August 8, 2016

Arming and Disarming your Security System

Your access control and security system can be integrated in such a way that your alarm system can be armed and disarmed through a single action on the access control side.

The advantage of this is the convenience of doing two things at once without remembering PINs or operating keypads. You can have the doors lock whenever the security system is armed and unlocked when the system is disarmed and receive notifications via text or email if there is a problem.

An access card can be used to gain access to a building, area or room. There is no need to fumble with keys or remember multiple security codes. Management can control access of individuals throughout the company and depending on the level of security. Grant access only to an employee designated area. Access control can also be integrated with elevators to control access to high security floors.

Propped doors can be a common problem. However, this can be addressed by installing door position switches on the door which sends a signal if the door is propped or forced open.

Electronic access control systems can be integrated with other systems to notify of power outages, high or low temperature alarms, or water level alarms. Almost any type of alarm can be monitored by the access control system.

Cards can have photos, logos and work titles imprinted onto them, to provide quick identification of the individual.

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