Public safety

Public safety

After 20 years of providing security designs, installations and service, we’ve not only worked in partnership with law enforcement and other municipal agencies, but we’ve also provided security for their facilities.


We hold ourselves as a resource for public safety security. Call anytime for advice, with a question or a free assessment.

Services provided to Public Safety agencies:

Access Control

Evidence rooms and armories – Create audit trails of who went where and when.
• Install biometric access control to further secure these areas.
Integrate access with video surveillance to record events such as when someone enters a restricted area.

Video Surveillance
• Improve response with direct feeds to school systems’ security cameras.
• Upgrade to high-resolution megapixel and IP security cameras for better facial recognition, etc.
• Personnel can remotely check prisoners and evidence areas with remote video monitoring.
• Install high quality and vandal-proof Security cameras and sound recording for interview rooms.

Panic Notification
• Immediately notify the control center of disruptions in booking, holding, interview, etc.
Crisis Services – Provide civilians with panic notification and medical emergency pendants.
• Supply potential domestic violence victims with emergency response systems.

Locksmith Services
• Bolster doors, frames and door hardware in areas such as booking.
• Have electronic locks installed for convenience and safety.
• Ensure fire exit safety and ADA compliance.

Environmental Monitoring
• Prevent pipes from freezing and causing costly damage.
• Prevent boiler shut down. Stop floods and leakage before it’s too late.
• Save lives with carbon monoxide detection.