Retail and Restaurants

Security for Retail, Restaurants and Service


One Source Security will be sure to protect your facility as well as emphasize the protection of people. Employees, guests and others need to feel safe.



We also understand the balance that needs to exist between installing equipment such as security cameras so that guests don’t feel intimidated, yet providing the proper deterrent to prevent crime and assaults. Consult with us to find the right balance for you.


One Source Security offers the following services for the complete spectrum of assisted living facilities:


  • Employee tracking – be alerted when an employee opens a cabinet, enters a restricted area, etc.
  • Employee safety – Know when an employee closes safely and on-time, receive open/close reports, etc.
  • Video Surveillance (upgrade to IP & Megapixel Technology for higher resolution, use Remote Video Monitoring to train employees, focus on customer service and monitor employees from a distance)
  • Panic Notification for cash handling and remote areas
  • Emergency Lock-down with the swipe of one staff member’s card
  • Locksmith Services (Energy/safety audit on doors, fire exit safety, ADA improvements)
  • Environmental Monitoring (Carbon Monoxide and flood Detection to ensure safety of employees, customers and inventory, Hi/Low Temperature Monitoring so pipes don’t burst and destroy your building when you’re not there)
  • Access Control (control access to sensitive areas, track who went where and when, integrate with time/attendance software)


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