October 11, 2016

Elevator Safety and Security within High Rise Buildings

Without proper security controls in place a company or property manager of a high rise building can run the risk of criminal activity, damage to the facility and unauthorized personnel or visitors wandering the building. There can be a higher risk of theft, tampering and break-ins, which can include loss of data and compromised IT capacity.

How do you control access within your building? Are unauthorized individuals gaining access to secure floors? Is your building a mixed use building with multiple tenants, or owned by one company with secure floors? As a property manager or business owner would you like to limit access to each floor?

By using access control at the elevator, you can safeguard the physical safety of your employees, tenants, and building.

Installing access card readers in the lobby to call an elevator would be the first step in limiting access within your building. Once in the elevator the card reader will only allow the elevator to access the floor or floors an employee or visitor is permitted access to via their credentials.

Card readers can restrict elevator access to users on floors that contain management offices, vaults, document archives, safes and server rooms. Create free access floors such as cafeteria, gym, reception and lobby areas, and the parking lot level, making them accessible to all authorized entrants with access cards.

Elevator access control can allow employees or tenants free access to all floors in a building during business hours and restrict individuals who can ride the elevator after hours.

Connecting your elevator control system with your building access control, allows you to receive reports, which can be filtered by area, elevator, time, visitors, location and category of employee. Know who is entering the elevator along with a corresponding time stamp. This allows for better control over your facility.

Visitor management is easy, cards can be deactivated at a specified time to prevent unauthorized access within the building.

It is important to have a fully automated integrated security system protecting people and property. A fully secure building should include access control for the whole building and video surveillance. Call One Source Security today at 800-570-6478 to set up your FREE assessment.


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