May 23, 2013

6 Security Needs for Liquor Stores

Security for liquor stores is serious business. There’s simply so much at stake. Inventory. Cash. Employee safety and more.

If you’re the owner or manager of a liquor store, you most likely already have an alarm system and also video surveillance. But more can always be done and adjustments to your current system can always be made.

Use your smart phone for things such as remotely viewing your employees while they close.

We’ve highlighted six areas below to focus on in order to improve the security of your store and the safety of your employees.

1. The need to protect inventory. Let’s face it. You’re selling what is considered a vice to people. Something people are addicted to. Something of great value.

You need to make sure your alarm system is sufficient and working properly.

Give it a test. Call your security company or monitoring station and put your system on test. You want to make sure if there’s a break in after-hours that your security system is going to function properly.

Once your system is on test, arm it then open doors, walk past motion detectors and open any windows—let that siren scream. No need to worry about any authorities being called because it’s on test status.

2. The need to protect employees. Besides having security cameras in clear sight which provide a degree of a deterrent and having security stickers on the doors, panic buttons are a great device for employee protection.

Be sure to have them installed under the counter and in other locations throughout the store such as the back office where cash may be kept.

This allows employees to secretly inform the police that a robbery is taking place with one press of a button without needing to make it to a phone.

We’ll talk more about employee safety when we address remote video monitoring below.

3. The need to identify the bad guy. As we mentioned at the beginning of this post, it’s likely that your store already has video surveillance in place. But what type?

Analog security cameras, which are very prevalent and often the less expensive route to go, can suffice in some cases.

However, they don’t provide the same level of clarity that megapixel security cameras do. Megapixel cameras can provide the resolution necessary to identify the robber or burglar.

We’ve all seen images of perpetrators broadcast by news channels. In order for the public to help you, make it easy on them by providing the clearest possible footage.

Facial recognition is necessary in many court cases to achieve a conviction. Why have cameras in place that may or may not provide that facial recognition. Talk to your security integrator about megapixel technology.

4. The need to be in two places at once. Be sure to use remote video monitoring at your liquor store. This will come in handy in many ways.

To further ensure safety of your employees, monitor openings and closings via your smart phone, tablet or PC. Especially closings when it’s late at night and ambushes can occur.

Receive email alerts containing video clips if there is any motion in your store when the alarm system is armed.

Keep an eye on employees who may be tempted by the inventory. You most likely have honest employees who won’t steal inventory or drink it while on the job, but to be able to check in on them no matter where you are may keep you more at ease.

While we’re on this topic, be sure to have a camera viewing inside your cooler. This of course is a place where employees can go and sample the goods in an enclosed setting.

5. The need to see all. Consider 180° and 360° security cameras. These megapixel cameras can provide panoramic views that typical security cameras couldn’t, as those would be offering a limited field of view.

Place a 360° security camera on the ceiling in the middle of your store. Have a 180° camera installed on the outside of your building facing the parking lot. Ensure that you identify those that are about to enter with ill intentions and also capture makes of cars, etc.

6. The need to secure your perimeter. An alarm system and cameras are very important, but if your doors and door hardware are vulnerable and easy to be broken down, a burglar can still enter and exit without being apprehended.

Have a qualified locksmith give you a survey to ensure that your doors are secure and that your door hardware is in good working order. It should be easy to find a locksmith who will give you a survey at no charge.

We hope this has given you a few things to think of for the security of your liquor store.

Thanks for spending some time with us today.


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