October 25, 2016

Should your business add license plate cameras to your video surveillance system?

As a business owner you have many choices when it comes to video surveillance. The goal is always to protect people and property.

There are many types of cameras available with a variety of uses, including but not limited to dome cameras, bullet cameras, infrared cameras and network/IP cameras.

  • Dome cameras are a great choice for indoors, they are low profile and allow for 360-degree visibility.
  • Bullet cameras encased with a tough housing are a great choice for outdoors as they can withstand the elements.
  • Infrared cameras are used primarily outdoors to capture images in the dark.
  • Network/IP cameras allow footage to be sent over a network to a centralized recorder. Quickly retrieve, review and share video with law enforcement when necessary.

There are also cameras with the ability to identify a small object such as a license plate, they will read and record a tag number on a moving vehicle.

License plate cameras are designed to focus on the alpha-numeric characters on a license plate capturing the tag number of vehicles entering and exiting a property. License plates from both parked and moving vehicles can be clearly captured. Depending on the placement of the camera the make and model, and even the color of the car can be captured. Sometimes the occupants may also be captured on the video, but that is not the main objective of this type of camera.

License plate cameras compensate for moving vehicles, the reflective material of license plates, headlights and varying outdoor light conditions, allowing them to capture a clear picture of the license plate. Images can be captured in complete darkness in real-time while recording video to a DVR.

License plate recognition cameras capture, read and record a tag number, just like the license plate reader. These cameras however have another specialized component to them. They are designed for one specific purpose, to capture the tag number and match it to a number in a database. The system is designed to flag a vehicle when the tag matches one in the database, notifying officers. This information is only available to law enforcement agencies.

Key features to look for when researching a license place camera:

  • High definition resolution, allows for accurate and precise detail from images captured on the camera.
  • Performs equally well with fast or slow moving traffic.
  • Continuous day and night operation.
  • Integrates with access control
  • Covers multiple lanes for entering and exiting traffic.

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