August 23, 2013

Talk to your Employees about Video Surveillance

Today we'll continue with our list of 10 security mistakes that businesses make and how to prevent them. The following post is number 6 on the list. If you'd like the entire list all at once, please visit our homepage or click here.

Pictured above is a 180 degree (with 4 lenses) dome security camera.

Mistake: Not using video surveillance because your employees will be uneasy

Dealing with employee theft can be a sensitive issue. Many times, business decision-makers don't want to give their employees the wrong message. Does it make your staff feel uneasy and that they're not trusted if there are too many cameras around?

This is an answer only you can answer. One recommendation is to communicate with your staff when the security cameras are installed. And if they're already installed, it's certainly not too late.

Let them know that you may have had an issue with a particular person in the past--that it's not them specifically. You could also explain that you need to protect the business, and sometimes even the employee, if a legal issue were to arise--such as a lawsuit stemming from a slip--for example.

And most importantly, regarding their safety, explain that video surveillance can protect them against former or current disgruntled employees. If these employees know they are being recorded, it may deter them from entering the premises, thereby thwarting their plans.

And finally, the most obvious explanation is that the security cameras are not there for the employees at all. They are there to identify burglars should a break in happen, as well as to deter the break in altogher.

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