. It’s important to create a security plan that allows the church to stay vigilant yet maintain the open and welcoming feeling a congregation expects.

Create a church security team; include members who have military, police and medical backgrounds. They can be advisors, or the emergency action response team in charge of training ushers, parking lot attendants and volunteers in the event of an emergency.

Perform a risk assessment of the church; invite a professional security company to help with the assessment. They know the right questions to ask. In recent years, attacks against churches have gone up in number along with the level of violence. Dangers like theft, assault, killings, child abduction and arson have tragically occurred in our local churches. One contributing factor to these crimes may be due to a perceived lack of security. Churches are thought of as soft targets.

Gone are the days of leaving church doors open for the wandering soul to find refuge. Crime is a painful reality for the church community today. Church leaders are either improving or developing safety and security strategies for their churches.


Establish procedures and strategies based on the security needs discovered during the assessment. Establish notification and lockdown procedures in the event there is a fire, active shooter or other incident. The plan should include where people should go, what they should do and then communicate the plan to the congregation. Train staff and volunteers how to respond appropriately when an incident occurs.

Have a Sunday school sign in and checkout system in place. This can be a sticker-based tracking system or a software attendance program.

A monitored security system has the ability to dispatch law enforcement, fire department and medical services quickly. (Remember your trained team will have a procedure to follow.)

Video surveillance in office areas, sanctuary, nursery and church school rooms, gathering places, entrances, and parking areas enhances security. Just the presence of video cameras can deter someone with malice intent from striking. In addition, video surveillance can protect against false accusations especially concerning interactions with children.
Control access to buildings by installing key pads at access points and a video intercom at the office building entrance. Create a single entrance into the church on Sundays or during large gatherings. Make sure ushers or greeters are at all doors before and during service and large gatherings.

Hire off-duty police officers, their presence alone can be a deterrent.

In conclusion, as a church leader today, security must be a priority. We have seen some very troubling and fatal reasons why churches should not leave their doors open to the public unattended. As we said earlier, gone are the days of churches leaving their doors open all the time.
Whether you’re looking to assess risks and identify vulnerabilities, or revisit and review policies and procedures, One Source Security can help you.
Reduce security risks by being proactive. One Source Security would be happy to provide a FREE security audit of your church, call us today at 800-570-6478 to set up your appointment. We can help you create a security solution that meets your needs today with the ability to upgrade as your church expands.

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Strengthening your on-site security system helps attract new tenants, while keeping your current tenants happy. Failure to provide quality security for your tenants can be detrimental to your business.

Potential and current customers are looking to rent a self-storage unit where they feel confident their family heirlooms or everyday items can be stored safely and securely knowing every precaution is taken to protect their precious items.

Unfortunately, break-ins, vandalism and false liability claims do occur. Installing or upgrading to a fully functioning security system, which is routinely maintained with monthly testing and preventive maintenance inspections yearly, can help deter these from happening.

Must haves for self-storage facilities:

  1. A fully functioning monitored security system can help alert you of a break-in.
  2. A video surveillance system with monitors in the office area and remote access can allow you to see your facility from anywhere. Make sure video is recorded in case there is a liability claim, vandalism or theft. Footage can be saved for short or extended periods of time, depending on the storage method you choose.
    • a.We know criminal incidents can be decreased with the visibility of cameras.  Thieves or vandals are looking for soft targets, most often without video surveillance.  
    • b.Today, camera software can be programmed to alert administrators when an incident happens, thus decreasing costs for continuous monitoring. 
    • c.If you own a facility with outdoor entrances to each unit and no fences around the property, using license plate cameras may be an excellent way to increase security.
  3. If you’re using keys to enter the building and units, upgrading to an access control system can create a more secure environment. Administrators can download audit trails of who has been in the building, when they have been in the building and if the door has been propped open. 
    • If you’re already using access control, remember to remove outdated access codes. As soon as an employee leaves your employment, make sure their code is disabled. When a tenant no longer wishes to rent their unit, their code should be disabled the day they move out. 
    • Create temporary pass codes for contractors, vendors, landscapers, etc. and update codes regularly. Limit their access to the property or building to only the time of day, as well as the day of the week they need to enter.  
  4. If your facility is using locks, make sure you are using master keyway locks for pedestrian doors or padlocks for overhead doors. It’s important to have a master keyway system designed for growth and changing needs along the way. With a master keyway you can easily access a unit at any time for any legal reason. 
  5. Tenants expect there to be adequate environmental monitoring. Many items will be fine in a standard unit but items like papers, clothes, electronics, cars and antiques, need to have some form of environmental monitoring, including temperature and humidity for protection. If your facility is at ground level in a low area, water monitoring should also be included. Fire, smoke and CO detectors are standard for most storage facilities.
  6. We cannot say enough about maintaining your system. Testing your system monthly ensures everything is in proper working order. Another is to have a yearly preventive maintenance inspection by a professional security company. By maintaining your system you can keep it in optimal working order for years to come.

