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Without proper security controls in place a company or property manager of a high rise building can run the risk of criminal activity, damage to the facility and unauthorized personnel or visitors wandering the building.  There can be a higher risk of theft, tampering and break-ins, which can include loss of data and compromised IT capacity.

How do you control access within your building? Are unauthorized individuals gaining access to secure floors? Is your building a mixed use building with multiple tenants, or owned by one company with secure floors? As a property manager or business owner would you like to limit access to each floor?

By using access control at the elevator, you can safeguard the physical safety of your employees, tenants, and building. 

Installing access card readers in the lobby to call an elevator would be the first step in limiting access within your building. Once in the elevator the card reader will only allow the elevator to access the floor or floors an employee or visitor is permitted access to via their credentials.

Card readers can restrict elevator access to users on floors that contain management offices, vaults, document archives, safes and server rooms. Create free access floors such as cafeteria, gym, reception and lobby areas, and the parking lot level, making them accessible to all authorized entrants with access cards.

Elevator access control can allow employees or tenants free access to all floors in a building during business hours and restrict individuals who can ride the elevator after hours. 

Connecting your elevator control system with your building access control, allows you to receive reports, which can be filtered by area, elevator, time, visitors, location and category of employee. Know who is entering the elevator along with a corresponding time stamp. This allows for better control over your facility. 

Visitor management is easy, cards can be deactivated at a specified time to prevent unauthorized access within the building.

It is important to have a fully automated integrated security system protecting people and property. A fully secure building should include access control for the whole building and video surveillance. Call One Source Security today at 800-570-6478 to set up your FREE assessment.

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The intent of the Act directs building owners to remove barriers and provide people with disabilities access on an equal basis with the rest of the general public. A portion of the Act refers to openings and doors used to enter a building or space, the clearance of those openings and door hardware. 

Doors need to be wide enough to accommodate a wheelchair. Door hardware must have a shape designed for easy grasping with one hand without wrist twisting to operate. The door opening force and closing speed should be within the acts specifications. 

There are a variety of products designed to help you comply, such as keyless entry systems, egress systems that require no physical action to exit, automatic door operators and lever locksets, 

Our team can identify and design solutions that fit your security requirements and budget. We can conduct a FREE survey of your facility to identify any issues and provide you with a written report after the survey. Call One Source Security today at 800-570-6478.

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b2ap3_thumbnail_Untitled-3.jpgAccording to the National Center for Education Statistics less, than 10 percent of schools require their students to wear ID badges. Wearing an ID badge helps to ensure safety and security on the school campus.  Since Columbine, an effort to enhance school safety and security has been a priority for many schools, which has only increased since the Newtown school shootings.

As our schools face ongoing threats from violence and drugs to terrorism, when an ID badge is present, everyone knows at a glance who belongs and who does not. The ID badge should be easily seen and presented to any school staff member or person of authority seeking identification. This can be especially important for emergency personnel who may not be familiar with the students but will know who is who at a glance in an emergency situation.

Not only in emergency situations is it important for students to wear ID badges, but on a day to day basis teachers and staff can identify students.  The use of a student ID badge authorizes a student to be on campus, increasing site security while swiftly detecting unauthorized visitors.

ID badges can be used to purchase lunch. Students with free or reduced lunch feel more comfortable and less conspicuous by eliminating all income based identification. Students can borrow library books and pay for printing from a school printer. ID badges can also allow students to gain event access to school functions like sporting events, guest speakers and dances.

ID badges can be worn on a breakaway lanyard hanging from the neck, or clipped to a shirt. Wearing ID badges in high school promotes college and career readiness. 

Each school should ensure safety and security for all staff and students as a top priority each and every day. Wearing identification has become a security “best practice” for schools. Access control and video surveillance, along with security glass laminates for schools can provide a complete security package to protect students, teachers and staff. 

Call One Source Security today at 800-570-6478 for a FREE assessment of your school.

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Your access control and security system can be integrated in such a way that your alarm system can be armed and disarmed through a single action on the access control side. 

The advantage of this is the convenience of doing two things at once without remembering PINs or operating keypads. You can have the doors lock whenever the security system is armed and unlocked when the system is disarmed and receive notifications via text or email if there is a problem.

An access card can be used to gain access to a building, area or room. There is no need to fumble with keys or remember multiple security codes. Management can control access of individuals throughout the company and depending on the level of security. Grant access only to an employee designated area. Access control can also be integrated with elevators to control access to high security floors.

Propped doors can be a common problem. However, this can be addressed by installing door position switches on the door which sends a signal if the door is propped or forced open. 

