May 23, 2016

Master Key Systems

A master key system consists of a hierarchy of keys and a number of locks that allows individual key holders to gain access to all or specifically designated areas of a building or buildings. Simply put, a lock which has a master key lock can be designated to be opened only by specific keys, but can also be opened by using a master key.

Planning is vital to the long-term success of a master key system. The simplest keying systems are often the most secure. Complicated systems can reduce security and expansion potential. Begin by creating a key system diagram, broken down by departments, buildings and geographic areas.

Benefits include:

  • Keys can only be duplicated from the locksmith company which designed the system and only with authorization from the building owner. Accurate records can easily be kept and maintained of keys produced, eliminating duplicate keys from being made without authorization.
  • A master key system reduces the chance of an employee opening the wrong door, thus restricting them from a building, floor, department or geographical area.
  • Key blanks are designated to one company or building. Key manufacturers cannot produce copies of the design of the already produced key blank.
  • A well designed master key system can adapt to an expanding company. The master key system should easily grow as an organization grows.
  • Cost efficient security.

Careful planning is the basis for long-term success of a master key system, ensuring safety and security of people and property. It is possible to create a multi-level master key system with unique access rights for different user groups. Expandable locking systems can be easily designed to cover large and extensive facilities at a reasonable cost. The goal with the master key system is for an individual to only carry one key.

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