January 28, 2016

How Do You Protect Your Server Room?

Today accidents, sabotage and information theft can be prevented or known the instant it happens with automated server rack protection, video surveillance, access control and environmental monitoring.

Your system and firewalls may be very well secured but is your server room secured? Your server stores, retrieves and sends an abundant amount of data. It is essentially the heart of your system. Protecting your servers from unauthorized individuals is crucial for the protection of your customers and business. When it comes to this type of protection we can give you peace of mind through multi-level security.

Implement server room best practices:


  • Do background checks on all new employees who will have access to the server room and the information stored there.
  • Allow only authorized personnel into the server room and into specific racks in the server room through card access.
  • Have cameras to document where employees go in the server room.
  • Deactivate terminated employees access when they leave.

Server Room:

  • Map out the server room and pinpoint vulnerabilities.
  • Install access control and electronic locking devices to prevent entry and minimize risks associated with keys and key management.
  • Secure the server racks using Rack Armor. This secures the front and back of the rack, locking and unlocking the cabinet through the software, and two valid cards are needed to open the cabinet.
  • Install cameras with a DVR. Record whoever enters and exits the server room, and where they went.
  • Use state of the art video cameras which can be programmed to alarm if the server room if there is motion after hours. For example, if the door to the server room is opened after hours and the camera has a preprogrammed scene which does not include the door opening, an alarm will notify the control room of the unauthorized scene change.
  • Install Water Bugs which will alert monitoring stations when the smallest amount of moisture is detected.
  • Install Temperature Sensors to detect malfunctions with the heating and cooling systems.
  • Install Relays to detect power outages, and always have backup generates ready and maintained.

We can help you protect your server room from accidents, sabotage and information theft, call today (800) 570-6478 for a free assessment of your server room.


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