Electronic access control systems can be integrated with other systems to notify of power outages, high or low temperature alarms, or water level alarms.  Almost any type of alarm can be monitored by the access control system.  

Cards can have photos, logos and work titles imprinted onto them, to provide quick identification of the individual. 

Call One Source Security today at 800-570-6478 and we will show you how to maximize your access control system.

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Protecting people, property and deterring crime is essential for business owners to stay in business. With the ever changing technology, business owners can stay ahead of the curve protecting assets, infrastructure and the hard working individuals who work diligently to make the company a success. 

With the advances in video surveillance, we can provide technology that can be used with multiple generations of cameras to bring better security to your business. Some businesses may see the need to upgrade but may not have the budget for a full upgrade all at once. We can provide an option that can be budget friendly and upgradable in the future.  

A Tribrid DVR brings together HD-CVI, IP and analog security cameras all in one recording device. If you have an existing analog camera and want to add high definition cameras, you can with the Tribrid DVR. You can add up to 16 HD-CVI and analog cameras, along with 16 IP cameras making this a 32

= camera capable security recorder. 

Key features include:

  • Support auto backup
  • POS, I/O device, LPR and access control integration
  • Human counting application
  • Intelligent playback system with video analytics searches
  • Instant playback
  • On the edge motion integration
  • 2 way audio

With the stream relay service the Mainconsole can duplicate an ROI (Region of Interest) image from the same stream input.  Users can watch the camera by viewing 2 zones separately. 

The unique GUI recording schedule is easy, quick and clear. The DVR can support weekly or daily schedules with 6 kinds of scenario recording modes and 10 instant responses. With the boosting mode, the normal frame rate is used in regular time and enhanced to a higher frame rate when events occur, from 1 (Frames Per Second) FPS to 30 FPS.  The auto load balance feature supports multiple hard drives and enhances the data writing efficiency, and allows backup to any kind of network drives, with better storage, and increased image quality. 

Integrating old equipment into a new system saves both time and money by using compatible cameras, cables and recorders. Cameras can be viewed over the internet using a smartphone, tablet or computer.

By using a Tribrid DVR, business owners can choose specific components to upgrade. Some customers may not want to fully upgrade their video surveillance but know they need something more than what they have in and around their buildings. We can help troubleshoot a weakness in coverage and provide solid solutions.  Call One Source Security today for a free estimate at 800-570-6478.


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As the gateway to your business your doors should be in proper working order. When a customer is having a crisis with a door, door jam or hardware, many times we have found the problem could easily have been prevented.  

With a Preventive maintenance plan (PMI) problems can be avoided before a crisis happens and prevent a costly, bothersome, and potentially dangerous problem from occurring.  

A PMI plan can significantly reduce the cost of ownership by increasing performance life. Regular inspections and maintenance are recommended to ensure efficiency of all security doors. With regular inspections, current and potential problems can be detected and identified, preventing costly repairs and serious personal injuries in the future. 

Doors can swell when moisture is present and become damaged if they slam. Lack of proper lubrication in lock cylinders, hinges, latches, exit bars, etc. is one of the most common forms of neglect which cause many serious problems and malfunctions with hardware and locks yet is so simple to maintain.  

Having a PMI plan which includes inspecting, lubricating, adjusting and tightening doors, and lock sets, as well as testing devices for safety and functionality can extend the life of your commercial doors and hardware, and ensure operational efficiency and reliability.

Installing an access control system on primary doors which features auto locking and unlocking can help with door lock maintenance by controlling the door speed in which it shuts as well as controlling the locking mechanism. Electronic keys can be easily removed from a system when the need arises or when a card key is lost or stolen to restrict the entry of unauthorized users. Audit trails can be created to document who enters and exits a particular door.

Video security should be considered in all commercial properties.  If there is excessive damage to one door, the availability of video surveillance can help identify the problem. Being able to view video history or live video for key areas can add a great deal for your peace of mind. 

A properly installed well maintained door will last, saving money and time with repairs.  Call One Source Security today for more information about our PMI programs for your doors, door jams and locking hardware at 800-570-6478.

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Your home security system can be a multi-purpose tool capable of many different things, from protecting your family and home to helping you keep tabs on your kids. Not only can you connect to your home remotely by a smart device to control lights, temperature, and appliances, you can remotely control your security system, video surveillance and locks.

On average, kids start staying home alone by age 12. Educating children about the safety measures they can take to keep themselves safe at home should be the first step. 

  • Kids should never admit there is no parent at home with them; they should also be told it is ok to not answer the door. 
  • Clearly post emergency numbers in view of the home phone and program emergency numbers into their mobile phone. 
  • They should know what to do in the event of an emergency, such as a fire or a break in. 
  • Show them how to operate the security system, including how to call for help through the system. 

