Healthcare facilities are responsible for protecting people, equipment, and pharmaceuticals.

Large facilities, such as hospitals, must prioritize integrated access control and video. With advanced video artificial intelligence, security personal can easily search for a person by entering a clothing description. Additionally, badged staff can be tracked throughout the building, ensuring access is limited and granted appropriately. Environmental monitoring can avert disaster when equipment falters, and will ensure the safe storage of medications and vaccines.

Senior living facilities will benefit from access control, badges, and locksmith services. Facilities with memory care can utilize these solutions to keep patients safe.

Rehabilitation facilities require serious security that does not appear oppressive. Access control is essential. Additionally, panic buttons and mobile employee duress units can be hidden in plain sight.

One Source Security specializes in integrated security systems and locksmith services for a variety of healthcare facilities.

Our services include:

Panic Buttons
Gunfire Detection and Notification
Gunfire Detection and Notification
Gunfire Detection and Notification

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