December 7, 2017

Is your retail store vulnerable?

With the holidays upon us and the increase in customer volume in stores, retailers may be asking, what can we do to make sure profit margins don’t slip?

Installing video surveillance, access control and a security system, not only brings peace of mind and protection but can help deter theft and verify liability claims.

By asking the right questions, a unique security system can be created specific to your business.

Perimeter: Creating a safe and transparent parking area and entrance can create a welcoming feel. We would ask:

  • Are your entrances and parking lots well lit?
  • Do people loiter around the building or property?
  • Do you have the ability to see who is entering and exiting the building or property?
  • Are bushes cut back preventing someone from hiding in them?
  • Are loading dock doors locked when not in use?

Building: Most criminals are opportunists and look for lapses in security to strike. We would ask:

  • Do you have any way of knowing if a window has been broken or a screen cut?
  • Do your windows latch and lock?
  • Is your safe anchored to the floor?
  • Are your locks up to date?
  • What is the protocol if an employee loses a key?
  • Is your alarm set every night? How do you know, do you receive a notification?

Neighborhood: Crime in the neighborhood can impact business. We would ask:

  • Have there been robberies in your area or is there a threat?
    Employees: With the increase in sales help during the holidays, you don’t always know everything about everyone you are hiring. We would ask:
  • Can you see if employees are stealing money from registers, stock rooms or offices?
  • Can employees give merchandise to friends or family while checking out?
  • If an employee is hurt while working do you have a way of verifying the claim?
    Customers: With the increase in customer volume, shrinkage may occur. We would ask:
  • Do you have a problem with merchandise shrinkage from shoplifting?
  • Are there any areas of the store where customers are isolated from sales help? Where they cannot be seen?
  • Do you have any way to verify liability claims if a customer is hurt while on your premises?


  1. Keep parking areas and entries well lit.
  2. Cut bushes back near entrances and along walkways, so no one can hide behind them.
  3. Install 360 degree and license plate cameras in your parking lots and cameras on the outside of the building.
  4. Install security cameras at all entrances, including delivery doors.
  5. Use security cameras inside the store or building and at the perimeter and entrance of the property or building.
  6. Keep security cameras focused on registers, stock rooms, aisles and other critical areas.
    a. Security cameras can deter a criminal from committing a crime, just by their presence in and around your business.
  7. Keep recorded video at least 30 days, use cloud storage for maximum benefit.
  8. Install a monitored security system with motion detectors.
    a. Remember to arm the system every night.
  9. Install panic buttons, at registers, customer service, loading dock areas, and offices.
  10. Install glass break sensors near windows and glass doors.
  11. Have a locksmith audit of all the doors in your facility.
  12. Use an access control system to determine access to areas where employees need to be in order to do their job.
    a. For example, only allow managers into the office area where the safe is located.
  13. Install a monitored fire and environmental alarm system, to detect heat, smoke, temperature changes, CO and water leaks.

Not only do criminals look for easy targets, stress from the holidays and financial crisis can cause a normally trustworthy persons judgment to become impaired. Security measures like an updated security system, locks, lighting, access control and video surveillance can make a business less attractive for a crime of opportunity to be committed.

Creating a security system that brings peace of mind to your customers and employees, also helps tighten your bottom line by deterring theft.

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