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February 22, 2021

Why Is It Important To Have Self-closing Door Hinges?

Using a variety of physical access control systems will allow large-scale facility management to quickly and accurately determine where a sick person has traveled throughout the building.

Self-closing door hinges are designed to slowly and safely close doors after they’ve been opened. These hinges are relatively unobtrusive and can be found in many larger facilities like schools and hospitals. The self-closing door hinges work though a spring or piston which, as the door is opened and the arm is pulled, expands. When the door is released, the spring or piston pulls the arm and the door is closed.

It is important to have self-closing door hinges for… fire safety. In case of a fire, self closing door hinges help contain the blaze. While everyone is aware that working smoke detectors and fire extinguishers are essential fire safety tools, not everyone understands the importance of self-closing doors. These affordable hinges can provide extra time for people to evacuate and can prevent entire rooms from destruction.

The most impressive self-closing door hinges react to heat. When the heat from a fire reaches a particularly high temperature, the passive spring mechanism, within the hinge, engages and releases to close the door and contain the fire.

And these hinges could not be easier to maintain. Unlike the other fire safety door options, self-closing door hinges do not require batteries, electricity, or complicated integrations. (We do recommend regular fire safety equipment inspections.)

In the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Codes and Standards, there are 3 door options for large commercial properties:

Self-closing door hinges - Discussed above.

Automatic-closing doors - A door that is normally held in the open position or swings freely, but closes when the automatic-closing device is activated.

Power-operated fire door - A door that is opened and closed electronically. These doors are equipped with a releasing device that automatically disconnects when the fire alarm engages. The door will close and latch, regardless of power failure or manual operation.

Building codes are created to protect people and property. The most affordable and easy to maintain fire solution approved by the NFPA is the installation of self-closing door hinges.

It is important to install one of the approved kinds of fire protection to doors in commercial spaces. One Source Security can install self-closing door hinges, automatic-closing doors, and/or power-operated fire doors in any facility.


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