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Security for liquor stores is serious business.  There’s simply so much at stake.  Inventory.  Cash.  Employee safety and more.

If you’re the owner or manager of a liquor store, you most likely already have an alarm system and also video surveillance.  But more can always be done and adjustments to your current system can always be made.

Use your smart phone for things such as remotely viewing your employees while they close.

We’ve highlighted six areas below to focus on in order to improve the security of your store and the safety of your employees.

1. The need to protect inventory.  Let’s face it.  You’re selling what is considered a vice to people.  Something people are addicted to.  Something of great value.

You need to make sure your alarm system is sufficient and working properly.

Give it a test.  Call your security company or monitoring station and put your system on test.  You want to make sure if there’s a break in after-hours that your security system is going to function properly.

Once your system is on test, arm it then open doors, walk past motion detectors and open any windows—let that siren scream.  No need to worry about any authorities being called because it’s on test status.

2. The need to protect employees.  Besides having security cameras in clear sight which provide a degree of a deterrent and having security stickers on the doors, panic buttons are a great device for employee protection.

Be sure to have them installed under the counter and in other locations throughout the store such as the back office where cash may be kept. 

This allows employees to secretly inform the police that a robbery is taking place with one press of a button without needing to make it to a phone.

We’ll talk more about employee safety when we address remote video monitoring below.

3. The need to identify the bad guy.  As we mentioned at the beginning of this post, it’s likely that your store already has video surveillance in place.  But what type? 

Analog security cameras, which are very prevalent and often the less expensive route to go, can suffice in some cases.

However, they don’t provide the same level of clarity that megapixel security cameras do.  Megapixel cameras can provide the resolution necessary to identify the robber or burglar.

We’ve all seen images of perpetrators broadcast by news channels.  In order for the public to help you, make it easy on them by providing the clearest possible footage.

Facial recognition is necessary in many court cases to achieve a conviction.  Why have cameras in place that may or may not provide that facial recognition.  Talk to your security integrator about megapixel technology.

4. The need to be in two places at once.  Be sure to use remote video monitoring at your liquor store.  This will come in handy in many ways.

To further ensure safety of your employees, monitor openings and closings via your smart phone, tablet or PC. Especially closings when it’s late at night and ambushes can occur.

Receive email alerts containing video clips if there is any motion in your store when the alarm system is armed.

Keep an eye on employees who may be tempted by the inventory.  You most likely have honest employees who won’t steal inventory or drink it while on the job, but to be able to check in on them no matter where you are may keep you more at ease.

While we’re on this topic, be sure to have a camera viewing inside your cooler.  This of course is a place where employees can go and sample the goods in an enclosed setting.

5. The need to see all.  Consider 180° and 360° security cameras.  These megapixel cameras can provide panoramic views that typical security cameras couldn’t, as those would be offering a limited field of view.

Place a 360° security camera on the ceiling in the middle of your store.  Have a 180° camera installed on the outside of your building facing the parking lot.  Ensure that you identify those that are about to enter with ill intentions and also capture makes of cars, etc.

6. The need to secure your perimeter.  An alarm system and cameras are very important, but if your doors and door hardware are vulnerable and easy to be broken down, a burglar can still enter and exit without being apprehended.

Have a qualified locksmith give you a survey to ensure that your doors are secure and that your door hardware is in good working order.  It should be easy to find a locksmith who will give you a survey at no charge.

We hope this has given you a few things to think of for the security of your liquor store. 

Thanks for spending some time with us today.

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"The Silent Killer".  The nickname given to Carbon Monoxide due to its ordorless and invisible characteristics, or lack there of.

Think about it.  You invest money into a quality security system installed by your security company.  You're covered if your doors or windows are compromised, if smoke starts to accumulate, if there is motion in a certain area and much more.  You can even keep an eye on your home while you're away with remote video monitoring.

GE Security's Carbon Monoxide Detector


This could all be for not if you don't install Carbon Monoxide Detectors.  This is a real issue.  It's not something that you want to neglect.

Carbon Monoxide is created by many common appliances and equipment in your home.  Those that use oil, wood, natural gas, propane, coal and more are potential sources.

In an article in Security Products, and courtesy of the Home Safety Council, the following facts were discussed:

  • According to the CDC, 450 people die and there are nearly 21,000 exposures each year.
  • Symptoms of Carbon Monoxide poisoning are similar to that of the flu--headache, dizziness, nausea and shortness of breath.
  • If your Carbon Monoxide alarm sounds, open any doors and windows that you can, and call 911 immediately.
  • And please don't rely on your smoke detector for Carbon Monoxide detection or vice versa.

