May 31, 2016

Why use a security system on your construction site

Construction sites can be a valuable place for thieves. There are vehicles and equipment, as well as copper and electrical components to steal. Construction sites can be perceived as an easy mark or a soft target. Most building sites are in open areas, with no natural security, walls or roof, located in remote areas. After hours, construction sites are deserted until the next work day, which can extend over a weekend.

The combination of these factors creates a crime opportunity with low risk and maximum reward for a thief. For the site owner, damaged or stolen materials and equipment can cut profit margins with delays and replacement costs.

Motion detection lights can startle any thief entering a construction site and quickly deter them from stealing or vandalizing expensive property. However, with no response from the police, the lights only help them see their way around the site.

Investing in a video surveillance system with intelligent software can deter external and internal theft. The intelligent software recognizes people and vehicles but ignores animals and other insignificant changes on the property, preventing false notifications. Video surveillance with monitors and a DVR located in the construction trailer can be used to solve labor issues and inappropriate or unacceptable behavior, while monitoring employees and subcontractors to ensure they are following safety procedures on the contraction site. Delivery of equipment and materials can be monitored remotely from a smart device or computer. With multiple jobs project manager’s and construction managers can keep an eye or see what the guys are up to and see the progress of the project.

A wireless security system, with motion sensors can be connected to a central monitoring station or set up to notify construction managers in the event of an intrusion on the site. Alarms can be installed to sound when a motion detector is tripped; scaring the intruder or it can be silent, which may increase the likelihood the thief will be caught in the act.

Protecting and alerting you when issues arise on a construction site can affect the bottom line. Call One Source Security today, 800-570-6478, to answer any construction security questions.


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