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According to the 2014 FBI crime statistics, “There were an estimated 8,277,829 property crimes (burglaries, larceny-thefts, and motor vehicle thefts) reported by law enforcement. Financial losses suffered by victims of these crimes were calculated at approximately $14.3 billion.  Larceny-theft accounted for 70.8 percent of all property crimes reported, burglary for 20.9 percent, and motor vehicle theft for 8.3 percent.” These losses are significant.  

As companies invest in security to protect intellectual property, people and physical assets, creating a visible line with perimeter security is a great complement to an already existing indoor security system.  It is important to create an uninviting and secure property to deter criminals from considering your property as a target. 

Protect important assets stored outside such as lumber on a lumber yard, cars on a dealership lot or repair shop, construction equipment on a retail lot or a construction site, with the addition of access control and video surveillance outside.  


Avoid blind spots near entrances, limit access by using landscaping and paths to lead to entrances. Obstacles, such as trees and shrubs, can create hiding places for criminals. 

Video Surveillance

Install video surveillance with analytic tools at the perimeter of the property. Configure cameras to record based on specific motion detection criteria; this may reduce false alarm rates. The goal is timely notification to security personnel with the ability to zoom into an area where the disturbance is detected.

Access Control

Use access control at the entrance of the property, parking lots and garages, as well as at the entrance of the building can create a secure barrier.  

Access control with remote monitoring will leave electronic documentation of access and the failed attempts of anyone entering or exiting your property. The use of video surveillance will provide verification for the access system.

Doors and windows

With the use of glass break sensors along with window and door sensors security will be alerted when a breach happens. With the use of security glass laminates windows become shatter resistant, leaving and intruder perplexes as to why they cannot smash a hole in the window.


The ultimate goal is to prevent criminals from gaining access to the property and reaching the building.  With the use of video surveillance, access control, and creating visibility at entrances; perimeter security can complement the already existing interior security system. 

Call us today for a free estimate of your property, whether you are a military faculty, correctional facility, hospital, airport or commercial company we can help bolster your perimeter.

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Balancing the security needs of an assisted living facility, which can include a blend of independent living, assisted living and skilled nursing services, can be a complex issue. Residents and staff need to move throughout the facility freely, while unauthorized people are kept out. 

Keeping track of staff, residents (some of which may have dementia and Alzheimer’s), and visitors with a comprehensive security system should include the following:


Video Surveillance 

  • oAssisted living facilities are full of activity, the constant coming and going of staff, residents and visitors, it can be a challenge to keep an eye on everything. Using a video surveillance system with a DVR would allow staff to see past events, if there is a question related to patients, visitors or staff.

Access control

  • oInstalling readers at entries and cabinets, and distributing credentials, such as fobs, swipe cards, and proximity cards to staff will limit access to restricted areas, such as medicine cabinets, offices, supply rooms and medical records.
  • oUsing an access control system will eliminate the replacement of keys and locks when a key is lost or stolen, or when an employee leaves. Credentials can quickly be deactivated. 

Fire alarms, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors

  • oFire alarm systems and detectors are lifesaving components, when tied to a monitored security system they become even more effective.

Monitoring service

  • oThe security system should be connected to a central monitoring station. When an alarm is tripped emergency services can be notified quickly, reducing the response time.
  • oIn unpredictable situations, it is imperative to have the quickest response possible. This is especially critical in an assisted living facility as residents are slower moving and may have impaired hearing and eye sight.

Wander Detection

  • oPatients wearing a wander detection device will alert the nursing staff when they are to close to a controlled door, the patient can then be refocused.

Nurse Call Systems

  • oCommunication linked between residents and caregivers allowing residents to call for emergency assistance with the push of a button or the pull of a string.

Panic Notification

  • oThese buttons should be placed in strategic locations throughout the facility.

Medical Emergency Response Systems

  • oA wearable two-way voice emergency pendant or keychain like device, press a button and a trained emergency operator will respond.
  • oSome devices are motion sensitive and can detect when a person falls down. 


A comprehensive security system is essential for protecting residents, staff, visitors, medical records, physical assets and facility property. Call today for a full evaluation of your existing security system. 

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Today accidents, sabotage and information theft can be prevented or known the instant it happens with automated server rack protection, video surveillance, access control and environmental monitoring.

Your system and firewalls may be very well secured but is your server room secured?  Your server stores, retrieves and sends an abundant amount of data. It is essentially the heart of your system.  Protecting your servers from unauthorized individuals is crucial for the protection of your customers and business. When it comes to this type of protection we can give you peace of mind through multi-level security. 

Implement server room best practices:


  • Do background checks on all new employees who will have access to the server room and the information stored there.
  • Allow only authorized personnel into the server room and into specific racks in the server room through card access.
  • Have cameras to document where employees go in the server room.
  • Deactivate terminated employees access when they leave.

