October 17, 2017

One More Layer of Security

One of the most vulnerable parts of a building is the windows. Installing security glass laminates adds a layer of security that can help protect people and property. This state-of-the-art laminate is designed to withstand impacts from forced entry or natural disasters.

Laminates are thin but incredibly strong layers of polyester material. Layers are sandwiched together on the window with a super strong adhesive. These laminates absorb the shock of a blunt object and disperse the energy from the impact. The more the laminated glass is struck the stronger it becomes.

It is strong enough to deter and discourage an opportunistic smash-and-grab burglary. When an intruder hits the window, the laminate holds the broken window together, creating a barrier, equiring, on the intruders part, more effort, time and noise to get through a window.

Windows and doors can withstand repeated blows from bricks, bats, hammers and crowbars. Having to repeatedly hit the window or glass door will most likely cause the intruder to flee in search of an easier target.

We know vandals just want to be malicious and mischievous; wreaking havoc for a business owner. If you could keep the vandal outside, you could prevent them from breaking, spray painting etc. property within the building, thus keeping damage as minimal as possible.

During a natural disaster broken windows can be held together preventing flying glass from entering the building and preventing further damage to people and property.

Laminates can prevent a ball from penetrating a window if your home or building abuts a golf course or baseball field.

Schools are installing laminates on their vestibule/entry doors and windows. Hotels are installing them on suites that hold VIPS, celebrities and political figures. Businesses are also installing them on conference rooms and windows of office buildings where it is likely a disgruntled worker could strike.

With each new product, we like to provide our customers with real choices and solutions. We desire to be their ‘One Source” for peace of mind by providing the most state of the art products to our customers so they can feel confident knowing we are providing the best security to protect their building as well as people.

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