July 2, 2018

Evolving to Cloud Based Access Control

Lock and key, the oldest form of access control where locks are used to prevent unauthorized access to a facility manually are still very popular today, but come with a few drawbacks. Keys can easily be duplicated, lost or stolen. When an employee leaves or keys are lost, there is a cost to re-key all the doors to ensure safety and security for people and property within the building.

On site access control was developed to provide more features, functionality and automation using ID cards, fobs and smartcards to access buildings. Data is stored locally on specially assigned servers requiring constant manual data backups and firmware updates. This can take up a considerable amount of time, money and resources.

Today we have the option of using a cloud-based access control system where software is hosted/located in the cloud and allows administrators to control access to their buildings and gather data from anywhere at any time through a web browser or mobile device. Access to the facility is granted with ID cards, fobs, smart cards or mobile devices.

When comparing access control options it is obvious that traditional lock and key security is limited when compared to modern security solutions. For instance, keys cannot open doors remotely; track who has entered or exited a building, or who is authorized to enter a building, floor or room. It is assumed that they have authorization because they are in possession of a physical key.

On site access control provide more features, functionality and automation. These solutions require that an IT person maintains and updates the servers where the software lives. The administrator also needs to be versed in cyber security to ensure that the servers don’t get infected by cyber attacks. All system changes have to be made locally on a dedicated PC that is connected to the servers. To maintain IT security, on site software requires constant manual data backups and firmware updates. This can take up a considerable amount of time, money and resources.

Cloud based access control provides more protection, is more convenient and easier to use. Providing complete control from anywhere in the world. Employees are able to open doors with their phone, eliminating the risk of lost or stolen keys and keycards. There are no servers to maintain and the software is updated automatically to protect against cyber threats. Real time data is collected about traffic in and out of the building. When key cards are lost or stolen, or an employee leaves, access is revoked immediately. Cloud based access control allows unlimited scalability adding in doors, offices and users at any time. Remotely open and secure doors. Integrate video surveillance with cloud access control. API integrations are available for software applications, such as HR, visitor and membership tools.

Cloud based access control provides an unsurpassed level of security. It reduces the inconveniences of updating and managing the system manually and in house.

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