Server Room:

  • Map out the server room and pinpoint vulnerabilities.
  • Install access control and electronic locking devices to prevent entry and minimize risks associated with keys and key management.
  • Secure the server racks using Rack Armor. This secures the front and back of the rack, locking and unlocking the cabinet through the software, and two valid cards are needed to open the cabinet. 
  • Install cameras with a DVR. Record whoever enters and exits the server room, and where they went. 
  • Use state of the art video cameras which can be programmed to alarm if the server room if there is motion after hours. For example, if the door to the server room is opened after hours and the camera has a preprogrammed scene which does not include the door opening, an alarm will notify the control room of the unauthorized scene change. 
  • Install Water Bugs which will alert monitoring stations when the smallest amount of moisture is detected.
  • Install Temperature Sensors to detect malfunctions with the heating and cooling systems.
  • Install Relays to detect power outages, and always have backup generates ready and maintained. 

We can help you protect your server room from accidents, sabotage and information theft, call today (800) 570-6478 for a free assessment of your server room.

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What is video analytics? It is the analysis of video streams captured by surveillance systems.  This can be done in real-time, allowing for immediate detection of events of interest, which can be preprogrammed into the system.  Operators of the system can define events which will trigger a real time alert, such as unattended objects in the video field, unauthorized people or loitering, cars or vehicles parked in no-parking zones. This can be more effective than human surveillance which can be challenging and time consuming.

Using video analytics can supply the intelligence to evaluate what is happening in real-time and provide alerts which can stop an incident before damage is done.

Our high definition video analytics solution combined with advanced video pattern detection technology addresses human attention span and target identification challenges in multiple ways. Our advanced video pattern detection technology filters for known objects, causing an alarm only when a relevant object is detected. 

Properly placed high resolution cameras can reduce the total camera count increasing the operators target identification ability and reducing total costs. High definition video produces images that are rich in detail, providing the evidence required to take appropriate action.

The video management software enables users to view and search through their high definition footage to find scene changes, missing objects and events, all through a simplified and easy-to-use interface in real-time. It delivers superior image detail with the ability to choose a specific area on the screen to search. For example if the video field is recording a full parking lot, the operator can choose to only search one portion of the scene, such as the lower left corner of the parking lot. The software can search the specific area for any scene changes.

Maximum clarity with minimum bandwidth, our High-Definition Stream Management technology preserves complete image integrity through compression, while intelligently managing bandwidth and storage.

A system that’s smart, intuitive and easy to use.  Find scene changes, missing objects and events with our control center, the industry’s quickest high-definition video search. We give you full control over surveillance video playback, allowing you to quickly retrieve evidence and speed up response times and investigations. This product is a great asset for stadiums, retail, airports, and manufacturing plants.

Call today for a demonstration of this product. 

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In order to run a successful restaurant, owners need to address many different concerns. Probably their first concern is following government regulations, followed by finding and keeping competent employees, staying ahead of the completion, customer satisfaction, theft and liability, to name a few. 

Using Video Surveillance

Food and safety regulations apply to every step of food and beverage preparation, when you own a business and rely on your employees to adhere the guidelines it is important to be able to follow up even if you have multiple sites.  

Employee theft, another concern for employers, can include manipulation of cash sales transactions, misuse of coupons, gift certificates, and credit cards. It can also include giving free food to friends and family,

Video surveillance should be place in and around your building, include outside the drive thru window, parking lots, entrances, offices, food prep or kitchen areas.  

Using visible monitors that can be viewed by customers can be a deterrent for crime as well. Post security signage near exits and entrances to inform potential thieves the business is monitored with video surveillance.

Using video surveillance can help keep everyone accountable.  Be sure to have conversations with your employees about the use of video surveillance.

Alarm System

Robbery can be a problem for many restaurant owners and managers.  Most spend time in the restaurant before and after closing. Using your alarm system when there are few people in the building especially fast food restaurants, which typically use cash, open early and stay late can keep everyone a little safer. 

Using chimes with the security system will notify you when a back door is opening, and can alert the manager of a delivery or an employee leaving the building. 

Access Control

Using access control can leave an audit trail while limiting access to critical areas such as offices where the safe is located. Access control will limit access based on the user, time of day and day of the week. 

Replacing a lock and key system with access control can eliminate the problem of rekeying all locks when an employee leaves or loses their key. Have you thought about who has access to those keys the employee takes home with them? 

Fire Alarm System

Install code compliant fire alarm systems for rapid response. Fire alarm systems need to be inspected on a regular basis, usually once a year, per code requirements. Maintaining a properly working system will optimize performance at the time of an emergency. 

Environmental Monitoring

Critical equipment failure can cause a great financial loss to any restaurant owner. By monitoring coolers, freezers, and air conditioners, you can be notified of any failure before the problem becomes costly.

Have you thought about using your freezer or cooler as a safe room?  Install locks that have the capability to lock and unlock from the inside. An alarm and communication device can be placed inside the freezer and cooler to be used in the event of an emergency.


Use UL safes to protect your cash and valuables. Our safes are highly secure and easy to use, only granting access to those who need it. Employee theft can be minimized using a UL safe.  

Risk Assessment

When was the last time you had a thorough risk assessment?  This is important as it provides an objective overview of the existing security system.  An assessment can identify vulnerabilities and weaknesses. -  Pinpointing areas where you can reduce risk. The assessment should be completed by a security expert for each location that is being built, expanded or updated. If you haven’t had your system evaluated in the last 3 to 5 years you should consider having an expert conduct a thorough assessment. 

Areas of concern should include entrances and exits, delivery locations, cash registers, food storage areas, food preparation areas, and ventilation system. 

