Personal Emergency Response Systems and Mobile Security

One Source Security not only secures your home and business, but we ensure that those closest to you are safe at all times.

Pictured above is LifeSentry's two-way voice pendant designed for your elderly relatives.  One Source also offers pendants have GPS capability.

Peace of Mind When it Comes to Your Family

You’ve taken the first step towards ensuring that your family members will be safe when they’re alone in the house, when they’re driving, traveling or wherever they may be.

Personal Emergency Response Systems

Rest assured knowing that elderly relatives will have direct contact with emergency operators 24/7 if they fall or have any other emergency. Receive these benefits:

  • Two-way voice communication with live operators
  • Waterproof
  • Option to travel anywhere (with cell service) due to GPS technology

Mobile Security App for Your Entire Family

One-touch on your mobile device and your exact location will be revealed. You’ll be in touch with emergency operators who have your contact information at hand.

  • Mobile SOS/panic or medical monitoring
  • A connection with emergency operators upon an event
  • Live weather and traffic updates, crime rates, auto assistance

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