November 13, 2020

Security Camera Technology For Social Distancing

One Source Security was recently sent an email with an article titled something like, “Security Technology for Social Distancing.” We are purposefully paraphrasing here. Since we see the need for more tools to fight COVID-19 and future pandemic-type occurrences, we were eager to discover a new strategy for ensuring social distance.

This technology was… uncomfortable. Security cameras were trained on outdoor break areas where staff congregated. Boxes were painted on the ground. Staff were required to stay within a painted box. If people strayed from their box, too close to another person, a security alarm would sound. Additionally, if staff stayed in their box for too long (longer than their allotted break time), a security alarm would sound. This article contained a video demonstration of the security camera in action.

We are not going to link to this security camera here, because the technology itself is very interesting and useful. Perhaps it could help people maintain distance in crowded subways? This particular break room application of the technology is, however, not likely to encourage productive employee / employer relationships.

At One Source Security, we like to view security holistically. After all, that is the purpose of these integrated systems- to provide a holistic view of potential threats. Any way you look at it, alienating staff is bad for security. Disengaged employees are more likely to steal, call out sick, and be less productive. And disgruntled employees pose a deadly threat to security. Employers must not forget that their employees can be both a wonderful asset and a surprising danger.

When making security decisions, employers must consider health, safety, AND engagement. COVID-19 has changed the way we work, but it hasn’t changed our basic humanity. We can socially distance without being yelled at by a security camera.


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