After your risk assessment you may find your security needs to be upgraded. Upgrading your security system, video surveillance, access control and environmental monitors can help increase the profitability by reducing loss. 


Using your security system and video surveillance properly can bring some peace of mind. Using the appropriate security strategy can address food safety, food contamination (accidental and malicious), theft and liability. 

From fast food to fine dining your security strategy should protect against losses and increase safety of employees and customers. 

Call today for your FREE assessment. 

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At this time of year we are all so busy, with work, travel, getting ready for the holidays and even heading to all those Christmas parties. It is important to keep in mind your safety as you use parking garages.  We have a few quick tips to help keep you safe.

  • know your surroundings; spend time during the day investigating the area.
  • Know the best way from the building or street to your car. 
  • Stay in well lit, monitored areas. 
  • Some parking garages have video surveillance, stay within view of the cameras. 
  • Know where the security guards and the emergency blue light phones are in the garage. 
  • If you are coming from work get to know your co-workers, travel in pairs after a shift or a late night working to finish a project or proposal.  
  • Also, have a check in person who knows your schedule and would be alerted if you were later than usual. 
  • Be on the phone with someone and tell them where you are as you are walking to your car, but be alert of your surroundings. 
  • Refrain from using your cell phone, talking and texting can distract you from your surroundings. 
  • Look as if you would put up a struggle if anyone was to approach you.
  • Carry a whistle.

Have a plan, invest in the My911 app. The core feature of My911 is no matter the emergency My911 instantaneously sets in motion YOUR emergency management plan including voice communications, location reporting, pre-formulated messages directed to those you nominate or to our 24 hour live operator crisis center. 

Call today for more information about the My911 app.

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b2ap3_thumbnail_nbs.jpgCongratulations! You are bringing your new baby home from the hospital. This is an exciting and sometimes daunting time in your life. Whether it is your first or third child your first thought is always how do I protect this beautiful bundle of joy? As parents our protectiveness kicks into high gear when we hold our child for the first time.

We at One Source Security can help you to keep your family safe and secure.

The best thing you could do is to purchase a home security system with 24/7 monitoring to ensure the safety of your family. Your security system can alert you if a door is opened while you’re at home and the alarm system is turned off.  This is ideal for making sure toddlers don’t wander outside, for instance. Window contacts will alert you if someone is attempting to open a window from the outside and if your child is attempting to open the window from the inside.  

Check to ensure your smoke detectors are in properly working. Even if you live in an apartment building, don’t just assume the smoke detectors are in good working order; check to make sure the batteries are new or working well. You may want to have a schedule to change the batteries of your smoke detector on New Year’s Day or day light savings day.  What about when you move into a new home? Our advice would be to change the batteries as soon as you move in.  If your smoke detector is connected to your security system with monitoring, spend the time to test your system.

Carbon monoxide is the silent killer.  Install a CO detector in your home to warn your family in the event of rising CO levels.

Using a wireless baby monitor with video will allow you to hear and see your baby whenever they are in their room. If the baby co-sleeps with mom and dad, there are still plenty of times during the day when the baby needs monitoring. The night vision feature allows parents to check on the baby at night, if you are concerned about whether the baby is breathing the camera can be moved remotely to get a better look without going into the bedroom and risking waking up the baby. The two way audio will allow you to talk to the baby from anywhere in the house, this may help with self soothing.

Remote video surveillance can be accessed through a web-enabled device. As a new parent, there are many reasons why remote video surveillance would be a good choice for you.  Leaving your newborn with a sitter to go to work or enjoy a date night. Using a Smartphone or tablet you will be able to check on the baby anytime, wherever.

Outlet protectors will ensure the safety of your child. Before you know it they will be rolling around and crawling. Ensuring the outlets have plug protectors will keep your child safe from electrical shock. It is best to be prepared before the need arises.

Protecting your baby is your top priority. Take advantage of the many features a residential security system can offer, giving you peace of mind to enjoy your time with your baby. Call One Source today for a free assessment of your home.

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Why is it important to have your fire alarm system inspected? Regular service and maintenance may increase the life of your system, meet insurance company requirements, significantly improve reliability and reduce false alarms. Periodic system testing and inspection by qualified specialists can detect any problems.

False alarms and fire alarm problems can be caused by a myriad of problems, such as age, temperature, dust, dirt, contaminates, and vandalism. Even remodeling and improper maintenance procedures can cause damage and increase your false alarm rate.

As the fire system ages, voltage fluctuations and temperature changes with higher humidity levels may cause systems to fail or have alarm problems.  Maintaining your system by testing and calibrating alarm sensors, checking battery corrosion and expiration dates may decrease system failure and false alarms. 

If systems are older than twenty years it may be at its technology life expectancy. Updating an older system depends upon how well it was maintained, the age and whether or not it is compatible with today’s technology, although, properly maintained systems may continue to work well for many years.

The specialist performing the inspection, testing and maintenance should be knowledgeable and qualified to service your fire alarm system.  Use a specialist whose daily work revolves around fire alarm system technology.  With proper testing, inspection and maintenance your fire alarm system can function at its optimal performance. 

NFPA codes regulate the frequency of required inspections which are annually, at a minimum. Some businesses inspect their systems biannually or quarterly. Remember, business owners cannot conduct maintenance work or inspections on their own system, per fire code. These checkups may be the difference between no line of defense and lives saved.


