November 11, 2020

Thermal Temperature Cameras for COVID-19

In this article we will discuss the need for thermal cameras in both public and private buildings.

After months of summer sunshine and outdoor socially distanced fun, COVID-19 infection rates are rising. Temperatures are dropping and flu season is beginning. Those of us with compromised immune systems must again barricade ourselves in our homes and have our groceries delivered. But most of us resolve to go on with our lives. We will go to work. Our children will go to school or daycare. And every witnessed cough and sneeze can send our thoughts spinning toward the worst-case scenario.

But we are not helpless. We can use technology to combat the spread of COVID-19 and flu. Thermal temperature taking technology should be our first line of defense against illness at work or school. But why thermal cameras? Why not just use hand held thermometers?

  1. Thermal temperature cameras are accurate.

Our thermal cameras are accurate within 0.54 degrees Fahrenheit, the highest accuracy rating available for non-contact thermometers. Additionally, these cameras rarely malfunction or provide dramatically
“off” readings.

  1. Thermal temperature cameras are efficient.

The Thermal Temperature Monitoring Solution, available at One Source Security, is efficient. This technology can accurately take multiple temperatures at once and is ideal for a school, manufacturing, or warehouse situation. Anywhere large groups of people enter a building at the same time is the perfect place for a thermal temperature monitoring solution. See the thermal temperature camera in action here.

The Thermal Temperature Kiosk, available at One Source Security, is an efficient option for a place where people enter in a more staggered manner. This camera can also be programmed to ask Covid-19 related safety questions. See this thermal camera in action here.

  1. Non-Contact

Thermal temperature cameras are non-contact and people are not required to operate them. These cameras work all on their own. That means businesses and schools do not have to tie up personnel taking endless temperatures and staffers can go about their typical workday.

  1. Manageable

Thermal temperature cameras provide live alerts to staff equipped to manage illness. Asking a teacher or receptionist to perform the work of school administration or HR is not always a good idea. Discussing illness can be a sensitive subject. These difficult conversations are best left to those staffers equipped with the training to handle the conversation with tact and care.

One Source Security’s thermal cameras accurately and effectively allow people to come together in a safe way. These non-contact cameras provide the correct information to the correct people.


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