May 8, 2012

Mobile Security for Hotels, Hospitals, Education and More.

Employees in scores of industries would benefit from security staff being able to pinpoint their exact location in the case of duress—at the push of a button.

For instance, hotel employees are at risk when they are in remote areas of the property as well as inside rooms alone while housekeeping.

Attackers know this and can prey on them in these vulnerable positions. Hotel security needs to be notified as soon as possible if an employee is in danger—before a potential attack occurs even.

But to be most thorough, wouldn’t it be best to not only receive a notification that an employee was in duress, but to know exactly where that employee was?

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Traditional duress buttons alert a receiver that there is trouble, but security personnel know where the buttons (and the trouble) are because they are typically fixed to a desk or something similar.

But Radius by Inovonics allows for the exact location of the mobile employee to be pinpointed. As Inovonics’ website states of their mobile duress alarm system, “Radius uses the system’s unique positioning technology to provide precise location information whenever a panic button is activated, so that security staff knows exactly where to respond to an emergency alarm.”

With Healthcare, patients can react adversely to medication or lack there of, and can put their provider in danger. Families can become emotional and a nurse may feel more comfortable with security present.

In both these cases, the nurse may not have time to get to a phone or to signal the call station to make the call. That’s where the Radius pendant comes in.

Educators can benefit from Radius’ technology as well, especially in light of the serious violence in schools in recent years.

Not only are teachers being assaulted, but large-scale school shootings are being carried out. Add to the equation that campuses are so large and response times can become even longer if security doesn’t know exactly where to respond, and you’ve got a dangerous situation.

Radius can also notify students campus-wide if a situation arises so that they can begin to take safety precautions, as Inovonic’s website states.

Industrial sites are also prime candidates for a mobile duress alarm system. Employees work on large and complicated machinery, often alone or on understaffed shifts. Malfunctions that can cause harm could happen at anytime. Security staff would need to know exactly where an endangered employee is located.

And the list of appropriate applications goes on from education, to finance and more for those in who could use Raduis by Inovonics. We thank them for information contained in this blog article. Please visit their website ( for more information.

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