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As you research the method of video storage for your analog or IP camera you will find the security industry has come a long way from the original VCR recording one camera onto one VHS tape. The first Digital Video Recorders were introduced allowing business owners to record multiple analog cameras onto one device. When Network Video Recorders were introduced they utilized a large number of IP cameras over multiple sites. Cloud Storage or Internet Video Recording allows the storage of video onto the cloud. 

Digital Video Recorder DVR is made for CCTV Security Surveillance Systems where video is recorded in a digital format to a disk drive using analog cameras. Old footage can be overwritten to allow disk space to be maximized. This is a standalone hardware device that connects directly to analog cameras via coax cables.  Data can be searched by time, date or camera. The typical camera limit is 32 per device and is not a good choice for multiple sites. 

Network Video Recorder NVR is used with IP cameras over a local IP network with a network attached storage device. Live video can be accessed and managed over the internet using a computer or Smartphone. One benefit includes the use of better cameras that provide enhanced video imaging. The typical camera limit is 50+ and is a good choice for multiple sites. 

Cloud Storage or Internet Video Recording IVR is the remote storage of video for IP cameras, which can be accessed over the internet. Cloud storage requires minimal equipment and is easy to use. The video files are sent to a cloud storage service and easily retrieved once logged into the website. An advantage of using cloud storage is the files are not stored locally, if the equipment is stolen or damaged the videos are safe. The number of cameras depends upon the available bandwidth. If the bandwidth is limited, cloud storage can be used as a backup for the NVR. This is a good choice for multiple locations. 

Which system is right for you? As you research video storage options call us and we would be happy to answer any questions you may have about each device or system. We customize solutions for the individual customer with seamless integration among systems resulting in greater control enhancing operational flexibility and improving management with technical assistance is available 24/7.

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My911 provides peace of mind at an affordable price with emergency, accident and alert management. The core feature of My911 instantly sets in motion your emergency management plan including voice communications, location reporting and personalized messages directed to those you select, 911 or one of our optional emergency response center partners. For example, if a user of the app is in a car accident, it will detect the accident and dial emergency lines to bring help. It can also message roadside assistance with the location of the wreck. 

My911 was developed to help Smartphone users feel safe. Using the My911 app if you are a realtor in an uncomfortable position, one push of a button and your preset contact will be notified with a preset message. Or a salesperson whose client is in a high crime area, notifications can be sent to the office with your co-ordinates. Doctors, nurses or a third shift worker walking across the parking lot or parking garage and someone is following them one push of a button and 911 can be called in stealth mode. What if someone lunges at you or grabs you? Simply throw the phone and the impact will set forth your emergency management plan. Peace of mind for parents of college students living away from home for the first time. 

My911 app can be used globally, in case of an emergency with the GPS tracking, your location will be dispatched to the nearest emergency response center, great for executives traveling internationally. It also provides Homeland Security and travel status notifications. 

Features include:

  • SOS – Press the My911 button and you are connected to Emergency services giving your location and a message to the contacts you have preselected in the event of an emergency. 
  • Impact –The My911 solution will reach out to whomever you have setup to be contacted (including roadside assistance) in the event of an accident, giving them your location and message. 
  • Cyber Alerting – My911 will monitor and notify you on a wide variety of Cyber Security and Notification events, based upon your GPS location.  Be advised of specific issues or incidents (defined by yourself) such as storm or bad weather approaching, accident in your area, abduction alerts, crisis alerts, and much more.
  • Notification – Notify as many different contacts along with GPS co-ordinates.  Great to let your parents, partner, friends or associates know where you are with a set message. 
  • Tracking – My911 GPS tracking solution not only gives you real-time tracking capabilities, but also lets you view a complete history of all tracking sessions recorded over time. Trip details which display start and stop times, locations, maximum speed and distance covered. Speed alerts, incident alerts, lets you know when, where and how often drivers have exceeded the speed or a particular incident has occurred. 
  • Vehicle Onboard Diagnostics OBD – In an accident and your airbag deploys, the My911 solution will pick up that your airbag has been deployed and notify emergency services telling them that your airbag has deployed with your name, location and cell phone number. My911 will display real-time your airbag status, speed, RPM, load, fuel and create notifications with a variety of Onboard Diagnostics of any issues your car may be having at that time. 
  • Traffic – Wherever you are, based on your current location the My911 Traffic Alert will let you know what accidents, road construction delays, etc. may affect you.

You may already have apps on your Smartphone with some of these features; we believe consolidating emergency services and notifications will simplify your experience. 

Bring peace of mind to your family or employees with, no more scrambling to dial 911 and give detailed information verbally with the My911 app. Call today for more information.

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Museum security is a creative art form in and of itself.  Security, safety and accessibility are all taken into account when protecting irreplaceable works of art. When multi-million dollar works of art are on display, executives and board of directors encourage as many people as possible to enjoy the art while ensuring it is protected.  Their desire is to encourage the public to come within touching distance of the artwork while having security measures in place for the artwork against vandals, thieves or the inquisitive 5th grader. 

