Property Managers

Security for Property Managers


One Source Security is a resource for property management security.  Call anytime for a question, advice, a free assessment, a general meeting, etc. 


Here are some of the benefits that are derived from the security that we offer to property managers:


Access Control                 

  • Create safe and secure buildings.  Increase value.
  • Put an end to expensive re-keying and changing locks.  Save Money.
  • Maintain better control of who enters and exits. 
  • Prevent doors from being propped open.


Video Surveillance                        

  • Reduce liability from slips and falls.
  • Catch vandals who deface your property.
  • Prevent crime by installing visible security cameras.
  • Capture parking lot incidents.                  
  • Upgrade to high resolution megapixel quality.
  • Use remote video monitoring to view your properties from anywhere.
  • Have your properties monitoring by live reps 24/7.



Locksmith Services                        

  • Standardize your key set to a Master Key System.
  • Have electronic locks installed.
  • Ensure fire exit safety; Be ready for fire department inspections.
  • Ensure ADA Compliance.


Environmental Monitoring                                  -

  • Prevent pipes from freezing and causing expensive damage.
  • Prevent boiler shut down.
  • Stop floods before it’s too late.
  • Save lives with carbon monoxide monitoring.


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