January 28, 2015

Using Access Control to Protect Healthcare Facilities

Increasing security in and around healthcare facilities has become a priority to keep patients and employees safe, since healthcare facilities are not immune to crime. However, there is a balance between accessibility and security for patients and employees.

One solution is to use access control to streamline the security process and provide the comfort and healing to their patients in a secure environment.

With the use of smart card credentials, it has become easier for healthcare facilities to implement access control. This smart card system can be used for multiple levels of security, associating each card with an individual employee’s security level, thus eliminating multiple cards issued to one employee.

A facility can secure all points of entry for employees and deliveries with access control along with the addition of video surveillance.

Staff and patient elevators and stairwells can include access control, which can be left open during the day for visitors, however, after visiting hours only employees and visitors with badges can access those areas.

A facility can use access control to effectively control the access to sensitive areas of a hospital, such as, pharmacies, surgical areas, intensive care units, nurseries, medicine supply rooms, as well as medication dispensing machines. Only employees with the appropriate credentials can access these sensitive areas.

Access control software allows the user to enroll a card, assign security access levels, and provide an audit trail of who entered and exited each area. Integration with video surveillance, intrusion alarms and photo verification make a complete access solution across many levels of security. The software also, allows administrators the ability to instantly lockdown a facility.

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