Not only are museums concerned with the public they are also concerned with employees, contractors and even terrorists, these days.  According to FBI statistics, between 70 and 80 percent of all solved theft cases involve insider participation of some kind. When creating a security plan it is important not to overlook employee or contractor involvement.

The common overall strategy is to create a balance in the individualized security plan. The plan should include security staff, access policies, and the use of electronic security systems and video surveillance.

The first step would be to create a hierarchy of security measures to put in place which would involve securing the premises with surveillance, scanning and alarms. Creating an in-depth security program starts with monitoring all entrances and exits of the building. It is important to see everyone who enters and exits with a good picture. This would include the general public, employees and delivery people. Placing cameras and alarms at each entrance with video monitoring would allow security to watch all entrances.  Service entrances should have alarms, video and intercom for remote access, allowing individuals to be buzzed in from the control room.  

We would then secure all windows.  Each window should be armed with an alarm contact.  There should also be a combination of Security Glass Laminates on the windows with glass break sensors for each window.  Using Security Glass Laminates would deter easy access by smashing a window. These laminates will hold the smashed glass together, and some are bullet-resistant to NIJ standard level 3A.  Glass break sensors would alarm when the sound of the breaking glass is sensed. Motion detectors can be off when changing a display, moving a piece of art or when the cleaning crew is in the building, yet there is still protection around the perimeter of the building by using a combination of laminates and glass breaks. 

The next step in the security plan should include the staff. Implementing access control with a hierarchy of security clearance associated with each employee, and of course performing background checks on all employees is a must.  

Motion detectors can be placed over each work of art, when triggered it can chirp to startle the observer who is too close.

Using IP cameras with automatic triggers and DVR’s would be the next layer of security.  Using this combination would give a clear recording of an event, whether the event is theft, vandalism, employee conduct or an accident. 

Environmental sensors should be used for hi/low temperature changes, water detection, carbon monoxide, and AC power loss.

When we are called in to help with security, we consider site lines, display methods and the value of the art.  We create a system with alarms, cameras, card readers and a full security management system. We can help with the challenge of keeping artwork safe yet allowing visitors to come within an arm’s length. We are here to help you and remember we are your ‘One Source’ for peace of mind.

Call today for a FREE assessment.

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Jewelry store owners and managers have a big responsibility when it comes to protecting their merchandise, employees and customers. They can be up at night thinking about the amount of valuable merchandise in their store, and whether they are a target for a midday or midnight robbery.  Regardless of the concern, owners and managers should consider installing or updating their security systems in order to give themselves peace of mind. 

A manager could open in the morning and realize merchandise went missing overnight.  The motion detector did not trigger the alarm. 

Maybe the overhead camera did not capture an image of the employee who did not follow a procedure and an item that went missing while they were distracted.  An employee could also decide to help themselves to a beautiful piece of jewelry if they know there is a blind spot in the camera field.  

The jewelry store may not have glass break sensors or laminates on their display cases and windows. The brazen thief could smash the case or window grabbing a piece of beautiful jewelry that caught their eye.

Creating a secure environment with the most advanced technology can protect your employees, store and valuable inventory from theft.  Insurance companies can require a security system.

Jewelry store robberies are usually either smash/grab/run, or safe/vault theft. 

Preventing the smash and grab burglaries can be as easy as protecting all display cases, storefront windows and glass doors with Security Glass Laminates.  These laminates absorb the energy from the impact. For example, when a window or glass door is struck by a Louisville Slugger, the laminate disperses the energy from the bat. This causes the glass to stay intact, even though it is broken or shattered, preventing the thief from grabbing the merchandise. 

 Protect your valuable merchandise in a UL-listed burglary-resistant safe or vault, secure the safe or vault to the floor with the back of the safe against the wall. These safes can protect valuables from break-ins. 

Video surveillance should be placed over jewelry cases, entrances and exits.  Using a visible camera can deter a potential robber. Do not forget to place video surveillance at the vault. Having a secure vault does not mean video surveillance should be neglected where the most valuable merchandise is stored.  

Creating an overall security system should include video surveillance, a security system, fire, and access control starts with one phone call.  Protect your valuable merchandise with a state-of-the-art security system. Call us today to speak with one of our security specialist. Let us answer any questions or give you a FREE assessment of your business.

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Whether you have lived in your home for years or are purchasing a new one, it is important to make sure your first line of defense is safe, secure and working properly. Protecting your home from an invasion can start by simply replacing or rekeying the locks in your home.  Home invasions happen every 15 seconds in the United States, and most of these invasions happen at the front or back door.

There are several reasons to replace or rekey your locks.

  • When moving into your new home, you really do not have any idea who the previous owners gave keys to, or if they kept some for themselves.  You will gain peace of mind knowing you are the only one who owns keys to your new home when rekeying or replacing your locks.
  • If your keys were lost or misplaced, maybe they were stolen, replace all outdoor locks immediately.  If you frequently lose your keys, you might benefit from keyless entry locks.  All you need is a code to open your doors. These locks are eye appealing and will add convenience.  Z-wave locks can be unlocked remotely, no need to share your entry code.
  • Your locks may be builder’s grade and you want something more substantial. Builders often use lower grade door locks and hardware. Also, a developer or builder may use builder’s keys or construction keys. This key is a master key and can open all the houses in a single development.  This is convenient for the builder allowing carpenters, electricians, etc. into multiple houses with one key. Sure it’s convenient for the builder, but is it safe for the new homeowner if the builder or subcontractor kept a master key to the development?
  • Your keys and locks may be worn and temperamental. Copying a key from a copy can create a few thousandths of an inch variation which will cause the key not to turn in the lock.
  • Maybe you would like to use one key to open all the doors in your house. A locksmith can rekey all your locks to accommodate one key.