Call One Source Security today to schedule an appointment to talk about your self-storage security needs, 800-570-6478.

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In recent years we have seen some pretty horrific things happen on school property. Not everything can be prevented but we can most certainly do as much as we can to deter, detect and defend against these awful crimes.

Schools by their very nature are open environments. It’s a challenge to strike the right balance between maintaining a welcoming and open environment, and protecting the student, teachers and staff, while controlling visitor access. Offering a high level of security with a certain level of convenience can bring peace of mind. 

There are some unique challenges facing schools today:

  • Not everyone needs or should have access to every part of the building.
  • Visitors come and go all day long, parents pick up sick kids, volunteers check in and contractors are hired for projects that can’t necessarily wait until the end of the day.
  • Some modern security threats include gun violence and terrorism.
  • Extremely large multi building campus, making them hard to manage.

Securing classrooms, hallways and campuses:

  • Go key-less for teachers and staff
    • By using a school access control system, teachers and staff can use a single card as an ID badge and a keyless entry card. Administrators can control when doors can be opened and by whom. Cards can also be disabled quickly when lost.
  • Manage visitors better with sign in, custodial and sex offender checks
    • Using a visitor management system with the ability to store custodial information ensures a child is only released to the proper guardian.  It also allows you to check visitors against local sex offender databases, providing increased safety.
  • Manage a multi-building system from a single location
    • Remotely managing every door in every building gives the administrator the ability to open any classroom door.  Decreased response times and false alarms by allowing you to quickly assess the situation.
  • Integrate your access control system with video surveillance
    • Integrating access control and video surveillance can create a powerful, multi-faceted security solution. Your video surveillance system can be set up to record a door every time a card is swiped, giving a visual of who has entered with a time stamp.
  • Zero in on the source of an issue quickly
    • Many schools have sprawling campuses with the struggle to zero in on a problem. When an alarm is triggered the exact location will show up on the Dynamic Map of the facility. You can pull up video surveillance of the exact spot, in order to confirm or dismiss an issue.
  • Lockdown the entire school with the press of a button
    • Many schools already have lock down procedures in place that require teachers and staff to lock doors manually. School access control systems can lock down an entire building or campus with the press of a button or by using a specific card at any reader. This creates an instant secure environment.
    • Classroom panic notification allows a teacher to push a button to notify the predefined personnel, such as the security staff or principal that there is an incident outside the classroom.
  • Create a more secure vestibule
    • Vestibules are used as a buffer between visitors and the school. Installing shatter resistant security glass laminates on glass doors and windows in the vestibule can be a cost efficient way to prevent visitors with malicious intent from gaining access quickly by smashing windows and walking right into the main area of the building.

Today, teachers and students have a fear of school shooting, violent intruders and terrorism. Many schools are doing much better securing the perimeter of their schools. We are seeing main entrance doors locked and monitored by staff members using intercoms to communicate with visitors.  Increased security throughout the school along with solid security procedures are making a difference when it comes to deterring, detecting and defending against school crimes.

By investing in the district, not each school individually you can create a uniform level of security for all schools, lower capital costs and lower staffing requirements because staff can centrally view and manage the system from anywhere.

Call One Source Security today for your FREE assessment of your school. Remember your ‘One Source for Peace of Mind’ is only one phone call away, 800-570-6478.

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Keeping students and staff safe at school is extremely important today.

We know that school administrators want students and staff to be safe, as well as be prepared in the event of an unforeseen incident.

An effective, unique access control system can be created to meet your individual school needs. By starting with a few key questions:

  • What’s your plan in the event of an intruder or similar emergency?
  • What’s your policy for processing guests/visitors/contractors?
  • Can you effectively control access to the different areas of the school?

Lockdown/Lockout – When it comes to intruders, time is of the essence. Having the ability to lockdown and lockout intruders can isolate a threat and protect students, teachers and staff.  

