Data Rack Security

Rack Armor Server Protection

Protecting your server from unauthorized individuals is crucial for the protection of your customers and business. When it comes to this type of protection no one offers the level of security we can with Rack Armor, a patent-pending physical security solution that secures and monitors access to server rack cabinets, creating peace of mind.

Rack Armor Server Protection provides 7 key aspects for optimal security.


  • Dynamic Mapping provides a graphic display of the system across multiple locations.
  • The Rack Action screen provides instant verification of the security status for both the front and back of each cabinet.
  • The Door Action feature will instantly lock, unlock or lock out cabinet doors through the software.
  • Alarm acknowledgements, emails, local audio, video call-up and indicator icons will notify an operator when abnormal events happen.
  • With Multi-Party Control you can require two valid cards to be presented to open the cabinet door, as required for many security compliances.
  • Video integration allows you to store video logs of cabinet access, server rack actions and user keystrokes from multiple camera views.
  • The Report Generator will create and save customized reports to track server rack usage, transactions and alarm acknowledgements.


Rack Armor will secure your server racks by restricting and monitoring access at the cabinet level with automatic notifications if the server cabinets are unsecured.

When it comes to protecting your customers and intellectual property nothing can protect them better than Rack Armor Server Protection.