October 21, 2015

Which system is right for you, DVR, NVR, and IVR or Cloud storage?

As you research the method of video storage for your analog or IP camera you will find the security industry has come a long way from the original VCR recording one camera onto one VHS tape. The first Digital Video Recorders were introduced allowing business owners to record multiple analog cameras onto one device. When Network Video Recorders were introduced they utilized a large number of IP cameras over multiple sites. Cloud Storage or Internet Video Recording allows the storage of video onto the cloud.

Digital Video Recorder DVR is made for CCTV Security Surveillance Systems where video is recorded in a digital format to a disk drive using analog cameras. Old footage can be overwritten to allow disk space to be maximized. This is a standalone hardware device that connects directly to analog cameras via coax cables. Data can be searched by time, date or camera. The typical camera limit is 32 per device and is not a good choice for multiple sites.

Network Video Recorder NVR is used with IP cameras over a local IP network with a network attached storage device. Live video can be accessed and managed over the internet using a computer or Smartphone. One benefit includes the use of better cameras that provide enhanced video imaging. The typical camera limit is 50+ and is a good choice for multiple sites.

Cloud Storage or Internet Video Recording IVR is the remote storage of video for IP cameras, which can be accessed over the internet. Cloud storage requires minimal equipment and is easy to use. The video files are sent to a cloud storage service and easily retrieved once logged into the website. An advantage of using cloud storage is the files are not stored locally, if the equipment is stolen or damaged the videos are safe. The number of cameras depends upon the available bandwidth. If the bandwidth is limited, cloud storage can be used as a backup for the NVR. This is a good choice for multiple locations.

Which system is right for you? As you research video storage options call us and we would be happy to answer any questions you may have about each device or system. We customize solutions for the individual customer with seamless integration among systems resulting in greater control enhancing operational flexibility and improving management with technical assistance is available 24/7.


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