The lockout/lockdown feature of an access control system allows the user to immediately lock all doors in the system. Or lock individual doors, wings or buildings.

Lockout usually refers to exterior doors by preventing the threat from entering or exiting the building. It also can mean isolating the threat in a section of the building, by locking them out of other populated areas of the building.

Ultimately, this allows an administrator to instantly secure a building with the press of a button.

Visitor management systems – Controlling access to a building can be as simple and easy as using expiring visitor badges; with a glance, staff can see who belongs and who does not.

With an enhanced visitor management system the administrator has the ability to check against criminal/sex offender databases during the check in process. A school sign-in process is the first line of defense.

Credentials, readers and wireless locks – Today, schools can control access to their schools, with the use of credentials, readers and wireless locks. It’s time to take stock of who is able to access your school. Different levels of personnel are going to have different levels of access to different parts of the building or buildings.

Having too many cards or keys floating around is a clear security risk. Using access cards instead of physical keys allows access to be monitored from a central software program. Missing cards can be turned off with a click. Digitally disable terminated employees credentials quickly and easily.

Call One Source Security today at 800-570-6478 to create your individual access control system.


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Whether you are a company with one building and a couple of employees or a company with multiple facilities and hundreds of employees, we can design, install, and implement a security, access control and video surveillance system for your business with the ability to control it from a Smartphone, tablet or computer.

PremiSys is a comprehensive access control and security solution packed with valuable features, from restricting door access to viewing video and more. Issues can be addressed faster than ever, right down the hall, from another facility or across the country.

With PremiSys software, accessing your system through a Smartphone, tablet or computer allows the administrator to:

  • Receive automatic notifications when an event occurs, such as a propped open door after entry
  • Remotely arm and disarm the system
  • Have the ability to remotely deactivate credentials
  • Lock and unlock doors from anywhere
  • Take photos with a Smartphone or tablet, and then use the photo to create and print ID badges remotely

PremiSys is compatible with surveillance technology from many of the industry’s leading providers, including Avigilon. With the integration of a video surveillance system, security can check live or recorded video against the swiped ID photo to ensure they match. Use “Photo Recall” to display a cardholder photo as a door is accessed; ensuring the right person is using the card.

Other Benefits include:

Maximum door control:

  • Set alarms if a door is propped open after entry, or forced open
  • Schedule lock and unlock times for doors
  • Alarm mapping shows where on your premises an alarm is coming from

Detailed data:

  • Detailed reports provide useful information for the monitoring of your system

Cardholder management:

  • Assign specific access rights to each user
  • Create access groups to which users can be assigned
  • Grant different levels of access to each group

Video integration:

  • Adding surveillance equipment makes PremiSys an even more powerful access control system
  • Call up recorded video from a specific point in time
  • View Video from the moment an alarm was triggered
  • Check multiple angles for a single door.

PremiSys offers a comprehensive list of features, making it an ideal facility security system for schools, offices, laboratories and more.

We will work with you to craft the perfect security solution for your site, to include access control, video surveillance, security and state of the art locks. Call One Source Security today for a free evaluation of your facility, 800-570- 6478.

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With the holidays upon us and the increase in customer volume in stores, retailers may be asking, what can we do to make sure profit margins don’t slip?

Installing video surveillance, access control and a security system, not only brings peace of mind and protection but can help deter theft and verify liability claims.

By asking the right questions, a unique security system can be created specific to your business.

Perimeter: Creating a safe and transparent parking area and entrance can create a welcoming feel. We would ask:

  • Are your entrances and parking lots well lit?
  • Do people loiter around the building or property?
  • Do you have the ability to see who is entering and exiting the building or property?
  • Are bushes cut back preventing someone from hiding in them?
  • Are loading dock doors locked when not in use?

Building: Most criminals are opportunists and look for lapses in security to strike. We would ask:

  • Do you have any way of knowing if a window has been broken or a screen cut?
  • Do your windows latch and lock?
  • Is your safe anchored to the floor?
  • Are your locks up to date?
  • What is the protocol if an employee loses a key?
  • Is your alarm set every night? How do you know, do you receive a notification?

