May 18, 2017

When was the last time you performed a school security risk assessment for your school?

Successful school operations combine a safe and secure environment with the freedom needed to focus on education. Providing safety and protection to staff, students and property is one of many responsibilities every school faces day in and day out.

Your school may not have had a crisis that captured the attention of the nation, but you may have had vandalism in your parking lot or graffiti on school grounds or even heard there were drug deals somewhere on school property.

On the other hand you may not have heard or seen anything unusual, but it is never too early to assess risks and vulnerabilities in and around your school. Below you will find some reminders and a list of questions to ask when surveying the security risks for your school. For the full survey go to

Remember to:

  • Have crime and natural disaster plans in place
  • Clearly mark visitor entrances with a secure vestibule, including an intercom system
  • Have a visitor management system in place, to know who belongs in the building and who does not
  • Encompass detached buildings into your security plan

Important questions to ask:

  • Security System – When was the last time you tested your system?
  • Access Control – Is access control required to enter all your buildings?
  • Video Surveillance – Does your system monitor, record and store information?
  • Fire – Are your smoke detectors vandal-resistant? Have they been cleaned recently?
  • Environmental Monitoring – Does your system include environmental monitoring for water leaks or chemical spills in
  • classrooms?
  • Communication – Do you have a system that provides two-way communication and an emergency notification system?
  • Monitoring – Is your system connected to a central monitoring station and have cellular backup?
  • Windows and Doors – Are windows smash resistant? Can classrooms lock from the inside? Are doors and frames rusted? Do
  • they latch properly? Can people evacuate quickly and easily?

One Source Security can help answer any of these questions and provide you with school security advice. We are privileged to provide security for many schools, (private, public and universities) in our area. Call us today at 800-570-6478. We are your school security experts.


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