April 3, 2017

Professionally Installed Security System vs. DIY

One of your business goals this year may be to install a new security system for your business. Your next step now is to decide whether it should be a professionally installed system or a DIY system.
There are pros and cons with each. We have found the biggest pro for hiring a professional security integrator is the expertise they bring to the project from design to installation while the biggest pro for the DIY system is the lower upfront cost.

When hiring a professional security company to install your security system you will receive the added benefit of a professional who knows all the components involved with installing a system and how each component communicates with each other. By asking the right questions your integrator can help you create a security system which can solve security problems in the most efficient way.
When you install a DIY security system you will save money on an installation fee, but you will need the technical ability to install, troubleshoot and do any necessary programming.

Professionally installed


  • Design – Having a professionally designed system can meet the needs of your company.
  • Professional installers – Using professionals who can anticipate the needs of the installation and already know how a system is installed and how it communicates with each component can insure a smooth installation.
  • Accessability – Have access to training, education and experience.
  • Warranty – Using a professional security integrator will ensure the system is working properly and will provide a warranty with the installed system.
  • Central Station – A security integrator can help you set up your account with a central station.


  • Must schedule an appointment
  • There is an installation fee to have a technician come out and install your system.

DIY installation


  • Save money on installation fee.


  • Expertise – Do you know the right questions to ask yourself when designing your system?
  • You are the installer – You will not have a professional on hand to ask questions or troubleshoot any issues.
    Installation – Depending upon the package you choose it may be more difficult to install the system than you think.
  • Time – It takes time to design your own system, purchase the components, make sure you have the tools.
  • Hardwired system – Are you comfortable and experienced with wiring and electricity?
  • Higher equipment costs – More components may be needed than your packaged system provides.
  • Properly operating – Once the system is installed you are responsible for the ongoing maintenance.
  • Warranty – When you install your own equipment there may not be any warranty if something goes wrong during the installation. If a problem arises down the road or the system does not perform the way you anticipated, the company you purchased the system from may claim it was installed incorrectly.
  • Monitoring your system – Some monitoring companies may not be able to monitor your DIY system.
    Now be honest with yourself and think about what can be at stake here. Sure you may save some money but will you have peace of mind?


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