Protect your home or business from environmental hazards - One Source Security provides low-cost monitoring services for many different types of environmental conditions. Contact us for a free consultation or with any questions about the important issues below.
Protection from water damage - Whether you need to protect your home from water damage due to seasonal floods, in a basement for instance, or you’re concerned about important business documents and equipment, water sensors such as “Water Bugs” can pick up the smallest amount of moisture.
Detect temperature changes - It is extremely important to maintain proper temperature in server rooms in the workplace. It’s also important to know that pipes won’t freeze at home. A Hi / Low Temperature monitor helps to keep temperatures at the correct level and protect valuable equipment.
Carbon monoxide detection - Many consider Carbon Monoxide—the “Silent Killer”—the most important environmental hazard to guard against. Detection is a strong complement to any home security system to say the least; it can be a life saver.
Monitoring for AC power loss

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