June 28, 2016

Car Dealerships and Video Surveillance - Prevent Theft, Monitor Employee Conduct and Customer Behavior

Today’s car dealership owners are faced with more business and personnel challenges than ever, whether it is loss prevention, employee conduct or customer behavior. With the use of video surveillance you can monitor your business, employees and customers.

Loss Prevention

Securing a parking lot with inventory valued from a few hundred thousand dollars to a few million dollars, while allowing shoppers to browse after hours, is a security challenge to say the least. Using video surveillance with analytics in strategic areas of the lot and the building or showroom can detect intruders.

Our video surveillance with analytics can monitor in unusual events real-time. When an unusual event is detected central station or security staff will be notified, allowing them to verify, respond or notify police when after hours trespassing occurs.

Remote video surveillance provides continuous protection over large areas against theft, vandalism and unwanted visitors. With the use of analytics, your video surveillance system can proactively detect threats, can prevent thefts before they occur, while storing video evidence to identify thieves and their crime.

Employee conduct

Watch employees for training purposes employee conduct. Install video cameras in showrooms, service lanes, repair bays, and parts storage areas. Managers can evaluate employee productivity, using video for training purposes.

Stored video can be used to verify liability claims from employees.

Customer Behavior

Video surveillance with analytics can provide important consumer behavior information for the sales manager and his team to analyze. The video can be used to count customers and track their habits, the cars they look at and which they decide to buy.

The information collected can be used for marketing, and inventory as well as sales staff training.

Best Practices

  • Make sure outdoor cameras are designed for outdoor use.
  • Use different types of cameras, bullet and dome cameras, providing different types of footage.
  • Place cameras in storage and maintenance areas to prevent theft of valuable equipment and/or customer belongings.
  • Install intrusion alarms in showrooms and service center buildings, including glass break sensors.
  • Use key vaults to store all vehicle keys and be sure the software allows for an audit trail.
  • Use access control in office areas, allowing only authorized personnel into the offices.


An integrated security system for an auto dealership can include access control, an alarm system, environmental controls and an employee time card system. Integrating physical security with door locks and glass breaks will give your business the security which, in turn gives you peace of mind.

Whether its auto loss prevention, employee conduct or customer behavior, you need to monitor your business security as well as your business operations. The right security solution for your car dealership can help you address workplace safety and security issues while boosting your efficiency whether you’re on the lot or not.

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