Replacing or rekeying your locks will create a more secure first line of defense.   Remember, having state of the art locks, video surveillance and a security system can help protect your family and valuables against intruders.  

If you are unsure who owns keys to your home the first line of defense is to change or rekey your locks.  

Call One Source Security today at 800-570-6478 to assess your locks for FREE. 

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It is expected that baby boomers will have the highest life expectancy of any generation in history.  With this increase will come an increase in Alzheimer’s and dementia.  Assisted-living facilities will need to meet this aging demand along with its challenges.

Creating certain security measures would allow residents to wander in a controlled area while leaving staff to focus on the more critical aspects of their jobs. 

Using a perimeter-based wander management system with RFID will ensure the safety and security of residents.  The system is ready to use, with minimal support and training required.  It is reliable, unobtrusive and comfortable for the residents to use while being cost efficient and expandable. Residents have the ability to move freely about their facility while family members can be assured their loved ones are protected.

Wandering can be helpful to residents by improving social contact and maintaining mobility. This will also allow them to live with dignity and independence. On the other hand, wandering may be detrimental when it results in the resident leaving the facility or entering an unsafe area or even another resident’s space. Exit seeking is a form of wandering in which a resident‘s desire is to return to a secure, familiar home or former workplace. The resident may be trying to reconnect with family members.

Our perimeter-based wander management system is a centralized system which will notify staff if a resident tries to leave the facility or wander into restricted areas.   The resident’s identity and zone location are communicated to the staff. The easy to use wander alert system can be integrated with nurse call, electronic access control, closed-circuit TV, fall detection and other existing security mechanisms within the facility.  The wandering door alarm alerts staff if the door has been opened.  (Be sure to post signs for visitors notifying them that dementia and Alzheimer patients might try to leave with them.) Staff will also be notified if the resident tag has been damaged for any reason.

We can only assume there will be a greater need for assisted living and nursing homes in the future.  Assisted living facilities can prepare for the future one step at a time by creating a safe and secure environment for their Alzheimer and dementia patents.


Call today for a free assessment of your facility and how we can integrate a perimeter-based wander management system into your facility. 1-800-570-6478

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One Source Security and Automation, Inc., New Hampshire’s industry leader for security and alarm systems, announced the debut of their new bullet-resistant, smash-resistant Security Glass Laminates line designed for business, school or home.  When applied to ordinary glass, Security Glass Laminates will render windows smash-resistant and bullet-resistant to NIJ standard level 3A. 

“As we utilize glass in buildings, we are presented with significant security vulnerability. While Security Glass Laminates can’t stop intruders from entering a building, it does act as a deterrent, providing precious response time by slowing the intruder down,” says Steve Hammes, One Source Security co-owner. 

Security Glass Laminates are a more cost efficient alternative to bullet proof glass, increasing the buildings security quickly and discretely.  Using these laminates will reduce risk of damage from glass flying inward caused by a blunt object or severe weather. It can withstand high levels of use and wear due to its scratch resistant layer. This product is virtually invisible when applied to existing or new windows.

“By providing our customers with the most up-to-date cutting edge technology we continue to be New Hampshire’s leader in the security industry,” says Shane Thornton, One Source Security co-owner.

One Source Security & Automation has been providing security systems to residential and commercial clients since 1994.  We offer decades of technical and electronic experience that allows us to differentiate ourselves in the design and servicing of these systems.  As a locally owned and operated business we maintain the highest standard of customer service through our same-day service, provided by our employees - not subcontractors.   Our services include security systems, video surveillance, access control, environmental monitoring, personal emergency response systems, as well as an in-house locksmith division. Please contact us at, 800-570-6478.

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According to the Department of Justice home invasions are 5-8 times more likely to happen than residential fires. We are more educated and equipped for a home fire than we are for a home invasion. We make sure we have a smoke detector in each bedroom and a fire extinguisher readily available to use in our home.  The fire department comes into our schools to educate our children about fire safety and the importance of fire drills, but how proactive are we when it comes to preventing home invasions?

Preventative measures to follow:

  1. If you have an alarm system make sure you set it. If the alarm goes off the intruder will most likely leave.
  2. Use motion lights around in and around your home. 
  3. Make sure your locks work properly and are solid.
  4. Keep valuables out of sight. In the evening when the lights are on and the shades are open, can the inside of your home can be seen from the street? 
  5. Don’t put the new computer box or big screen TV box by the side of the road on trash day. Guess what? Everyone will know you bought a new computer or TV. Instead cut the box up and bundle it or place it in a black trash bag.
  6. Keep shrubbery around windows trimmed so it doesn’t become a hiding place for burglars. 
  7. If your phone lines are on the outside wall of your home. Have an electrician put them in conduit wherever they are within reach to protect them from being cut.

How do you prepare for a home invasion?