Teaching children how to use the security system should start with choosing a system that has a control panel that is easy to use. One choice is to use a touch screen that can read the instructions to your child. Create a person PIN specific to your child, (choose something they will remember) when the PIN is used a notification can be sent to the parent’s smart device. Create a separate emergency code or PIN with your child that will turn off the alarm yet notifies central station there is an emergency.

Another choice is to use a small remote control attached to your child’s key ring. These are very easy to use. They can disarm the system before unlocking the door with the press of a button, then arm the system again with the same remote once inside the house. Again, a notification can be sent to the parent’s smart device, notifying them that the system was disarmed then armed again. 

Video cameras can monitor small and large areas, inside and outside your home. On your smart device remote access to the cameras can be set up, not only to see what has been recorded but to rotate the camera to have a better view of activity in real time.  

See when your child gets home from school, activities or time with friends. Did they do their homework? Play too long on their play station? Multiple cameras can be set to notify you when there is motion within the camera range or you can program your application to just notify you when the camera at the front door has been activated, alerting you when they arrive home safely. Some of our cameras can be set to disregard weather and animals. 

Parents can also make sure doors are locked when children are home alone using their smart device remotely. Door and window sensors can also chime when a door or window has been opened; notifying the parent there was activity at the door or window. When using motion sensor lighting outside, an intruder may deterred before they even get to the door and your child has to deal with them. 

You can’t always be there for your kids but you can still ensure their safety. Call One Source Security today for a FREE assessment of your home, or to answer any home security questions, at 800-570-6478.

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Today’s car dealership owners are faced with more business and personnel challenges than ever, whether it is loss prevention, employee conduct or customer behavior. With the use of video surveillance you can monitor your business, employees and customers. 

Loss Prevention

Securing a parking lot with inventory valued from a few hundred thousand dollars to a few million dollars, while allowing shoppers to browse after hours, is a security challenge to say the least.  Using video surveillance with analytics in strategic areas of the lot and the building or showroom can detect intruders.  

Our video surveillance with analytics can monitor in unusual events real-time. When an unusual event is detected central station or security staff will be notified, allowing them to verify, respond or notify police when after hours trespassing occurs. 

Remote video surveillance provides continuous protection over large areas against theft, vandalism and unwanted visitors. With the use of analytics, your video surveillance system can proactively detect threats, can prevent thefts before they occur, while storing video evidence to identify thieves and their crime.

Employee conduct

Watch employees for training purposes employee conduct. Install video cameras in showrooms, service lanes, repair bays, and parts storage areas. Managers can evaluate employee productivity, using video for training purposes.  

Stored video can be used to verify liability claims from employees. 

Customer Behavior

Video surveillance with analytics can provide important consumer behavior information for the sales manager and his team to analyze. The video can be used to count customers and track their habits, the cars they look at and which they decide to buy.

The information collected can be used for marketing, and inventory as well as sales staff training. 

Best Practices 

  • Make sure outdoor cameras are designed for outdoor use.
  • Use different types of cameras, bullet and dome cameras, providing different types of footage.
  • Place cameras in storage and maintenance areas to prevent theft of valuable equipment and/or customer belongings.
  • Install intrusion alarms in showrooms and service center buildings, including glass break sensors.
  • Use key vaults to store all vehicle keys and be sure the software allows for an audit trail.
  • Use access control in office areas, allowing only authorized personnel into the offices. 


An integrated security system for an auto dealership can include access control, an alarm system, environmental controls and an employee time card system.  Integrating physical security with door locks and glass breaks will give your business the security which, in turn gives you peace of mind.

Whether its auto loss prevention, employee conduct or customer behavior, you need to monitor your business security as well as your business operations. The right security solution for your car dealership can help you address workplace safety and security issues while boosting your efficiency whether you’re on the lot or not.

Call One Source Security today for your FREE assessment at 800-570-6478.

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Employee theft takes many forms seen as larceny, skimming and fraudulent disbursements. It is estimated that up to 80% of total shrinkage is from internal fraud, the other 20% is related to vendor shrinkage and shoplifting, at a cost to US retailers of up to $30 billion in net loss each year. There isn’t a clear cut way to identify who will or will not steal; most often it’s a crime of opportunity.

At the point-of-sale (POS) or cash register employees can pilfer cash, bag merchandise without charging a customer, mark-down merchandise without authorization, create a false refund recipe (taking the cash), as well as offer employee discounts to friends and family. 

