June 12, 2017

Why use stealth video monitoring for your Car Dealership?

Dealership owners carry high-valued inventory outside for public display. Tailoring security solutions for your specific needs can protect on-site assets. The goal is to stop crimes while in progress.

Using the latest video analytic surveillance technology combined with highly skilled and experienced live video monitoring operators can help prevent crime. Once the video analytics detect motion, these operators are trained to proactively identify suspicious activity, and prevent crimes in progress in real time.

With the use of stealth video monitoring you can not only see theft and vandalism in real time but you can also prove or disprove customer damage complaints, and as an added bonus capture employee productivity. Criminal activity, unsubstantiated claims and poor employee productivity can cost business owners a considerable amount of time and money.

Most dealerships have the same common concerns.

  • Theft of wheels, catalytic converters and even navigation systems can be particularly vulnerable to thieves. Vandalism can be as common as theft.

Verifying a live crime in progress by operators can lead to quicker police response times.

  • Customers with fraudulent claims of damage to vehicles while in for service.
  • Employee productivity can be captured on camera in regards to two critical areas, selling and service. Managers often utilize cameras to see how sales people are moving around the property and interacting with customers, as well as manage the efficiency of the service and operational teams.

Use a combination of technology and human intelligence to execute the best possible client experiences and security outcomes.

Our tools help manage risk and mitigate liabilities. We can help:

  • Detect using video analytics technology, individuals are spotted and verified as trespassers by one of our operators.
  • Report any activity to dealership managers.
  • Respond by notifying police immediately of a live crime in progress, and give a description and location of a suspect.
  • Arrest, meaning criminals are more likely to be caught in the act and apprehended.

Our security experts integrate your needs and goals into an industry leading security system designed specifically for you. Call One Source Security today at 800-570-6478, and we will help you design the perfect security system for your dealership.


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