December 18, 2017

Don’t wait until something happens…Create an access control system to meet all your needs, today.

Keeping students and staff safe at school is extremely important today.

We know that school administrators want students and staff to be safe, as well as be prepared in the event of an unforeseen incident.

An effective, unique access control system can be created to meet your individual school needs. By starting with a few key questions:

  • What’s your plan in the event of an intruder or similar emergency?
  • What’s your policy for processing guests/visitors/contractors?
  • Can you effectively control access to the different areas of the school?

Lockdown/Lockout – When it comes to intruders, time is of the essence. Having the ability to lockdown and lockout intruders can isolate a threat and protect students, teachers and staff.

The lockout/lockdown feature of an access control system allows the user to immediately lock all doors in the system. Or lock individual doors, wings or buildings.

Lockout usually refers to exterior doors by preventing the threat from entering or exiting the building. It also can mean isolating the threat in a section of the building, by locking them out of other populated areas of the building.

Ultimately, this allows an administrator to instantly secure a building with the press of a button.

Visitor management systems – Controlling access to a building can be as simple and easy as using expiring visitor badges; with a glance, staff can see who belongs and who does not.

With an enhanced visitor management system the administrator has the ability to check against criminal/sex offender databases during the check in process. A school sign-in process is the first line of defense.

Credentials, readers and wireless locks – Today, schools can control access to their schools, with the use of credentials, readers and wireless locks. It’s time to take stock of who is able to access your school. Different levels of personnel are going to have different levels of access to different parts of the building or buildings.

Having too many cards or keys floating around is a clear security risk. Using access cards instead of physical keys allows access to be monitored from a central software program. Missing cards can be turned off with a click. Digitally disable terminated employees credentials quickly and easily.

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