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Sometimes materialism can sneak into our psyche and skew our better judgment.  It happens to most everyone on one occasion or another.  Think about how many people turn the Christmas season into a spending frenzy, become stressed out and miss the entire intended meaning of the holiday.

The same thing can happen when it comes to protecting your home.  Are we focusing on the actual house and its contents, or are we paying attention to what really counts—the members of our family…the people…the irreplaceable stuff?

Pictured above is a driveway sensor used to fend off intruders as they enter your yard.

It’s not a zero sum equation.  No one is saying that people focus ONLY on the material things and completely disregard the human connection.  Of course we want to protect our families just as much as (actually, hopefully more than) the jewelry on the bedroom dresser.

It’s just that we can lose sight of the real goal from time to time.

From a security standpoint, what can we do to ensure that the emphasis is always placed on protection of people…our families?

Environmental monitoring for one thing.  Of the many forms of environmental monitoring, in terms of protecting family members more than material items, carbon monoxide detection is the most important.

This odorless, tasteless, invisible gas can be emitted from household appliances and threaten the lives of those inside.  It has even been given the nickname “the silent killer”.  Isn’t that alone enough for you to make sure your family is protected from this gas?

The second item we’ll discuss is cellular back up.  If you’re home and someone cuts your phone lines (which are usually the principle method of transmitting your alarm signal to the central station monitoring company), you still need the authorities to be dispatched.

Cellular, or radio back up, does not need those lines to transmit your alarm signal to the central station.

Next on the list are driveway monitors and outside motion detectors.  Protect your family.  Stave off burglars or potential home invaders before they even approach your doors or windows.  Have a pre-recorded voice message sound if they approach the sensor.  This will certainly startle them and most likely scare them off.

Remember that your keypad is most likely equipped with an ambush function and a panic button directly tied to the police.  It’s the norm for keypads to have these features.  The advice here is to make sure that your family members are trained on their functions and know they exist. 

If someone was approached by a criminal with a weapon in the driveway as she exited her vehicle, and that person made her go to the keypad and disarm the system, she could actually enter a short prefix to the code and it would alert police that there was an ambush occurring without the abductor knowing.

Lastly we’ll discuss swimming pool security.  Protect against toddlers or other young ones entering a pool area and possibly falling into the water.  The gate can be alarmed with a sounder that notifies people both inside and out that it has been opened.  Motion detectors can even be set up to pick up motion that occurs on the water’s surface in case someone enters the water that shouldn’t. 

And it’s not only your own toddler that you need to keep safe.  What if neighborhood children swim in your pool unbeknownst to you, one of them becomes injured or dies, and you’re subsequently issued with a debilitating lawsuit?  Be notified beforehand.

We know you care more about your family than the belongings in your house.  We thought we’d simply list some security features that highlight protecting those most precious to us.

Thanks for spending some time with us today.

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