July 23, 2018

What is VSaaS and how can it help my business?

VSaaS, Video Surveillance as a Service, is a cloud-based video surveillance system where video is located in the cloud. The service typically includes video recording, storage, remote viewing, management alerts, cyber security and more. Cloud technology advances and greater bandwidth availability are making VSaaS increasingly attractive.

Many businesses today are already using cloud technology for email, phone systems, backups, and applications. Cloud based video surveillance along with cloud based access control (see our July 2, 2018 blog) provide another level of security.

Video cloud service was created to make video security easier, and provide substantial economies of scale for businesses. Using a shared infrastructure equates to lower cost of ownership due to lower upfront capital expenditures, fully utilized hardware, reduced IT staffing cost and more.

Security Camera Video Management System (VMS) is a fully managed cloud VSaaS solution. Delivering an end-to-end VMS that’s simple to deploy and easy to use. It supports all modern browsers and works on Windows, Mac and Linux with no plug-ins to install.

Fully mobile applications provide complete access to live and recorded video. With the mobile app users can install, configure and manage the system. With our security camera VMS, you can deploy cameras without installing software or buying larger servers, it’s all done in the cloud on our servers.

All video is fully encrypted during transmission and at rest. There are no open ports to the Internet, eliminating security vulnerabilities commonly found in other systems and requiring no router and firewall adjustments.

We are bringing the latest modern web and cloud technologies together to make cameras easier to use, more accessible and more robust. By putting everything in the cloud we can take care of it, so you don’t have to.

Police departments, hotels, schools, restaurants and health clubs are using cloud based video management system for various reason

  • Encryption and secure connection
  • Monitor stock, staff and customers
  • Monitor multiple sites/schools/restaurants from mobile devices
  • The ability to control crowds and apprehend individuals
  • For coaching, training and teaching
  • Ensure brand consistency and high levels of customer service

Camera systems have traditionally been complex, costly and challenging for most people to manage. Today, administrators are looking for video surveillance systems to be secure, yet user friendly, with high quality video stream. Cloud based video management provides all of that and more. Call One Source Security today for a free assessment of your facility at 800-570-6478. We can help you put your video surveillance system in the cloud safely and securely.


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