Neighborhood: Crime in the neighborhood can impact business. We would ask:

  • Have there been robberies in your area or is there a threat?
    Employees: With the increase in sales help during the holidays, you don’t always know everything about everyone you are hiring. We would ask:
  • Can you see if employees are stealing money from registers, stock rooms or offices?
  • Can employees give merchandise to friends or family while checking out?
  • If an employee is hurt while working do you have a way of verifying the claim?
    Customers: With the increase in customer volume, shrinkage may occur. We would ask:
  • Do you have a problem with merchandise shrinkage from shoplifting?
  • Are there any areas of the store where customers are isolated from sales help? Where they cannot be seen?
  • Do you have any way to verify liability claims if a customer is hurt while on your premises?


  1. Keep parking areas and entries well lit.
  2. Cut bushes back near entrances and along walkways, so no one can hide behind them.
  3. Install 360 degree and license plate cameras in your parking lots and cameras on the outside of the building.
  4. Install security cameras at all entrances, including delivery doors.
  5. Use security cameras inside the store or building and at the perimeter and entrance of the property or building.
  6. Keep security cameras focused on registers, stock rooms, aisles and other critical areas.
    a. Security cameras can deter a criminal from committing a crime, just by their presence in and around your business.
  7. Keep recorded video at least 30 days, use cloud storage for maximum benefit.
  8. Install a monitored security system with motion detectors.
    a. Remember to arm the system every night.
  9. Install panic buttons, at registers, customer service, loading dock areas, and offices.
  10. Install glass break sensors near windows and glass doors.
  11. Have a locksmith audit of all the doors in your facility.
  12. Use an access control system to determine access to areas where employees need to be in order to do their job.
    a. For example, only allow managers into the office area where the safe is located.
  13. Install a monitored fire and environmental alarm system, to detect heat, smoke, temperature changes, CO and water leaks.

Not only do criminals look for easy targets, stress from the holidays and financial crisis can cause a normally trustworthy persons judgment to become impaired. Security measures like an updated security system, locks, lighting, access control and video surveillance can make a business less attractive for a crime of opportunity to be committed.

Creating a security system that brings peace of mind to your customers and employees, also helps tighten your bottom line by deterring theft.

Call One Source Security today at 800-570-6478; we can help you develop an individualized security system just right for your business.

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Access control

Will my system update automatically and unlock at the appropriate time or will my system be an hour behind or ahead?

Most systems will update automatically though the computer on which the access control software runs.  Make sure that the computer is not shut down for the weekend. When the time changes on the computer correctly, access to the build will be accurate and on time, allowing employees to enter the building without a problem and the doors to lock at the scheduled time.

How does this work?

The server/PC communicates with a time server like Network Time Protocol NTP, which uses Coordinated Universal Time UTC, (the US civilian time standards), to synchronize computer clock times to a millisecond. 

The NTP updates the time on the server/PC, which in turn tells the software to update the time on the panel, which tells the doors to lock and unlock at the correct time. 

 The automatic time adjustment depends on what the time server tells the server/PC.  Almost all systems do this automatically; very few need a manual change.

What do I do if my computer was not on and the clocks did not adjust?

Turn the computer on, check the time, if it is incorrect, manually adjust it, then download or initialize the panels.  If you are still having issues consult your security provider. 

Security System

Will my system update to automatically arm and disarm my system at the programmed time?

Your system has an internal clock which should change the time in the panel.

If your system is over 20+ years old you may have an issue. It may even be time to update your panel.

Check batteries

Which devices should I check?

Daylight Savings Time is a great reminder to check the batteries in wireless window contacts, panel batteries, motion detectors, smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors.

NOTE: If you are purchasing your batteries on line and the life of the battery seem short, they may have been sitting on the shelf too long. Purchase them at the store locally, or call us, we have most batteries in stock.

Testing your System

We recommend testing your system at least once a month to make sure it is communicating and working properly.

If you cannot remember when the last time was you tested your system, well, you need to do that now. It’s important it is working correctly to keep people and property safe and secure. Steps to test your system.

Call One Source Security today with any questions or a FREE assessment of your facility at 800-570-6478. 

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One of the most vulnerable parts of a building is the windows.  Installing security glass laminates adds a layer of security that can help protect people and property.  This state-of-the-art laminate is designed to withstand impacts from forced entry or natural disasters. 

Laminates are thin but incredibly strong layers of polyester material. Layers are sandwiched together on the window with a super strong adhesive. These laminates absorb the shock of a blunt object and disperse the energy from the impact.  The more the laminated glass is struck the stronger it becomes.

