One Source Security is trusted to secure the facilities of some our most important agencies. Is your agency in need of high-security measures such as the following?

Biometric Access Control – Take the next step in security. Eliminate the possibility of an employee’s card being used by someone else. Bolster the security of high-ranking officials’ offices.

Access Control – Restrict access to certain areas by date and time according to rank. Create audit trails of who went where and when. Integrate access control with video surveillance to activate certain cameras based on the use of an employee’s card.

High-Resolution Security Cameras – Use IP and Megapixel Video Surveillance to ensure that the proper recognition is made upon an event. Use 360 and 180-degree security cameras to ensure that incidents aren’t missed due to a lapse in coverage.

Emergency Lock-down – Activate the locks immediately on all doors in the building with the swipe of one person’s access card.

Panic Notification – Equip your entire facility with panic buttons and emergency pull stations in strategic areas.

Locksmith Services - Bolster the security of your perimeter doors and door hardware. Ensure emergency and fire exit safety and ADA compliance. Install high-security locks.

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