The most effective solution is to install video surveillance with a digital video recorder (DVR) above the registers. Using a high definition video surveillance system with high-resolution video imaging will give clear video of events in question. Having fast access to live or recorded video and immediate playback features, allows for quick delivery of video clips to law enforcement when needed. Once the system is installed and the employees are shown the systems capabilities, owners may see an increase in sales and decrease in losses.  

Expanding video surveillance throughout the store can prevent employees from helping shoplifters. Include placing cameras over trash bins, too. An employee may throw something in the trash only to come back after closing to retrieve it from the dumpster. Cameras should also, be placed in storage rooms and loading areas, to keep a watchful eye on merchandise. 

Pilfering or stealing may stop once the dishonest employee realized their actives can be captured on video surveillance and clearly recorded. A business owner may see some employees leave if they are unable to steal anymore.

Call One Source Security today for a free assessment of your business at 800-570-6478.

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One Source Security and Automation offers a private or proprietary key ways which restrict who may copy additional keys for your business or home.  Only an authorized employee or homeowner with a valid ID can have keys duplicated by an authorized locksmith. Your local hardware store cannot duplicate these keys. If an unauthorized employee or person tries to duplicate a key, they will be denied and the lock owner will be notified. The blank key is owned by the company or individual, creating the highest level of security using a traditional key.

This patented key control system makes it virtually impossible for someone to make a copy of your key without your permission. With the angled cuts on our keys, and slider combination, there are millions of combinations so you can rest assured your key and slider combination will not be duplicated. This low-cost solution can prevent thieves from entering your business.

A private keyway locking system can be used with a company’s master keyway system.  Call One Source Security today to talk to one of our locksmiths about using a private keyway system, at 800-570-6478.

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b2ap3_thumbnail_ws.jpgA smart home can be built on a wide variety of platforms or protocols with their own language. Each protocol or language communicates to various connected devices and instructs them to perform a particular function. 

Smart home protocols have advanced over the years to help protect our property and the people we love most. When choosing a smart home platform we find that most clients look at power consumption, bandwidth and cost.  A smart home can conveniently connect multiple devices from lights to locks to security systems. When choosing a smart home platform, homeowners desire to install devices from bedrooms to kitchens to garages, as well as reduce their energy costs and save time. 

One of the most popular protocols is the Z-Wave. The frequency and low-band operational capacity isn’t affected by a wireless bottleneck.  It can be used for alarm systems, locks, lights, fans, outlets, shades, irrigation, thermostats and much more. Z-Wave is a radio frequency control protocol designed to achieve reliable communication and operation between different products from different manufacturers. Your home can be controlled from a wireless key fob, a wall mounted keypad or an internet connected Smartphone, tablet or computer from anywhere in the world. 

Universal Powerline Bus or UPB is a plug-in module for your computer. The device enables the user to control UPB devices in the home, controlling virtually anything that can be connected to existing wiring anywhere in the home, via your PC. The user can create custom scenes using up to 250 switches. This can be used for indoor and outdoor lighting, heating and AC. The timer function enables bathroom fans, heat lamp, etc to turn off after an allotted amount of time, saving energy. Lighting can be connected to an alarm, fire or panic button notification system, turning specific lights on when the alarm is triggered. 

Insteon is used to communicate with wired and wireless hubs, ensuring multiple pathways for messages to travel. Insteon is X10 compatible, allowing the transition from hard wired to wireless systems which can be an effective and cost efficient way to transition to a full wireless system. Using an Insteon network can allow for more than 400 devices. With a Smartphone and an Insteon the user can turn on lights, lock doors, view cameras and receive instant alerts from sensors. 

Wi-Fi is the busiest communication protocol in many households, with high bandwidth, security and flexibility. Manufacturers are busy creating compatible smart home devices to work on this platform. There are multiple choices with Wi-Fi enabled interfaces, including video cameras and thermostats. The drawback is the amount of devices connected to the Wi-Fi network. 

Bluetooth bandwidth can carry a higher data count than Z-Wave, and takes up less energy than Wi-Fi. Bluetooth uses frequency hopping and government-grade encryption to help ensure no one can intercept or unscramble your interaction with smart home products, and is very secure. Bluetooth Low Energy uses very little power compared to Wi-Fi. Bluetooth can be the center piece of a security system providing flexibility and home sustainability, creating a network compatible with Z-Wave products.  

Zigbee is a global wireless standard providing the foundation to enable simple and smart objects to work together, improving comfort and efficiency in everyday life. It is a low-cost, low power technology. Zigbee is limited to devices from one manufacturer, thus limiting the choices and number of devices on the platform. 

Our smart home products can enhance your hectic schedules, with flexibility for your busy families. Receive notifications when kids arrive home from school.  Turn your alarm off when a service tech arrives. Close the garage from work if it’s left open in the morning. You can even turn the lights off, thermostats back and set the alarm with one choice (or set scene) on your smart device. 