It is strong enough to deter and discourage an opportunistic smash-and-grab burglary.  When an intruder hits the window, the laminate holds the broken window together, creating a barrier, equiring, on the intruders part, more effort, time and noise to get through a window. 

Windows and doors can withstand repeated blows from bricks, bats, hammers and crowbars. Having to repeatedly hit the window or glass door will most likely cause the intruder to flee in search of an easier target. 

We know vandals just want to be malicious and mischievous; wreaking havoc for a business owner. If you could keep the vandal outside, you could prevent them from breaking, spray painting etc. property within the building, thus keeping damage as minimal as possible.  

During a natural disaster broken windows can be held together preventing flying glass from entering the building and preventing further damage to people and property.

Laminates can prevent a ball from penetrating a window if your home or building abuts a golf course or baseball field. 

Schools are installing laminates on their vestibule/entry doors and windows. Hotels are installing them on suites that hold VIPS, celebrities and political figures. Businesses are also installing them on conference rooms and windows of office buildings where it is likely a disgruntled worker could strike.

With each new product, we like to provide our customers with real choices and solutions. We desire to be their ‘One Source” for peace of mind by providing the most state of the art products to our customers so they can feel confident knowing we are providing the best security to protect their building as well as people.

 Call One Source Security today for a free security estimate of your building at 800-570-6478.

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Whether you need a little more security for your home or a way to see who is making a delivery at your small business, installing a video doorbell can be yet another layer of security at the entrance of your home or business.  

It’s a doorbell, video camera and a two-way communicator.

The WiFi video doorbell links to an app, typically on your smart device. When someone rings, or even approaches the doorbell you are alerted via the app. 

With the ability to communicate through the video doorbell, you can tell delivery people where to leave a package, or scare off an intruder by letting them know you can see them at the door. 

While the baby naps you can turn the indoor doorbell chimes off so there are no disturbances, and a nap will not be cut short. 

When a visitor arrives at your door you can see who it is before you choose to answer it. You can even answer the door from your office, the two-way communicator allows you to speak to the person at the door no matter your location. 

Seniors who may have difficulty getting to the door can answer from the comfort of their chair. Using the two-way communicator may startle your guest but this can be a better way to answer the door for those with difficulty moving around.

A small business with few employees may want to install a video doorbell at the delivery door.  You will be notified when there is motion in front of the camera, even before the delivery person can ring the bell. You will be alerted, pull up the video and see who is there quickly and easily. This is also a great way to communicate, for example if you are on the other side of the facility you can let them know you are on your way. 

Using a video doorbell can help reduce crime in your neighborhood, whether it is a residential neighborhood or business. Call One Source Security today at 800-570-6478 and would be happy provide you with a free assessment of your home or business. 

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As the old adage goes ‘An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure’. Your security equipment can provide years of service and top performance by implementing an ounce of prevention along the way.

Preventive maintenance is the process of maintaining equipment in order to prevent a reactive situation and having an annual Preventive Maintenance Inspection (PMI), helps keep equipment in optimum condition and running smoothly. Your security system safeguards your business and a PMI ensures your system is running properly. 

What happens if you do not have a PMI and there is a problem with your system that could have been prevented with a yearly inspection?

This is what we call a ‘reactive maintenance program’?  When a system or equipment has broken down or is not working correctly, repairs are done at that time this is expensive and it is unpredictable when the issues may occur. It is especially inconvenient if it happens when the business is closed. Reactive maintenance does not look after equipment; therefore the lifespan of the equipment may be reduced. 

The yearly program applies to any of your existing systems which may consist of a security, video or access control system. Once a year, a technician will come out and thoroughly inspect your system and perform routine maintenance.

For example:

  • Check card readers, locks and motion detectors.
  • We check backup batteries to ensure they are ready in the event of a power outage. 
  • We also check window and door contacts for rust, to help prevent false alarms.  
  • Physically inspect your system and verify communication and programming, at a minimal cost to you. 

With regular testing and inspecting, potential problems can be identified in advance. When a problem is preempted, businesses will have fewer frantic days if a system goes down, thus saving time, money and energy. 

When you are managing a budget, it’s important to know your expenses in advance. It is easier to budget in a PMI and avoid any potential problems found during the yearly inspection. 

It’s important to maintain your security, video and access control system to bring peace of mind to you, your employees and your customers.

Call One Source Security today to set up you Preventative Maintenance Inspection Program at 800-570-6478.  


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