So please contact your security company to have a Carbon Monoxide Detector installed today.  If you'd like One Source Security & Automation to visit for a Free Security Assessment, please click here.

Or if you have general questions, feel free to Contact Us.


Thanks for reading our blog today.

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Security Systems Companies-Questions to Ask

You’re looking around for the right security company but are feeling very intimidated about which one to choose. You have questions, but are they the right ones?  Will your choice be good enough to secure your family and your valuables?

Pictured above is a Gemini Security System, complete with wireless devices.

A home invasion can be devastating to a family.  Not only does it take an emotional toll on those involved, but the prospect of losing precious belongings and the sense of security is unimaginable.

In the corporate world, business security is a must.  Whether you’re a fortune 500 firm or a "mom and pop", a security breach can shut you down.  The fortunate ones may be able to recover, but many won’t.

Business are also subject to frivolous lawsuits by employees or visitors (video can prevent this), as well as employee theft. 

Low-Cost Security Providers...or are they?

Many security companies will offer discounted or low initial fees to lure you in. Then you find out that you don’t own the security system, and there's a hefty monitoring fee to pay each month.

Plus, you’ll be paying that higher fee for quite a while since you’re typically locked into a long-term contractA quality security company wants to keep you as a customer with quality service, not with long-term contracts. 

Then comes the end of the contract...many times, you don't own the equipment, and if you don’t renew your contract, they could come and rip the system out. 

Be sure to ask if they install non-proprietary equipment that you will own.

In some instances you may own the equipment, but you find out that the equipment is proprietary to them so unless you renew your contract, the equipment is useless. 


Look for an Experienced Security Provider

Choose a home or business security firm that will evaluate what you need through a detailed consultation and one that will customize the solution to fit YOUR situation.

Some "companies" may not even have a shop at all and may work out of the trunks of their cars. Choose a security company who has longevity and one whom you can count on if a situation arises or you need maintenance—don’t discount this factor!!!

Ok, So Which Security Integrator is for Me?

Many security companies talk a good game and sound enticing with their marketing approaches. Then you find out the installer is a subcontractor who may or may not be thoroughly trained on the equipment. 

***Does that mean your security company is trying to help protect you, or hire the lowest bidders they could find?  Do you want those people in your home...securing everything that is dear to you?

Security Solution?

Do a bit of homework to find a security company you can trust.

If you’re in the Massachusetts or New Hampshire area, more answers and expert advice can be found by contacting One Source Security.  Also, check out the "Why Us" page on our site to see if we may be a match.


Thank you for spending a few minutes on our blog!

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Posted on

Remote monitoring with iSee Video in the Lakes of New Hampshire

You’re seated at the end of the dock with your toes dangling in the crystal clear water of Lake Winnipesaukee, with your lakeside cottage nestled behind you in a secluded corner of this aquatic marvel in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire.

You should be at complete ease--you recently made a wise investment in a quality video surveillance system for your home.  This, in and of itself, should provide you with the peace of mind that comes with a blissful vacation. 

But, even though your security company set up your residential CCTV system properly, you still feel a hint of helplessness while you’re on respite in the granite state.

Enter remote video monitoring.  iSee Video to be exact.  Via your smart phone or computer:


  • Monitor people on or near your property
  • Keep tabs on your nannie or cleaning service
  • Make sure the family pet is content
  • Receive emails of occurrences

You can not only watch live streams, but iSee Video will automatically email you video when there is an alarm.  Also, your home security system can alert you when your children return home from school by sending you the video update.

The best part:  it's affordable and achievable.  Years ago, this was a luxury not being taken advantage of by many.  Now, if you've already got home security cameras along with your security system, or were thinking of installing them, a smart phone or a computer is all you need.

iSee Video works with any web-enabled cell phone such as an iPhone, Razr, LG or PDA.  No special software is necessary and there are no limitations on your PC operating system.  It works with Windows XP, Vista, Apple OS, Linux on any standard web browser.

So keep your toes in the water and watch your cat back at home--your vacation will be just puuuurrrrr-fect!

Click here for more information and to RECEIVE A DISCOUNT ON MONTHLY MONITORING.

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