Call One Source Security today to answer any questions or set up your smart home today at 1-800-570-6478.



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Construction sites can be a valuable place for thieves. There are vehicles and equipment, as well as copper and electrical components to steal.  Construction sites can be perceived as an easy mark or a soft target.  Most building sites are in open areas, with no natural security, walls or roof, located in remote areas. After hours, construction sites are deserted until the next work day, which can extend over a weekend.

The combination of these factors creates a crime opportunity with low risk and maximum reward for a thief. For the site owner, damaged or stolen materials and equipment can cut profit margins with delays and replacement costs.

Motion detection lights can startle any thief entering a construction site and quickly deter them from stealing or vandalizing expensive property. However, with no response from the police, the lights only help them see their way around the site.

Investing in a video surveillance system with intelligent software can deter external and internal theft. The intelligent software recognizes people and vehicles but ignores animals and other insignificant changes on the property, preventing false notifications. Video surveillance with monitors and a DVR located in the construction trailer can be used to solve labor issues and inappropriate or unacceptable behavior, while monitoring employees and subcontractors to ensure they are following safety procedures on the contraction site. Delivery of equipment and materials can be monitored remotely from a smart device or computer. With multiple jobs project manager’s and construction managers can keep an eye or see what the guys are up to and see the progress of the project.

A wireless security system, with motion sensors can be connected to a central monitoring station or set up to notify construction managers in the event of an intrusion on the site. Alarms can be installed to sound when a motion detector is tripped; scaring the intruder or it can be silent, which may increase the likelihood the thief will be caught in the act.


Protecting and alerting you when issues arise on a construction site can affect the bottom line. Call One Source Security today, 800-570-6478, to answer any construction security questions.

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b2ap3_thumbnail_qq.jpgFire doors should be inspected on an annual basis according to the 2007 Edition of the NFPA 80. Some buildings such as schools and hospitals are subject to heavy traffic and the doors can be subject to misuse, these facilities should be inspected more often. 

 As part of the overall fire security protection, fire doors should be in full working order to stop the spread of deadly fire, smoke and toxic fumes. Your facility can be at risk if the fire door assembly is not working properly. All doors, including swinging, vertically sliding, rolling doors and horizontally sliding doors need to be tested for functionality. 

Fire door ratings are used to rate the time a fire door resists a fire from spreading. It is calculated from minutes to hours. The higher the rating the longer the door can resist the spread of fire or smoke.  The fire rating of the wall is also used to calculate the fire door rating. 

According to the 2007 Edition of the NFPA 80, when inspecting a fire door the following should be taken into consideration.

  • No holes or breaks in the door or frame
  • Glazing and glass kit/glass beads are intact and securely fastened
  • Door, frame and hardware are in proper working order
  • No missing or broken parts
  • Door clearances are within allowable limits
  • Door closer/spring hinges are operational and door is self-closing
  • Door is self-latching in the closed position
  • Opening is not equipped with auxiliary hardware items which interfere with operation
  • No field modifications have been performed that void the label
  • Gasketing and edge seals, where required, are present, continuous, and of the proper type for a fire door

When installing a fire door properly, the follow-up inspections should be a smoother process. 

Reasons fire doors are not in compliance:

  • Painted or missing fire door labels
  • Kick down door holders
  • Fire doors blocked to stay in the open position
  • Broken, defective or missing hardware items (latch bolts and/or strike plates, closer arms, cover plates, etc.)
  • Poor clearance dimensions around the perimeter of the door in the closed position
  • Auxiliary hardware items that interfere with the intended function of the door (barrel bolts and dead bolts, etc.)
  • Area surrounding the fire door assembly blocked by furniture, equipment and/or boxes
  • Fire exit hardware installed on doors that are not labeled for use with fire exit hardware

Keep your fire doors on the priority list for ongoing inspections and maintenance. Use a qualified professional fire door inspector, problems can be identified and fixed quickly and easily.   

Call One Source Security today, 800-570-6478, with your fire door inspection questions.


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A master key system consists of a hierarchy of keys and a number of locks that allows individual key holders to gain access to all or specifically designated areas of a building or buildings. Simply put, a lock which has a master key lock can be designated to be opened only by specific keys, but can also be opened by using a master key. 

Planning is vital to the long-term success of a master key system. The simplest keying systems are often the most secure. Complicated systems can reduce security and expansion potential.  Begin by creating a key system diagram, broken down by departments, buildings and geographic areas.

