May 26, 2017

The Commercial Door – Is yours good or bad?

Have you recently called a locksmith because your door doesn’t seem to be closing properly? It may need a little push or an extra tug to get it to close securely. Your door may be ailing because of age or excessive use, which can make your facility vulnerable to a break-in. You realize it is time to call a professional locksmith. Remember to choose a locksmith with door repair expertise.

When a professional locksmith arrives on the job, he should be prepared to look at not only the lock, but the hinges, door and door frame. After inspecting all areas, the issue may not be the lock; for example it may be that the door frame needs to be re-squared.

Using a locksmith who is prepared to not only change a lock but replace routine items without another service call can save you money. When a locksmith is called out to a job their goal is to leave the door working at its optimal performance. A professional locksmith can size up a situation quickly and develop a solution which best suits the clients needs.

Whether a locksmith is installing hardware, locks, an access control system or standalone keypad, the door and door frame should be inspected to ensure optimal working conditions of the door. It is only as secure as its weakest link.

Using a locksmith with the ability to inspect and repair doors is a valuable asset. We are a full service security company with a full service locksmith division prepared to handle unique situations. Call us today for all your locksmith needs at 800-570-6478.


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