One Source Security Introduces Bullet-Resistant, Smash-Resistant Window Laminates

One Source Security and Automation, Inc., New Hampshire’s industry leader for security and alarm systems, announced the debut of their new bullet-resistant, smash-resistant Security Glass Laminates line designed for business, school or home.  When applied to ordinary glass, Security Glass Laminates will render windows smash-resistant and bullet-resistant to NIJ standard level 3A. 

“As we utilize glass in buildings, we are presented with significant security vulnerability. While Security Glass Laminates can’t stop intruders from entering a building, it does act as a deterrent, providing precious response time by slowing the intruder down,” says Steve Hammes, One Source Security co-owner. 

Security Glass Laminates are a more cost efficient alternative to bullet proof glass, increasing the buildings security quickly and discretely.  Using these laminates will reduce risk of damage from glass flying inward caused by a blunt object or severe weather. It can withstand high levels of use and wear due to its scratch resistant layer. This product is virtually invisible when applied to existing or new windows.

“By providing our customers with the most up-to-date cutting edge technology we continue to be New Hampshire’s leader in the security industry,” says Shane Thornton, One Source Security co-owner.

One Source Security & Automation has been providing security systems to residential and commercial clients since 1994.  We offer decades of technical and electronic experience that allows us to differentiate ourselves in the design and servicing of these systems.  As a locally owned and operated business we maintain the highest standard of customer service through our same-day service, provided by our employees - not subcontractors.   Our services include security systems, video surveillance, access control, environmental monitoring, personal emergency response systems, as well as an in-house locksmith division. Please contact us at, 800-570-6478.

One Source Security keen on keyless locks

by: Amy Canfield
Friday, January 9, 2015

MERRIMACK, N.H.—One Source Security and Automation’s residential focus as it enters its 21st year is on keyless locks—by card, keypad, fob or finger.

While just 20 percent of One Source’s accounts in New Hampshire and Massachusetts are residential, its full-service locksmith division targets homeowners, company co-founder and president Steve Hammes told Security Systems News.

The locksmith division is an area of growth for the company, he said.

“We wanted to bring locksmith services to our [residential] customers. We now do a lot of access control and that helps to be a one-stop shop for them,” he said.

The security systems provider, based here, puts much stock in its name, Hammes said.

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One Source Security and Automation, Inc., New Hampshire’s industry leader for security and alarm systems, announced the twentieth anniversary of the company’s founding.

Twenty years ago, in 1994, One Source Security co-founders Shane Thornton and Steve Hammes, set out in the basement of one of their homes to build a great security company; a company focused on customer service, reliability, and quality. Twenty years later they have the reputation in the industry as one of the leaders in the commercial and home security business.

Since its founding 20 years ago, One Source Security has expanded dramatically; relocating in 2008 to a larger facility, while almost doubling their employee base. One Source Security is a systems integrator offering primarily security systems, access control and video surveillance systems for mostly commercial and industrial facilities. One Source Security provides a full suite of security solutions to a multitude of industries including civic government, healthcare, public and private schools, higher education, manufacturing plants and many more. They have expanded primarily within New England but also have clients in three countries and more than sixteen states nationwide.