August 28, 2017

Should your business, school or healthcare facility install panic notification buttons?

We at One Source Security believe that installing panic notification buttons are yet another line of defense for creating a safer environment for employees, customers, students and patients.

By not only using video surveillance with analytics and access control, installing panic notification buttons in locations where employees can quickly and easily notify emergency personnel or police can help minimize an incident.

Today, employees expect employers to promote workplace safety. A key element can be the addition of panic notification buttons to help lower the possibility of injury. There may not be an opportunity to pick up the phone to call for help, picking up the phone could escalate a situation.

A panic notification button is a simple, cost-effective addition to an overall security system which will strengthen the response when there is a threat. When pressed, emergency personnel will be notified, initiating emergency protocols.

This single button device can be hidden at:

  • The receptionist desk
  • A cashier’s counter
  • The delivery entrance
  • The security station
  • The customer service counter
  • Rooms were cash and valuables are stored
  • Any highly utilized employee spaces
  • Any place where a confrontation can occur

Panic buttons are an important security measure in a wide range of businesses and organizations. Violence committed by irate customers, clients and random strangers as well as disgruntled employees warrant the use of panic notification buttons today.

  • More schools are installing them as an extra precaution with the increase in school shootings over the past few years.
  • Convenient stores and gas stations where there are high incidences of robberies are installing them under the counter or in the back office area where safes are located.
  • Large companies are installing them in the HR department where employees are let go, in case the employee becomes violent.
  • Hospitals are also installing them in emergency room areas.
  • oEmergency personnel may be needed when a patient who is high or incoherent lashes out at the doctor or nurse with the intent to cause physical harm. Also, relatives and friends of patients have been known to overreact when the patient is being treated thinking the doctor is causing more pain.
  • Panic notification buttons can also be used to help with lockdown procedures, issue alerts to staff, initiate emergency protocols, as well as contact emergency responders.

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