Benefits include:

  • Keys can only be duplicated from the locksmith company which designed the system and only with authorization from the building owner. Accurate records can easily be kept and maintained of keys produced, eliminating duplicate keys from being made without authorization. 
  • A master key system reduces the chance of an employee opening the wrong door, thus restricting them from a building, floor, department or geographical area.
  • Key blanks are designated to one company or building. Key manufacturers cannot produce copies of the design of the already produced key blank.
  • A well designed master key system can adapt to an expanding company. The master key system should easily grow as an organization grows.
  • Cost efficient security.

Careful planning is the basis for long-term success of a master key system, ensuring safety and security of people and property. It is possible to create a multi-level master key system with unique access rights for different user groups. Expandable locking systems can be easily designed to cover large and extensive facilities at a reasonable cost. The goal with the master key system is for an individual to only carry one key.

Call One Source Security today to set up an appointment at 603-645-5969 for a free estimate of your business.

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b2ap3_thumbnail_Untitled-1_20160503-172911_1.jpgOf the 200 million video surveillance cameras worldwide, 80% are analog. There have been 2 main challenges using analog cameras globally. The picture quality is very grainy and there are not enough people to watch all of the video in a live stream.  When something tragic happens, after the fact the video is analyzed to see the events as they happened. 

The new H4 Edge solution platform includes the camera, operating system, video management software, recorder, solid state hard drive and video analytics build in. 

With video analytics you have the ability to set up watch lists, detect people, vehicles, abnormal behavior and set up protocols to automatically detect bad occurrences, people and vehicles showing up in places they should not, these events will trigger actions and may prevent a tragedy from happening. 

This is a revolutionary all in one package good for airports, schools, stadiums, malls, banks, casinos, public transit and commercial properties. As a complete surveillance solution, this all in one package is quick to deploy.

With global security needs on the rise this is a great product for protecting people and property. Call One Source Security today to set up a FREE ASSESSMENT at 800-570-6478.

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According to the National Crime Prevention Association, “CPTED theories contend that law enforcement officers, architects, city planners, landscape and interior designers, and resident volunteers can create a climate of safety in a community right from the start.” The Houston Police Department stated, “CPTED is based on the premise that the proper design and effective use of the built environment can lead to a reduction in the incidence and fear of crime, and an improvement in the quality of life.” 

This is a process by which plans for new developments, buildings or any other proposed structures to be built, as well as, major renovations of existing structures where plans can be reviewed for recommendations to prevent crime.  The objective is to have structures designed with crime prevention tactics incorporated into the plans, with the goal to reduce the probability of crime. This is more economical at the initiation or start of the project than corrective action after it has been built. 

The practice of preventative measures would increase the safety of persons and property within the proposed structure. Using a multi dimensional approach includes collaborating to define problems, identify solutions, carry out the most feasible plan and evaluate the results. This can help fix underlying problems instead of addressing individual incidents. 

These techniques are used in addition to traditional crime prevention method, such as locks, access control and alarm systems. Using these crime prevention measures together can help to improve the quality of life by reducing the fear of crime. 

Call One Source Security and Automation, Inc today for a free assessment of all of your buildings and building plans.

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b2ap3_thumbnail_Window-Contact.jpgIt can be a daunting process to choose the best security system for your business or home. When researching a security system the features, price, expansion capabilities and security concerns should all be taken into consideration. Using a professional security systems integrator can quickly and easily answer all of your questions and narrow the decision to the appropriate security system meeting all of your needs.

A wireless system may be more flexible but a hardwired system may be more reliable. We have listed the pros and cons for each system as well as how we formulate our recommendations for our customers.

Hardwired security system – Sensors placed throughout the building on doors and windows are wired directly to a control panel. 


  • More reliable than a wireless system.
  • The system is less likely to have radio or electrical interference from other devices.
  • Many of the components will be compatible with upgrades. 
  • Hardwired systems run on a/c power with battery backup in case of an electrical interruption.
  • They offer a lower long term cost, no frequent battery replacement.
  • Wiring can easily be completed while a building is being built or renovated.
  • Connect through phone or computer system for remote monitoring.
  • Good for medium to large businesses or homes.


  • Can be difficult to install in some buildings.
  • Hiding all the wires may be a challenge.
  • Once installed, it may be difficult to remove and move to a new location.
  • Labor costs can be higher.
  • Renter? Will your landlord allow you to drill holes into the walls, floors and ceilings?
  • Exposed wires can get damaged.
  • Wiring a sensor to a particular point in the building may not be practical.


Wireless security system - Sensors placed throughout the building on doors and windows transmit signals to a control panel via radio waves. 


