May 11, 2017

The Importance of using Video Surveillance in schools

The principal, superintendant, school security officer or administrators cannot be everywhere on school property. Using video surveillance can help keep an eye on students, teachers and visitors. In recent years we have had some horrific tragedies in schools across the United States; safety and security are a major concern for most schools today.

Installing video surveillance in plain sight in schools can deter a crime before it happens, whether it is theft, vandalism, bullying, fighting or sexual harassment. Most criminals prefer an easy target where their image will not be captured on camera. If a student gets robbed or hurt on school property, a video clip can be pulled from the recording to corroborate or contradict a story. According to the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) approximately 3 percent of students ages 12-18 reported being victimized at school with in a 6 month period of time.

When video cameras are installed, they become one of the most effective security measures a school can choose. However, there are a few places video cameras are not allowed, such as bathrooms, locker rooms and other private places. They should be placed in hallways, corridors, entrances and exits, main offices, labs, shops, gymnasiums, cafeterias, restroom entrances, classrooms and parking lots.

Unfortunately, bullying and harassment have become a serious problem for our schools. Bullying undermines victims with relentless cruelty that often leads to tragic consequences. Installing video surveillance in the hallway to watch a victim’s locker can be one tool school administrators can use to help identify bullies and deter bullying.

What if a child spray paints a hallway during spirit week to reflect a class color? With video surveillance the student can be quickly caught and swiftly dealt with by the principle in order to deter any further vandalism.

At times a teacher can be the victim of an accusation. Installing video cameras in a classroom to see what really happened not only protect the teacher, but the student as well.

Visitors can be monitored entering and exiting school buildings. Video surveillance can make it easier to identify unauthorized visitors who may be wandering around on school property. Perimeter or parking lot cameras allows footage to be viewed in the event of vandalism to a teacher’s, or student’s car, fighting or other crimes. Remote entrances and exits can also be monitored for intruders. Parents can have peace of mind knowing that video cameras are installed in schools as part of the schools security plan.

When video surveillance is installed in schools, students and teachers tend to be better behaved. The goal is to ensure a safe, secure and healthy learning environment for children. One Source Security can help place video surveillance in the most strategic places within your school. Call us today for a free assessment at 800-570-6478.


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