  1. Create a signal to indicate something is wrong.  It could be the alarm system, a word, or a whistle. 
  2. Act quickly. If you have an alarm system and can get to the panel quickly, press the distress code. Does everyone know the distress code?
  3. Choose a safe room in your home. A place everyone will meet.  How will each person get to the safe room?  In the safe room there should be a cell phone, self defense kit, first aid kit, etc.  Everyone should know what is there and why. Explain the importance of whispering when in the safe room, especially if you have small children.
  4. Identify objects in every room that could be used to defend yourself in the event of a home invasion.
  5. Create an escape route. Discuss the exact route and where to proceed once outside.
  6. Practice the home invasion plan. Make sure all family members understand where to meet and what to do.
  7. When answering the door be pleasant, but remember a stranger knocking on your door could be an intruder. Try to talk to strangers through a closed door, a nearby window or through an intercom system.
  8. Take a self defense course for the whole family.

Call One Source Security today with any locksmith or alarm questions.

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It’s so easy to hop on a bus in NH and travel to Boston for the day. There are no screenings to go through, no check points. But how safe are we?  Mass transit typically has less security than government buildings and airline terminals.

Homeland security is trying to expand security for mass transit. In the meantime, bus companies can be proactive with bus security to protect employees, passengers and the general public.

Safety programs, practices, trainings and exercises must become a part of the culture of operations within the entire bus company to minimize threats. Security should include buses, terminals, bus stops, offices, maintenance facilities and parking areas.

Installing video surveillance inside of buses can increase security and safety.  Driver assaults and on-board incidents can easily be investigated using video surveillance and DVR recordings.

With the use of video cameras in cases of false injury claims, video footage can provide critical evidence for investigations, thus saving time and resources.

If an emergency alert button is pressed, the GPS fleet tracking system will monitor the whereabouts of the bus, and the situation can be watched with live audio/video streaming.

Implementing proper security measures in terminals, bus yards, garages and parking lots can decrease sabotage and hijackings. Installing high-security fencing, electronic gates, surveillance cameras and security lighting will help protect people and property.

Using access control for offices, garages and parking facilities will help deter those with malicious intent from gaining access to critical areas.

If you have any questions about strengthening your security please call us for a free assessment at 800-570-6478.


Thank you for spending time with us today.

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b2ap3_thumbnail_Untitled-1_20150601-161225_1.jpgAccording to the FBI’s report ‘ A Study of Active Shooter Incidents in the United States Between 2000 and 2013’, Rockne Newell entered the Ross Township meeting, in 2013, held in the municipal building, with a rifle and a handgun and started shooting, killing three people and wounding one. He had a history of disputes with the Ross Township over permits for his home.  In 2010 an unidentified shooter entered the Department of Public Works, in Washington DC, and killed one person and wounded another. The shooter was still at large in September of 2014. 

Common workplace violence presented at all levels of government includes:

  • Upset, angry or uncontrollable citizens who may pose a threat
  • Targeted threats to officials
  • Disgruntled current, former employees and contractors
  • Domestic violence in the workplace

Some municipalities are seeing theft of town property and assets such as air-conditioners, laptops, fuel etc.  Local governments must provide security measures in municipal buildings to effectively protect their employees, citizens, assets and information.  Budgetary constraints make it difficult for governments to allocate the resources necessary for physical security augmentation.  For example, some towns may not have the funding for additional personal to increase security in municipal buildings such as court houses, or county office buildings. Using less expensive security measures that still ensure a safe workplace for county employees, citizens, property and assets are available.

There are a number of options for municipalities to choose from including:

  • Implementing an Access Control system will restrict access to certain areas by date and time according to rank, thus creating an audit trail of who went where and when.
  • Using Biometric Access Control eliminates the possibility of an employee’s card being used by someone else. This is an effective way to bolster the security of high ranking officials’ offices.
  • Using an Emergency Lock-down system will activate locks immediately on all doors in the building with the swipe of one person’s access card.
  • High-Resolution Security Cameras use IP and Megapixel Video Surveillance to ensure that proper recognition is made using a 360 and 180 degree security camera. This ensures that incidents aren’t missed due to a lapse in coverage. Using Portable Monitors, any camera can be called up for view in the event of an alarm or at the discretion of the officer.  
  • Key Control provides every employee access to only the areas necessary for their job, while holding them accountable.  If there is a security breach rekeyable locks can instantly be reset with a special key. 
  • Our Locksmith services will bolster the security of your perimeter doors and door hardware by installing high-security locks. They also ensure emergency and fire exit safety as well as ADA compliance.
  • Wireless Panic Buttons can be used in any office that may be vulnerable to potential threats, such as placing them under the desk of a judge, under the counter for the county clerk, etc. They can also be worn around the neck or clipped to a belt, which allows employees to use them in the parking area, as well as throughout the facility.
  • Using a Guard Tour System will provide an efficient way to manage the security of a municipal building by using a hand held device to check each door of the building on a specific schedule to ensure no one has left a door unlocked or propped open. 

We at One Source Security know municipal buildings pose security challenges since they are open to the public. We will assess threats, identify vulnerability and risk, and develop a cost effective security design solution.  Our recommendations will increase safety and security for employees and citizens, as well as, protect municipal property and assets.  