  • Relatively quick to install.
  • Easier to reach inaccessible locations.
  • Cost-effective installation.
  • The system can be moved fairly easily.
  • Flexible and can easily and quickly be extended to keep pace with a growing business.
  • Suitable for smaller or medium commercial buildings.
  • Good alternative for a concrete or cinderblock building.
  • Sometimes it can be integrated with other wireless systems.
  • Connect through phone or computer system for remote monitoring.
  • No wires to run.



  • More costly in the long run, replacing batteries can be costly and time consuming.
  • There can be radio interference, sensor issues in large buildings due to the distance from the sensor to the control panel. 
  • Components can cost more.


Our recommendation depends upon the customer; we evaluate their needs, their building or buildings and property along with taking into consideration their security concerns. These concerns usually revolve around protecting people and property.  

We try to provide the best security system solution to meet all of our clients’ needs.  Some need a fully wired system because of the size of their building; some will need a fully wireless system because the building is concrete, while others will need a hybrid, a combination of both. Setting up a combined system works well in most situations. 

The hybrid system gives greater flexibility, using both wired and wireless system components. These components can easily be combined, using the same programming, signaling and standard detectors. Sensors can be installed in areas where wires cannot reach, while more sensitive areas can be hardwired directly to the panel.

Whichever you choose it must be a reliable system, and always use a professional security system integrator to install your system. The knowledge and expertise will ensure the system is installed correctly and you will have the customer service to back up your new system.

As a security systems integrator we can assess your risks and design a system to suit your specific needs.  Call us today at 800-570-6478 for a FREE ASSESSMENT.


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A property manager’s primary concern is the safety and security of their tenants, as well as the assets they manage and maintain. It is important for property managers to have the right level of security to meet their tenant’s expectations, while protecting assets.

Security is part of the buildings amenities and attracting responsible clientele with low turnover, while building your brand is the optimal goal. Providing peace of mind for tenants or employees where they work or live is crucial, therefore it is important to create a security solution that reduces risks. 

Distinguishing between appropriate security for individual buildings can be a challenge.  For example, providing security for a building in downtown Boston can look different than security for a building in central New Hampshire.  Property types and size vary requiring different types of security for the best protection, the size of the complex, number of buildings, and the neighborhood are all taken into consideration.

Assessing risks and conducting security audits can identify where threats are in and around buildings, and how the organization should respond.  

During your security audit these are some important questions to be asking.

  • What are you protecting?
  • Why are you protecting it?
  • How will you protect it?
  • What’s the likelihood of something happening?
  • Is there an increase in loitering, vandalism (in or outside), or workplace violence?

Depending on the risk factors your security design can include:

Video Surveillance

Video surveillance is essential to any comprehensive security plan.  Cameras should be installed in public places like entrances, parking lots, laundry and mail rooms. 

Installing video surveillance will help reduce liability, creating a safer environment for tenants and help deter unwelcomed visitors. When people see a camera, they are less likely to do something if they believe they are being recorded.

Video surveillance helps keep an eye on your property even when you can’t be there; it can also give your tenants peace of mind knowing their public spaces are being looked after. 

Today video can be seen on any smart device with the appropriate software, allowing live video to be viewed remotely in real time.

Access Control

Access control is another important piece of the security system design.  It helps limit who and how people can gain entry to your building or property.  Access control can be implemented in a number of ways.  Often times a swipe card, a fob, or a proximity card are issued to employees or residence, and are used in conjunction with an electronic reader installed by the desired entry point.  Using access control instead of traditional keys helps prevent lost or stolen keys from being duplicated.  Access control can be used at parking lot entrances and garages as well, helping to protect at the perimeter of the property. 

An access control audit trail report can be produced on a regular basis to keep a record of movements. 

Audio/Video Intercom system

Using an intercom system would allow residents to enter a code or remotely open a door or gate with their smart phone. Intercoms can be programmed to ring your smart phone if you are away from home or your desk allowing you to let a worker or contractor into the complex by pressing a key to open the gate or door. 

Risk assessment

One Source Security can determine the best type of security system necessary for your specific property. A comprehensive security system should include security from the perimeter of the property to the building, which can include fire and burglar alarms, access control, video surveillance and monitoring.

As a property manager you have the responsibility for the safety and security of the property you oversee. Whether it is one building or multiple with our high quality products, we can help create a solution that fits your property to include the property perimeter, all buildings and parking areas. We can help manage visitors with remote access tools to monitor your facility night and day, while making tenants and employees feel safe and secure.  

As a security systems integrator we can assess your risks and design a system to suit your specific needs.  Call us today at 800-570-6478 for a FREE ASSESSMENT.

