April 19, 2021

Active Shooter Alert System

An active shooter alert system should be in every large building in this country. The statistics around mass shootings are alarming. At the time of this article’s publication, there have been 140 mass shootings in the US this year. It is abundantly clear that nobody knows how to stop the violence. Legislatures argue for gun control and better mental health options, but that doesn’t help NOW.

An active shooter alert system is designed to empower regular people in catastrophic situations. There are two systems we believe to be both effective and necessary: ASR Alert Systems Panic Buttons, and Safe Zone’s Gunfire Detection.

ASR Alert Systems utilizes wireless panic buttons to connect directly to local law enforcement. Here’s how it works: ASR provides police stations with a radio receiver, entirely free of charge. Organizations then purchase a transponder and accompanying panic buttons. These panic buttons are wirelessly installed in appropriate locations. If a panic button is pressed, police will be notified and called to the scene. Additionally, anyone signed up for alerts will be notified and the building’s alarms will be activated.

Like ASR’s panic buttons, Safe Zone’s Gunfire Detection notifies law enforcement and people signed up to receive alerts. Then it goes one step further. This product also informs law enforcement of the location of the shooter and what type of weapon was used. These details help law enforcement make the informed decisions when responding to a crisis event. This gunfire detection works through WiFi and PoE. To see this system in action, watch our demo video on YouTube.

table active shooter alert system

These active shooter alert systems both instantly alert first responders with the location of a crisis. People in active shooter situations are not able to communicate with 911 at this kind of rapid speed. ASR Alert Systems and Safe Zone’s Gunfire Detection System both save lives by decreasing the time it takes for police to arrive to the scene.

We believe that these systems are necessary in every densely populated building. If you’re interested in learning more, please give us a call or fill out our inquiry form.


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