Call today for a free assessment.

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b2ap3_thumbnail_2161.jpgCan you set your alarm remotely or see what’s happening in and around your home, from work or while shopping? How about adjusting the temperature in your home; turning your lights on and off while on vacation?  Have you had to lock and unlock your doors, as well as, open and close your garage door for your kids because they arrived home without a key or unexpectedly?

The iBridge Connected home is a comprehensive connected home security, video and smart automation system that can remotely control security, video, appliances, lighting, HVAC and Z-Wave locks. This system allows the user to secure, adjust controls and see what’s happening in and around their home via their smart device.

The iBridge Connected Home features:

Security – Now it is easier and more affordable to remotely control your security system by taking advantage of iBridge Connected Home Services and Messenger Notifications.

Video – You can easily check up on your home, loved ones and valuables, and see what’s actually happening in the event of an alarm with live Video alerts.

Lights – Take control of the energy use by controlling the lights automatically and on-the-go.

Locking – Now you don’t have to worry if you left the door unlocked or the garage door open.  You can have complete remote control over all the entry points of your home.

Appliances – Once programmed you can remotely control the appliances using the iBridge system with your smart phone or tablet.

Scenes – You can program different lighting and thermostat settings to have them set exactly how you want them with their changing moods.

User Interface Choices

a1sx2_Thumbnail1_2162.jpgiBridge App (iTunes & GooglePlay) – Security, Video, Z-wave Automation Control, full security keypad functionality.

a1sx2_Thumbnail1_2164.jpgIbridge Messenger is a complementary add-on and extension of IBridge Connected Home. iBridge Messenger is an SMS or MMS message notification service for subscribers who want to stay connected and in control of their premises’’ alarm, video, temperature, lighting and locking, receiving custom SMS simple text messages or daily reminders, or enhanced MMS live video alert messages.

Optional iBridge Touchscreen, this WiFi Wireless or Hardwire, 7” Tablet/Touchscreen, offers an easy on/off combo, magnetic wall/mount charging dock, along with Integrated video viewing of iSeeVideo Cameras, security buttons, alarm status, brightness, and volume controls.


Make iBridge part of your security system today. Call for a free assessment and one of our representatives will be happy to assist you in designing an iBridge system that is just right for your home.

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b2ap3_thumbnail_11245.jpgThe vast majority of retail losses are due to shoplifting and employee theft. Taking precautions to reduce retail theft can decrease those losses. Preventing a crime from happening is the best defense.

It is critical to have well-trained and alert employees who know how to spot potential shoplifters. Shoplifters do not have a specific look. They can be anyone; the general public shoplifter who is bored, professional shoplifter that targets expensive items, juveniles doing it just for kicks, drug addicts needing to support a habit and kleptomaniacs who have a psychological compulsion. Training employees to talk to every customer, even exchanging names will deter shoplifting.  

Customers who exhibit the following behaviors could be looking for opportunities to shoplift. Employees can try these preventative measures:

  • Make eye contact. Greet all customers, attention is good for business, but not for shoplifters.
  • Stay alert - Watch customers’ behaviors, are they nervous, trying to distract employees, appear anxious, and constantly keep an eye on the store employees and other customers? Watch for shoplifters who travel in pairs, two adults or an adult and child. Many times one will distract the employee while the other shoplifts.
  • Ask lingering customers, who are wandering the store without making a purchase, if they need help.
  • Know where shoplifting occurs most in the store, redesign store layout for easier viewing of all areas. Most shoplifters can’t succeed unless they have privacy. 

Do not tempt employees by having careless security or overlooking losses.

Employee theft prevention as an owner/manager:

  • When hiring, thoroughly check all references.
  • Stop by the store without warning.
  • Spot check inventory and cash drawer.
  • Check physical inventory against inventory sheets.
  • The leading indicator of theft is the “no sale." If the "no-sale" number is more than usual there could be a potential problem with theft.

Installing video surveillance monitors and DVRs can deter shoplifting and employee theft.  

When installing a video surveillance system, all components should be secured and working. Too many times we have seen that a crime was not recorded because the wires had been disconnected or the recording device was off. We recommend testing your system weekly to ensure the whole system is working properly. 

Place cameras strategically around your business, at the cash registers and near high theft items. Cameras should be at the entrance and exit to capture customers’ faces as they enter and leave your business.

Closed circuit monitors should be placed at the entrance of the store. The reason the monitor and camera is at the entrance is not for the thief. It’s for the owner. People can’t resist the urge to look at themselves, so it gives a great face capture shot. Recently at a convenient store in Boston, they had three large monitors that could be seen clearly from the street, placed over the registers. Thieves could see the monitors before entering the store and employees could clearly keep a watchful eye on the customers.

Since business owners cannot be everywhere at once they don’t know what’s happening when they’re not there. We offer a very useful remote viewing tool called iSee video. The iSee video is an affordable remote video service where employees and customers are viewable on a PC or Smartphone anywhere, 24/7. View live streaming video, archived or emailed events from a secure website we provide. Fast installs with WiFi indoor/outdoor cameras that auto-enroll with a secure video network. 

Creating a loss prevention strategy will help deter shoplifting and employee theft. Remember never to try to physically stop a shoplifter, call the police.

Thank you for spending time with us today.

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