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A traditional alarm system will alert your monitoring station of a break-in but did you know you could use your alarm system in many other ways when you use a Smart Home Security System?

When you equip your home with the iBridge security system, you can create a state-of-the-art smart home. Using a mobile app you can save energy, create environments, give remote access, check up on the kids or cleaning lady, and receive alerts when someone is home.

Saving energy with the connected home is easy, convenient and worry-free. Save energy with the press of a button no matter how far away from home you are, control lights, thermostats and small appliances, set and schedule temperatures.  

Creating environments is easy. Do you want your kids to get up at a certain time? Set their lights and music to turn on the morning. 

Do you want them to do homework or get ready for bed? Set your iBridge to turn off the TV, game stations, or any other distractions and turn lights on creating a homework environment or relaxing time before bed. 

Would you rather not get up and turn the lights off or dim them before you watch a movie? Use the mood setting on the iBridge to watch TV, with one touch the movie mood is set. 

Early or late arriving home is no problem with the iBridge, on your way home set your heat to the perfect temperature and turn lights on creating a comfortable home at the end of the day. 

Did the kids forget their key or access code? Don’t worry, let them in remotely.  No more panicking about leaving the kids outside until someone arrives with a key. 

Do you want to know when the kids leave for school or an activity?  Your system can notify you via text message, email or video alerts, when the system is armed or disarmed. 

Give temporary access to out of town guests or your cleaning lady and when the guest leaves simply delete their access code once they’re gone. Set the system up for the cleaning lady to only use her code during her scheduled time to clean.

Do you want to see what’s happening at the front door?  Whether you are at home or at the office, you can see who is at your door. You can also check on kids and pets, and receive live video alerts. The iBridge allows you to do all this quickly and easily from your smart phone.

Did you forget to lock the door or close the garage door? You can remotely lock your door and close the garage door without going all the way back home. 

When an alarm is tripped not only is the monitoring station alerted but so are you.  

Using the iBridge smart home security system will keep you connected to your security system, doors, video surveillance, lights and temperature from anywhere. Give yourself and your family the peace of mind by using the iBridge smart home security system. Call us at 800-570-6478 today for more information. 

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When pharmacies are burglarized, thieves are not usually looking for money, their desire is narcotics. They will try to gain access to a pharmacy through the roof, doors or breaking windows, as well as boldly holding up the store during business hours. These criminals usually are addicted to the drugs they steal. Prescription drugs are the second most abused category of drugs in the US, according to the Office of National Drug Control Policy. 

There are multiple ways to safeguard a pharmacy. Installing video surveillance inside and outside the pharmacy may deter thieves from robbing the pharmacy if they see the cameras. Video surveillance can also be used to keep an eye on the pharmacists and the technicians, making sure the prescriptions are filled correctly. Use IP cameras which will give more detail than an analog camera, with a DVR, allowing police to see what took place before, during and after a robbery.

With the use of access control to the pharmacy section of the store, as well as drug cabinets, access can be given to only those who are authorized to be in the pharmacy area, and access can be quickly and easily terminated when an employee leaves.  Using a centrally monitored access control system would allow only authorized personnel to program the system, schedule access times for specific employees to access the pharmacy area and drug cabinets. Audit trails will reveal who accessed which area, when and the failed attempts to access those secured areas.  At a local pharmacy the pharmacist or technician can reach over the half door and open it from the outside. This doesn’t seem to be the best way to deny access to prescription drugs. 

Always use your alarm system. When an alarm system is used sporadically the false alarm rates may be higher. Also, install a silent alarm or duress button which is used to silently notify police of an incident in progress or immediately following.

Use safes to securely lock up narcotics. This can provide a safe and more secure environment for the controlled substances. If the break-in occurs at night or when the pharmacy is closed, they may not be able to access the narcotics in the safe at all. 

Glass break sensors and security glass laminates can be used on windows. When a window is broken the sound will trigger an alarm. When security glass laminates are installed on windows and doors they become smash-resistant and bullet-resistant (with some of our laminates, to NIJ standard level 3A), when applied to ordinary windows.  These laminates are more cost efficient than replacing windows with bullet-proof glass.

Test your alarm system on a monthly basis. Inspect security cameras and the recorded data to ensure they are functioning properly. Install adequate lighting outside and leave it on after hours. When an employee leaves change access codes, alarm codes and safe combinations. Never have one person open and close. 

If you are the victim of a robbery, cooperate fully; remember your primary concern is the safety of everyone in the store. After the robber leaves sound the alarm and call the police. Lock the doors (the robber may come back) until police arrive, and ask customers to stay and give a statement. Remember do not to touch anything.

Call today for a FREE ASSESSMENT of your pharmacy. 


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