May 8, 2017

Access Control and HR

As a company grows, so do concerns about security. Access control to the facility becomes an even larger priority, to ensure the safety of employees and protecting property (physical and intellectual).

Human Resource integration into access control protocols can become necessary for increased security within a facility. HR departments can have a very big impact on access to buildings and multiple company sites.

Without the help from HR, controlling access can become difficult. There are a myriad of reasons an employee’s access needs to be changed such as termination, suspension, leave of absences, shift change or even department change.

If the protocol for employment is to have HR send the employee information to the security department, there can be a delay in the activation of their credentials, due to lost information, or a delay inputting the employee information into the access control system. With a delay of inputting the information, the largest concern is the ability of a disgruntled employee still having access to the facility or site once escorted off the property.

If HR enters employee information into the access control system, such as where they work, job title or department, the system can automatically give the new employee access to the building, the department and even secure rooms with secure cabinets if needed. When an employee is terminated, HR will change their status to deactivated and access will be disabled.

As an employee grows within a company, HR can also be responsible for updating the information in order to give the employee required access to the buildings, rooms or cabinets.

If there is not a well placed system for entering employee information, security can be compromised with grave consequences. We can help your company create an access control system that works seamlessly which provides for real time security management. Call One Source Security today at 800-570-6478.


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