September 2, 2015

Jewelry Store Security

Jewelry store owners and managers have a big responsibility when it comes to protecting their merchandise, employees and customers. They can be up at night thinking about the amount of valuable merchandise in their store, and whether they are a target for a midday or midnight robbery. Regardless of the concern, owners and managers should consider installing or updating their security systems in order to give themselves peace of mind.

A manager could open in the morning and realize merchandise went missing overnight. The motion detector did not trigger the alarm.

Maybe the overhead camera did not capture an image of the employee who did not follow a procedure and an item that went missing while they were distracted. An employee could also decide to help themselves to a beautiful piece of jewelry if they know there is a blind spot in the camera field.

The jewelry store may not have glass break sensors or laminates on their display cases and windows. The brazen thief could smash the case or window grabbing a piece of beautiful jewelry that caught their eye.

Creating a secure environment with the most advanced technology can protect your employees, store and valuable inventory from theft. Insurance companies can require a security system.

Jewelry store robberies are usually either smash/grab/run, or safe/vault theft.

Preventing the smash and grab burglaries can be as easy as protecting all display cases, storefront windows and glass doors with Security Glass Laminates. These laminates absorb the energy from the impact. For example, when a window or glass door is struck by a Louisville Slugger, the laminate disperses the energy from the bat. This causes the glass to stay intact, even though it is broken or shattered, preventing the thief from grabbing the merchandise.

Protect your valuable merchandise in a UL-listed burglary-resistant safe or vault, secure the safe or vault to the floor with the back of the safe against the wall. These safes can protect valuables from break-ins.

Video surveillance should be placed over jewelry cases, entrances and exits. Using a visible camera can deter a potential robber. Do not forget to place video surveillance at the vault. Having a secure vault does not mean video surveillance should be neglected where the most valuable merchandise is stored.

Creating an overall security system should include video surveillance, a security system, fire, and access control starts with one phone call. Protect your valuable merchandise with a state-of-the-art security system. Call us today to speak with one of our security specialist. Let us answer any questions or give you a FREE assessment of your business.


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