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Today we'll discuss three of the many areas in which businesses are vulnerable regarding security.  They include:

  • ex-employees
  • current employees
  • and natural damage over time 

We'll also provide a few keys to help facility managers, security personnel and other decision makers.  Such as:

  • not depending on physical keys
  • maintaining exterior door structural integrity
  • use of biometric readers

Pictured above is a biometric access reader using fingerprints

Be sure to Use a Secure Key System (such as Medeco)

Usually, a disgruntled employee who is about to be fired knows it in advance.  He or she will have at least some knowledge of the security system, and the soon-to-be-unemployed person may also retain a key.

This can be dangerous if your business security relies on physical keys which are not part of a secure system.

There could be no way for you to know if someone has made copies of the keys (assuming the keys allow for duplication). This leaves you vulnerable if an ex-employee wants to take revenge of any kind. It also leaves you vulnerable to your current employees' friends and family.

Even if your employee is trustworthy, how trustworthy is everyone he knows who may have access to his keys?

Physical keys also leave no trace of who used them; you have no proof of who gained access to sensitive areas--no "audit trail".  Plus, sometimes they don't allow for you to allow entry to some areas, but not to others.  Commercial access control systems solve these two issues.

Solution:  Have an access control system installed by a security systems integrator.  Ideally one who will integrate it with the alarm system and/or video surveillance.

Hire a Locksmith to Repair Natural Damage

Security systems are multi-faceted--don't forget about the physical integrity of the doors. Rain and other elements can cause rust and other damage over time to the exterior doors at your facility. A thief can take advantage of rusted hinges or unsecure door frames.

In addition, if there is a leak, you could experience other problems such as water damage to your floors and electrical circuits. The longer this damage goes on, the more it will cost once it is discovered.

Solution:  Have a locksmith perform an exterior survey on your doors--One Source's Locksmith Division does it for free.

Install Biometric Readers

Biometric readers are another excellent option since fingerprints are unique. These give you all the advantages of other keyless access systems but remove the possible problem of an employee giving away his or her user code or writing it down and losing it...or even passing an access card or fob to someone else.

Access Control System & Locksmith Maintenance

Having a reputable and knowledgeable security company visit regularly to inspect your business security system is an easy way to prevent more costly damage later. In fact, One Source Security offers both a Security Team and a full-service Locksmith Division...we truly are your "one source".  Justclick here to contact us to learn more. 

If you're curious about how easy it would be to upgrade your current system, or if you're "starting from scratch", One Source Security offers a free security assessment--conducted by our Locksmith and/or Security Divisions. Just click here to request one.

Thanks for spending some time with us on our blog. 

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Security Systems Companies-Questions to Ask

You’re looking around for the right security company but are feeling very intimidated about which one to choose. You have questions, but are they the right ones?  Will your choice be good enough to secure your family and your valuables?

Pictured above is a Gemini Security System, complete with wireless devices.

A home invasion can be devastating to a family.  Not only does it take an emotional toll on those involved, but the prospect of losing precious belongings and the sense of security is unimaginable.

In the corporate world, business security is a must.  Whether you’re a fortune 500 firm or a "mom and pop", a security breach can shut you down.  The fortunate ones may be able to recover, but many won’t.

Business are also subject to frivolous lawsuits by employees or visitors (video can prevent this), as well as employee theft. 

Low-Cost Security Providers...or are they?

Many security companies will offer discounted or low initial fees to lure you in. Then you find out that you don’t own the security system, and there's a hefty monitoring fee to pay each month.

Plus, you’ll be paying that higher fee for quite a while since you’re typically locked into a long-term contractA quality security company wants to keep you as a customer with quality service, not with long-term contracts. 

Then comes the end of the contract...many times, you don't own the equipment, and if you don’t renew your contract, they could come and rip the system out. 

Be sure to ask if they install non-proprietary equipment that you will own.

In some instances you may own the equipment, but you find out that the equipment is proprietary to them so unless you renew your contract, the equipment is useless. 


Look for an Experienced Security Provider

Choose a home or business security firm that will evaluate what you need through a detailed consultation and one that will customize the solution to fit YOUR situation.

Some "companies" may not even have a shop at all and may work out of the trunks of their cars. Choose a security company who has longevity and one whom you can count on if a situation arises or you need maintenance—don’t discount this factor!!!

Ok, So Which Security Integrator is for Me?

Many security companies talk a good game and sound enticing with their marketing approaches. Then you find out the installer is a subcontractor who may or may not be thoroughly trained on the equipment. 

***Does that mean your security company is trying to help protect you, or hire the lowest bidders they could find?  Do you want those people in your home...securing everything that is dear to you?

Security Solution?

Do a bit of homework to find a security company you can trust.

If you’re in the Massachusetts or New Hampshire area, more answers and expert advice can be found by contacting One Source Security.  Also, check out the "Why Us" page on our site to see if we may be a match.


Thank you for spending a few minutes on our blog!

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