Facilities managers in educational environments must employ rigorous security protocols with finesse and approachability. No parent or child wants to feel like they are walking into a prison, yet safety and security are of utmost importance.

Security needs vary by facility and by age groups served. One Source Security provides custom solutions for childcare facilities, elementary schools, high schools, and colleges.

Childcare facilities require excellent access control. All doors and windows should be childproofed, secured, and alarmed. Childcare staff must be aware of every person entering and exiting the childcare building.

Elementary & high school facilities managers might consider including ID badges (link to ID badge blog) into security procedures. These badges are useful for both security and convenience. Additionally, temperature-taking thermal cameras can assist with verifying a healthy student population.

The open campus style of higher education compounds is particularly challenging for security officials. We recommend a sophisticated and searchable video system capable of rapidly finding and tracking individuals. In addition, analytic capable video systems make finding that needle in a haystack possible.

One Source Security specializes in security systems and locksmith services for educational facilities in the New England area.

Our services include:

Fire Systems
Emergency Lock-down and Notification
Panic Buttons and Notification
Active-shooter detection and Notification

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