March 29, 2016

Property Managers Secure Buildings in a Variety of Ways – Security Solutions

A property manager’s primary concern is the safety and security of their tenants, as well as the assets they manage and maintain. It is important for property managers to have the right level of security to meet their tenant’s expectations, while protecting assets.

Security is part of the buildings amenities and attracting responsible clientele with low turnover, while building your brand is the optimal goal. Providing peace of mind for tenants or employees where they work or live is crucial, therefore it is important to create a security solution that reduces risks.

Distinguishing between appropriate security for individual buildings can be a challenge. For example, providing security for a building in downtown Boston can look different than security for a building in central New Hampshire. Property types and size vary requiring different types of security for the best protection, the size of the complex, number of buildings, and the neighborhood are all taken into consideration.

Assessing risks and conducting security audits can identify where threats are in and around buildings, and how the organization should respond.

During your security audit these are some important questions to be asking.

  • What are you protecting?
  • Why are you protecting it?
  • How will you protect it?
  • What’s the likelihood of something happening?
  • Is there an increase in loitering, vandalism (in or outside), or workplace violence?

Depending on the risk factors your security design can include:

Video Surveillance

Video surveillance is essential to any comprehensive security plan. Cameras should be installed in public places like entrances, parking lots, laundry and mail rooms.

Installing video surveillance will help reduce liability, creating a safer environment for tenants and help deter unwelcomed visitors. When people see a camera, they are less likely to do something if they believe they are being recorded.

Video surveillance helps keep an eye on your property even when you can’t be there; it can also give your tenants peace of mind knowing their public spaces are being looked after.

Today video can be seen on any smart device with the appropriate software, allowing live video to be viewed remotely in real time.

Access Control

Access control is another important piece of the security system design. It helps limit who and how people can gain entry to your building or property. Access control can be implemented in a number of ways. Often times a swipe card, a fob, or a proximity card are issued to employees or residence, and are used in conjunction with an electronic reader installed by the desired entry point. Using access control instead of traditional keys helps prevent lost or stolen keys from being duplicated. Access control can be used at parking lot entrances and garages as well, helping to protect at the perimeter of the property.

An access control audit trail report can be produced on a regular basis to keep a record of movements.

Audio/Video Intercom system

Using an intercom system would allow residents to enter a code or remotely open a door or gate with their smart phone. Intercoms can be programmed to ring your smart phone if you are away from home or your desk allowing you to let a worker or contractor into the complex by pressing a key to open the gate or door.

Risk assessment

One Source Security can determine the best type of security system necessary for your specific property. A comprehensive security system should include security from the perimeter of the property to the building, which can include fire and burglar alarms, access control, video surveillance and monitoring.

As a property manager you have the responsibility for the safety and security of the property you oversee. Whether it is one building or multiple with our high quality products, we can help create a solution that fits your property to include the property perimeter, all buildings and parking areas. We can help manage visitors with remote access tools to monitor your facility night and day, while making tenants and employees feel safe and secure.

As a security systems integrator we can assess your risks and design a system to suit your specific needs. Call us today at 800-570-6478 for a FREE ASSESSMENT.


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